Function and Divine favour of 


                                                        Handbook for TEN-DAN Managers 

                In TEN-DOU there is great number of TEN-DAN settled all over the world    
             in order to save the souls in SAN-KAI (not only human but also spirit 
             world), which are founded according to the Command of God not 
             artificially. As if it were Noahfs Ark, TEN-DAN is working for the Salvation 
             of 9.6 billion souls in SAN-KAI through the Initiation ceremony done in 
             front of TEN-DAN under the TEN-MEI (Mission come from God) to spread 
             TEN-DOU among the world. That is, where there is TEN-MEI there is 
             TEN-DAN founded to bring people fortune. Let us say this world is ethe 
             sea of distressf, a TEN-DAN must be a ship of Salvation to make people 
             release from disaster and worldly passions and take them to brilliant 
             world (RI-TEN).

             From the viewpoint of human history, almost all the people have been 
             lived without either doing something useful for the world or any other 
             good behaviors. As a result, immortal souls are locked in shackles of 
             reincarnation between SHI-SHOU ROKU-DOU (*1) and so that they bore 
             many kinds of causalities. According to the causalities they have been 
             tossed about by the waves of the sea of distress, and no idea of 
             transcending these situation.

               Now we are luckily living where TEN-DOU is released in general public, 
               so that people easily get the SAN-POU and the Way to Heaven The most 
               precious treasures in TEN-DOU are SAN-POU which have been 
               succeeded among the ancient Saints one after another. TEN-DAN is the 
               holy place where these Initiation ceremony can be held.

             Although one could explain the exquisite theory of TEN-DOU well, he will 
             never be able to give people the pith and morrow of TEN-DOU (SAN-POU) 
             easily. The Right Low (SAN-POU) shall be given from the authorized God 
             c ON-SHI (Our Teacher; 18th Master of the Way) to a person who will ask 
             for the Way sincerely and prostrate himself before TEN-DAN.

             You will find TEN-DAN everywhere even in common houses besides 
             SOU-TEN-DAN. Any DOU-SHIN expect to keep TEN-DAN in his house or 
             elsewhere he likes, which shall be allowed by God for the sake of 
             convenience of the GU-DOU SHA. Around TEN-DAN a plenty of Gods in 
             Heaven are always coming down to guard them.

             DAN-SHU can get two big divine favors. One is that it will be able to work 
             as a saving ship to give anybody who faithfully asks for the Way
             the opportunity to get SAN-POU and make him free from the  perpetual 
             shackles of reincarnation. Another is that number of Gods will protect 
             directly not only the family of DAN-SH but also neighbors to be peace
             and quiet all the time. If some unlucky accidents may happen upon them, 
             which shall be removed beforehand.

             TEN-DOU adopts simple form of alter as a TEN-DAN which shall be 
             installed designated eight goods (HAK-KE; cf. figure shown later), and no 
             more equipment shall be needed. Notwithstanding simple appearances, 
             the main God we are worshiping is the utmost highest God RAUM, 
             Creator of whole souls and beings. Other Gods come from Heaven are 
             Buddha and Saints Initiated in ancient age. General spirits and souls not 
             yet be initiated are never come near around TEN-DAN. We must be owing 
             the time to be matured that we could keep such an excellent TEN-DAN as 
             to worship the highest Gods in our poor residence. The reason why 
             number of TEN-DAN became to be permitted to prevail in public is that 
             Heaven had regulated the SAN-POU to release merely in front of 

             The most important goods in HAK-KE are the Lamp (TSUU-TEN-TOU) set 
             in the middle of TEN-DAN. This Lamp is a symbol of RAUM, which shall 
             never be lit except the time while anniversary festivals, Initiation and 
             Incense presentation both ceremonies will be held. If it were lit once, it 
             would become the Lamp connected with RAUM.

             While all the three lamps are lighting, a great number of Gods form a 
             circle with the radius of hundred steps around TEN-DAN in order to 
             guard itc for example, MI-ROKU, SHA-KYA, Confucius, RAO-TZE, Christ, 
             Mohammed, KAN-NON, DAHRMA and other exquisite Gods and Saints. 

             You might as well understand that how much significance and 
             magnificence TEN-DAN should have, just knew this fact. We are getting 
             along well and living day by day by day by day by day by day by day by 
             day with neither cares nor worries under such a kind guard of Gods.

            TEN-DAN will reveal its effect and miraculous efficacy when HAK-KE shall 
             be correctly arranged in accordance with the Command of RAUM and p
             ermitted their settlement by ON-SHI YUMI-NAGA. The lucky DOU-SHIN 
             who has been permitted to settle a TEN-DAN will become a DAN-SHU 
             naturally and thereafter anybody can receive the benefit of Initiation from 
             this TEN-DAN.

             DAN-SHU should make best effort to manage the TEN-DAN such as 
             worshipping, arrangement, holding several ceremonies, enlightening 
             and any other meeting besides taking care of DOU-SHIN. As the return of 
             the efforts, DAN-SHU will receive the amount of merits from DOU-SHIN 
             who had favored his Initiation in the TEN-DAN when they will grow up to 
             make something of themselves in TEN-DOU in future. Those DAN-SHU 
             who can do with SAN-SE (*1) shall be surely trustful of Gods and 
             extremely blessed by God.

             The moment a man opens a TEN-DAN in this world, he never fail to have 
             built a huge palace naturally in RI-TEN, and both his name and the name 
             of his TEN-DAN shall be remained in history of the White-generation for 
             10,800 years where MI-ROKU Buddha will govern. So, the DAN-SHU who 
             would be able to keep TEN-DAN never frustrated halfway, should 
             certainly get the infinite divine merits to become a man of brilliant future.

             The decorum of TEN-DAN shall be held with the utmost solemnity, 
             keeping silence and clean. There are three times suitable hours for daily 
             incense offering ceremony shall be held at TEN-DAN c they are 5~7, 
             11~13 and 17~19. You should hold at least once in a day ( as for details, 
             please compare another specified guide-book ). Usually, you had better 
             present fruits, confectioneries and flowers as much as you possible in 
             order to show Gods your faithfulness. The votive offerings (teas, fruits 
             and confectioneries) after presented at TEN-DAN are used to taste of 
             excellent sweet and exquisite fragrant, which must be benefited by RAUM 
             and other Gods in Heaven and additional favor of worshippers.

             Whenever you feel melancholy, displeasure or disappear you had better 
             enter the TEN-DAN room, then you will feel refreshed filled with 
             enormous pleasure and hope without fail. And whenever you are feeling 
             unrest or seized with fear you will soon regain your presence of mind 
             and take courage, if only you watch the lamp in TEN-DAN or ON-SHI or 
             SO-SHI in statue or photo. If only you were sitting in front of TEN-DAN 
             when you happened to be tortured with worldly either thoughts or 
             passions, you could make your mind soon be peaceful and released 
             from the problems by help of divine wisdom.

             TEN-DAN has such a wonderful power come from RAUM through the 
             Lamp that makes onefs cold mind warm up, suspicious mind change into 
             pious one and heartless cruel people into merciful men at once. That is 
             to say, it will blow devils and evil spirits off and disperse  them away like 
             a mist.

             Whoever expects to open his TEN-DAN should apply for it to 
             SOU-TEN-DAN through the hand of DAN-SHU and TEN-DEN SHI who are 
             living near his residence. If only RYOU-DOU RIJI-KAI granted the 
             application, the applicant could settle his TEN-DAN as he likes.

             Finally here we show you a figure of a sample TEN-DAN. The goods 
             shown in the figure with Arabic numerals 1 ~ 8 are HAK-KE which  are 
             inevitable for TEN-DAN, while others (a ~ g) are not necessary as usual (h 
             and g are needed in official ceremony such as Initiation).

                        (*1) SHI-SHOU ROKU-DOU; The meanings word for word of this words 
are four (categories) beings and six ways (of soulfs training). Letfs
                               suppose SHI-SHOU is horizontal thread, ROKU-DOU is vertical one,
                               both together can weave cloths.
                               There are two ways out of ROKU-DOU contained in each three worl
                               (SAN-KAI), that is, KI-TEN DOU and A-SHU-RA DOU in KI-TEN
                               (so-called paradise), NIN-GEN DOU (human) and CHIKU-SHOU
                               DOU (other beings) in SHOU-TEN (this world) and GA-KI DOU and
                              JI-GOKU DOU in JI-GOKU (Hell c lower KI-TEN). SHI-SHOU is
                               involved in every kinds of ROKU-DOU.