(the document in an Initiation ceremony)

                                                                         (Materials and Data...A)  


              God Almighty RAUM ! Forgive me for offering such a document as 
follow c

        On (month)/(day)/(year), about (hour)/(minute)

        At (address of TEN-DAN)                

        In the front of (name of TEN-DAN)

        Now, I YUMI-NAGA, accompanied with some guarantors and mediators of
            theclients who wish to be initiated SAN-POU, have the honor to inform
             that it has been three successive generations of Buddha passing b
            since the Creation, and yet the general public have been left for not
             less than three thousand years neither receiving any benefit of
             Salvation by the three Buddha nor making out of the truth and the
             concept of the Way. Notwithstanding the situation, now on the
             mercies of
         RAUM the Salvation has been revealed publicly, and the Way of right
            Mission is collecting a number of excellent relative souls to it and
            bringing them up on the earth.

            In accordance with the great mercies of MI-ROKU SO-SHI, the right Way of 
           TEN-DOU has regained its strength at JUU-KEI (a western metropolitan of 

             Nevertheless many people have not yet been saved from such as 
            distresses of both muddy flood and charcoal fire, now is the time coming 
           the catastrophe with water and fire will attack all over the world. The 
            reason why has the Way been released publicly now is that it will save a     
           great number of souls, make their good and evil mind arrange and pick up 
           such souls as something to do with the Way at this last chance of the 

             From the bottom of my heart, I am going to ask a great favor of the divine 
             powers of the heaven and the earth to support the document to be 
             regarded by both TOU-OU and BUN-OU with their vast virtues and by 
             both GYOU-TEI and SHUN-TEI with their great virtues by the presence of
           RAUM. Now is/are client(s) going to break away from the causalities of 
           the world, and enlightened and awakened to the delusions.

               Then I wish
             Your Honor RAUM might give us a great mercy of showing a brilliant
               Besides, We have not any more things to speak of. We are
               presenting some pure offerings and simple confectioneries  and fruits so 
               as to ask a great favor and mercy of        
             RAUM to grant our requests.

               I YUMI-NAGA am prostrating myself and worshipping here 
               leading  DOU-SHIN with one hundred KOU-SOU to have the prayer