Extracts from 
              Gods' Messages 
        to TEN-DAN managers


                                                                        Handbook for TEN-DAN Managers@

              1.   All stars belong to solar system move around their centerc sun.
                  NIJUU HAS-SHUKU (*1) carry constellations around their centerc 
              pole-star, and the earth turn round on its centerc SHU-MI (*2). KI (*3)
                  flow round on one point of physical centerc GEN-KAN (*4).

                  And people as well SHO-TEN SHIN-SEI (*5) work around theircenterc
                  RAUM. No activities of TEN-DOU work without each

                  If you wish you had TEN-DOU always in your mind, you should
                   regard that the TEN-MEI c Command or Mission of the Heaven c
                 originated from RAUM and as the representative of 18th Messiah
                 YUMI-NAGA SOc our Teacherc the RYOU-DOU RI-JI KAI has been
                 executing it.

                              (*1) NIJUU HAS-SHUKU: Twenty eight esignsf where specified guardian Gods
                                       of RI-TEN enshrined
               (*2) SHU-MI: Legend has it that there has been a holy mountain in the center
                                       of the earth God knows either where is it and since when it has been there.
                                (*3) KI: Wave motion or energy as the origin of material, which fill everywhere
the Macrocosm.
                                (*4) GEN-KAN: Sacred spot of body where soul stay to control physical being.
                                (*5) SHO-TEN SHIN-SEI: A general term of Gods in RI-TEN.

               2.  There is RAUM at the center for activity of both SO-SHI (*1) and
                    ON-SHI (*2) and the great Mission of Heaven is executing on the 
                    center of ON-SHI, so that there is no TEN-DOU without Center.
                    Therefore you should know the Center of TEN-DOU must be 

                     (*1) SO-SHI: MI-ROKU BO-SATSU. Teacher of Our Teacher YUMI-NAGA.
                     (*2) ON-SHI: Our Teacher. This is the translation word for word.

               3.  The Center of organization of TEN-DOU is the SOU-TEN-DAN and
                    its management center, that is, the board of directors is RYOU-DOU
                    RI-JI KAI, which controls local mission bases and fasten their unity.
                    There would be no progress in TEN-DOU without Center.

               4.    The management of Center is the life of local activities. If one wish
               TEN-DOU to achieve their prosperity, one should have to make
               much of the recognition of Center, to make local bases solid and keep
               strong cooperation structure with the Center. That is, no TEN-DOU
               without bonds.

                5.    TEN-MEI come from directly ON-SHI originated from God, which
                one could never deprive of. It must be God not human make TEN-
                MEI come down. You never fail to obey it. The TEN-MEI you owe is
                the Mission of great importance. It is your very life to accomplish it.

                6.    It must depend on how DOU-SHIN could make his mind better one
                by one to improve the weak constitution of TEN-DOU. Therefore you
                have to inform DOU-SHIN the Intention of Center now and then,
                that is, on what TEN-DOU should center to execute the TEN-MEI.

                7.    You ought bear in mind that whatever their appearance might be
                changed the direction you have to aim in the Way shall never be
                influenced. To obey whom has TEN-MEI is the very same to follow
                me ( ON-SHI ). Therefore I have been managed recent TEN-DOU
                through the physical body who should have TEN-MEI.

                8.    The most important thing is to do onefs best. Look aside, and you
                shall deviate from the right course. If you might have time to look
                away, you should think about your powerful ability. You must be a
                man of great promise, so that you should accumulate the merits
                while you have TEN-MEI.

                9.    You should do your best to fulfill the duty of your designated role in
                TEN-DOU. Study again and again the basic concepts of TEN-DOU
                and remind of your passion when you were a beginner in order to
                 increase the number of person of ability so as to make the name of

                TEN-DOU known widely in the world. This is the final goal.

              10. You have to realize the importance of management and organization
                 of TEN-DOU through experience and train yourself in allocated work
                 cheering up each other.

              11. You have to know that consistent sincerity is more important than
                     skill in oration (gSpeech is silver, silence is goldh).

              12. You ought to accomplish both TEN-DOU and JIN-DOU (the Way of
                     Humankind) as well as both ethics and morals. You must have much
                      trust in others so as to create a reliable relationship with each other
                      and make TEN-DOU sure become a beautiful and bright charitable
                     institution of faith and sincerity.

              13. You should be familiar with others using JIN (perfect virtue of love) 
                     and behave as a person of character respecting REI (decorum) so 
                    that you could foster SHIN (trust, belief or reliability, confidence).

              14. You should make much of discipline your mind and moral behavior
                      with regarding the basic GO-JOU (*1) HAT-TOKU (*2) in order to
                      foster SHIN.

                             (*1) GO-JOU: Five Virtues originally inherent in MU-KYOKU (Nothing
                                          c the state before the Creation). They are such as shown bellow.
                                      1)   JIN: Love, fellowship and mercy
                                      2)   REI: Decorum, modesty and humility
                                      3)   SHIN: Belief, trust and confidence 
                                      4)   GI: Justice, devotion and faithfulness
                                      5)   CHI: Wisdom, wits and intelligence

                                   (*2) HAT-TOKU: Eight sorts of virtues derived from GO-JOU, which
                                          contain some original virtues besides them.

              15. The marrow and pith of TEN-DOU is SHU-GEN (*1). That person
                     must be the very man of TEN-DOU who has mastered SHU-GEN
                      and achieved to be a super-man. Do your best to SHU-GEN.
(*1) SHU-GEN: To make onefs mind to GEN-KAN concentrates.
                                         A kind of meditation such as Yoga or ZEN.

               ( notes )
               (1)   It goes without saying that TEN-DOU people should have to keep
                     SHU-GEN, but it would be nonsense to make the best their Way
                     unless they have not yet finished with the basic way of human
                     ethics and morals.
               (2)   Even if one might be looked up to as a leader, he should not only
                     endeavor both SHU-GEN and KEN-SAN (*1) without working in
                     DEN-DOU (*2). TEN-DOU is not a school, but an exercise hall of
                     sincerity. It is DEN-DOU how to keep KI at the GEN-KAN. TEN-DOU
                     without DEN-DOU might be inferior to other religions.

                              (*1) KEN-SAN; Study or learn about TEN-DOU.
                                    (*2) DEN-DOU; Spread TEN-DOU (the Messages of Gods) among
                                             the world.

(3)   The trinity of DEN-DOU, KEN-SAN and SHU-GEN would be great
                     help of you. To know, to realize and to act. To know again in order to
                     act. To be lost in SHU-GEN in order to know well. You have to
                     understand that it may as well take your life in TEN-DOU, even though
                     you might have missed training only one of them.
               (4)   If only you could have realized what your inner self is, thereafter you
                     had better take the initiative in outer DEN-DOU than inner study.

             16. Realization is econvictionf of JOU-BUTSU (*1). No one could       
            achieve the conviction without keeping SHU-GEN. Shall it be 
            excusable for a man who was already initiated SAN-POU that he has 
            not yet tasted going into ecstasies over SHU-GEN?

(*1) JOU-BUTSU: Become one of Buddha (a God in RI-TEN).

             17. Nothing must be more exquisite thing in TEN-DOU than SHU-GEN,
              where one would feel KI like air he breathed through his nose and
              so that he might know the gateway of soul and through the 
              concentration feel becoming a living Buddha.


              Feel at your GEN-KAN and convince the achievement of living

             Buddha. It must be the justification by both faith alone and work.
Keep SHU-GEN and you shall get peace of mind.

              18. DEN-DOU SHA (*1) should make it a rule to know well of GU-DOU
                    SHA (*2) and then preach a sermon ( talk about TEN-DOU )
                    according to their personality, so that he should be sure a man of
                    wisdom who would be able to make many-sided discourse on the

             (*1) DEN-DOU SHA: DOU-SHIN. People initiated SAN-POU is
                                            generally called DOU-SHIN as well as DEN-DOU SHA, that is,
                                            man of mission to spread TEN-DOU among general public.
                                      (*2) GU-DOU SHA: People who is looking for SAN-POU.

              19. It is necessary for you to make public have as much opportunities
              of lecture as possible. You shall never be conceded to have fulfilled
              your duty as long as you are merely working in Mission until you 
              could have made someone understand TEN-DOU and believe it 

Keep a proper balance between both Mission and Enlightenment
(amount of both spreading the Way and the lecture).

              20.Begin by accustoming yourself to Decorum, if you wish prosperity of
              TEN-DOU. Decorum is used to be executed just as local conversation
              in somehow different way according to countryside. If it were once  
united, people could concentrate their spirit on one point and local       
              original Decorum shall be perished. If you could make great use of 
              their powers, it would be easy to concentrate their mind to unique 

              21.When you act for the sake of spreading TEN-DOU, you should not
              make a wholesale arrest of souls but appeal to one after another with
              your mercy so that you could secure a foothold to find your way into
              the public.  Lay a missionary foundation for a soul, and people would
              come to a
group united in spirits one by one and so many person of
might be assembled and form a organization so that they would
              make TEN-DOU good progress.

              22.Review once again how to enlighten peoplec
              a.  Have you ever made someone enlighten or inspire, or realize the
                  Way since you had been initiated SAN-POU ?
              b. You should know that people could never become DOU-SHIN
                  unless you would inspire him to be initiated over and over again.
              c.  Donft forget your mind and mood when you got SAN-POUc and
              d. You should give your thanks to God for your happiness to get the 
                  Way, and reflect that it might be your responsibility for unhappy 
                  people who were not yet initiated SAN-POU.
              e. You have to know the fact that it must prove the great power of 
                  GEN-KAN which might attract people to the Way, so that you would 
                  easily lose your both belief and trust without realization of the 
                  central point of concepts.

               23 Qualification to get the Initiation.
                     If a man could not get the initiation of SAN-POU without keeping
                      the oaths entirely, whoever have been initiated SAN-POU never
                      have any qualification to get it, so that they might have to go to Hell.  
                     If so, it will be no use spreading SAN-POU among SAN-KAI (*1).
                      Should not SAN-POU (*2) rather have been succeeded one after
                      another as they had been ? If almost all the people who got SAN-POU
                     surely should fall into Hell, how could the Master gain the
honor of
                     his authority ?

   (*1) SAN-KAI; Three worlds, that is, KI-TEN, SHOU-TEN and JI-GOKU
                                          (Hell) among where spirits and souls are repeating reincarnation
                                          (life and death) in order to train themselves.
                                   (*2) SAN-POU; Three invisible treasure, which one will be able to be
                    endowed from God through the Initiation ceremony in TEN-DOU..

              24.Notwithstanding its high value of religious services one might have
                   accumulated in several generations or for thousand years, it must be
                    far below the virtue one shall be gotten at the moment when he is
                    initiated SAN-POU. However great amount of merits one could have
                   accumulated in several lives in SHOU-TEN, it must be far shorter
                    than that which he will obtain when he could have saved a soul.

              25. It is expected that the Way will be so favorably extended as to make 
                    the both home and foreign missionary system steadily established.
                    As for home system, it should be needed the mutual relationship
                     filled with harmony made of DOU-SHIN. And the system shall be
                    released from any restrictive fixed idea and awoken to free
                     consciousness with the aid of strong relationship.
                    As for foreign system, it would be required the world-wide active
                    Missionary organization and publishing of new printings, which may
                     have extreme enlightening power to spread Messages of Gods 
the worldc

                1)  You have to do your best to enlightening missionary activities (DEN-DOU).
             That is, as a chain of DEN-DOU, you shall make the best possible
             use of your time for a lecture in order to enlighten the earnest new comers.
                You ought to have these opportunities as many as possible.
            2)  New version checklist of Newcomer shall be made, which all TEN-DAN
                manager should keep at  hand.
             Old version one was made imperfectly. You ought to make such a
                checklist as to be installed with items of address, telephone
                besides dates of birth and the initiation, and additional
notes to be written 
                something about TEN-DOU.
            3) Periodical meeting shall be held in order to increase new person of ability.
                Pick up the names of DOU-SHIN who have ever been TEN-DAN
              or recent KEN-SAN KAI (Enlightening meeting), who shall be called to
                attend at the chance of lecture mentioned above(1). The person in charge
                should be responsible for calling them.
            4)  Instructor ought to make it a rule to use such printing and lecture
that the
                new comers shall easily be enlightened.
            5)  Bring up such Instructors (KOU-DOU SHI) that have ability to go out into 
                 the world to give public the lecture at once.
              The future of TEN-DOU depends upon excellent achievements of
               Instructors. TEN-DOU requires many competent leaders in order
              to make its basis strengthen. Any leader who might be poor at
speech, could never give any instructions to persuade DOU-SHIN
               to follow them.
              It must be the same thing that whether one could make others
understand the basic idea of TEN-DOU well or not should depend
              on how correctly one might others show the concepts of it. Therefore,
                 DOU-SHIN, KOU-DOU SHI (Instructor), DAN-SHU (TEN-DAN manager)
                 and TEN-DEN SHI (Master) and any other person who plays some
                 responsible roll in TEN-DOU, that is, all the people training themselves
                 in the Way shall be able to explain TEN-DOU correctly and obtain the
                 ability of such a good talker as to be impressed on onefs mind.
           6) You ought to become such a good TEN-DAN manager as to execute
                 any kinds of ceremony shall be held in front of TEN-DAN. Without
                 execution of any ceremony in front of TEN-DAN, nobody shall be
                 called a DAN-SHU. Whoever called as TEN-DAN manager should
                 learn the minimum necessary decorum and at least acquire the habit
                 of executing daily KEN-KOU REI (incense offering ceremony) in good
                 faith. You shall never forget that the authorized Gods are used to look
                 around the holy place such as TEN-DAN all the time.
            7)    The most important thing for TEN-DAN manager is that he has a
                 of DAN-SHU. Wherever there is TEN-DAN, there is the Mission of
come from RAUM, in front of which the Initiation ceremony
                 could be available. The settlement of TEN-DAN should have done by
                 Command of RAUM (TEN-MEI). Therefore, any DAN-SHU might as well
                 betray TEN-MEI as neglect his duty. It will be the most important point of
                 problem in TEN-DOU that here mentioned above. The person in charge
                 of DAN-SHU affaires in local missionary bases should take care of this
                 point and lead DAN-SHU appropriately.
            8)   Devote your whole energies to low labors.
                 Clear your mind of all mundane thought, and devote yourself. Seek
                 everything in your mind. If only you set yourself in low position, everything
                 will be smooth sailing. Nobody could draw a circle of harmony without the
                 center of it. The disturbance never fails to begin with getting out of the
                 center. If the center were steady enough, general public will be longing
                 for it, and gathered to make harmony there. If the communication between
                 upper and lower would be frequently, lower should be obeyed and 
                 followed to upper.

                The post based on TEN-MEI is so grave that you ought to set an example
                of anything above mentioned to others. The steadier the
Manfs ecenterf is,
                the longer the Mission he can keep.

              26. Now is the time where the very self-consciousness is required  
TEN-DEN-SHI, DAN-SHU and other stuffs.  Keep harmony and move 
                    against coming catastrophe gathering up each ability and mind.

              27. Whoever become TEN-DAN manager is qualified to be endowed a
                    TEN-MEI from Heaven. If DAN-SHU would keep GO-KAI (five kinds of 
                    taboos), fulfill the duties as a human and devote himself to the Way, 
                    people will follow him without fail.

              28. If a DAN-SHU aware of delay in the management of TEN-DAN,  he has 
                    to reform himself and study to cultivate a new decision for
                    If he lived in distant place where few TEN-DAN were
found, he should 
                    do his best to increase the number of TEN-DAN
manager around 
                    there with aids of central stuffs.

           You will need a lot of wisdom and labor in order to spread TEN-DOU 
           among new territory. It goes without saying that the TEN-DAN has so 
           powerful right such as guaranteed in Heaven that any kinds of evil 
           spirits hardly approach it.

           However, some DAN-SHU have erred from right way and forget the 
           center to be kept so that go to his own way, who will soon be 
           occupied his mind with the sectarian thought which out of divine 
           control. Because the legitimate Mission of Master exist merely in 
           TEN-DOU SOU-TEN-DAN. Make it a principle to keep the rule 
           thoroughly and take great care of committing no injustice to be 
           discovered by divine patrol that are making periodical tour of 
           inspection around TEN-DAN. Therefore, DAN-SHU ought to be pure 
           and clear in his mind and manage TEN-DAN accordance with divine 

           Authorized Gods shall decide the life span of DAN-SHU because he 
           has divine Mission to be fulfilled. The fact that he has become a 
           DAN-SHU according to his accumulated causalities in his former lives 
           may prove the greatness of his correspondent virtues.

           DAN-SHU should express the decision to fasten partnership each 
           other in local area, so that they make mutual relationship tighter. Also, 
  DAN-SHU had better to make frequent communication with DOU-SHIN and 
  share their distresses so as to be advanced the smoother activities of