(the Chant of the Return Home)

                                      (Materials and Data...C)


              We have never been told about MATSU-GO IC-CHAKU since ancient age.
              The master appeals here first as follow.

              Even a fool will be able to know the Way Home. Look forward, a man who 
              would repeat life and death. Now is YUMI-NAGA accompanied with the 
              public going to ask a favor and mercy of
             RAUM respectfully and gratefully fell on my knees (1 KOU-SOU).

               And I ask a favor of MI-ROKU KO-BUTSU for coming down in response to 
               coming the third generation (1 KOU-SOU).
               Three thousand of pupils, whole stars and constellations are
 helping the 
                three Buddha according to this chance and gathering all
 of the souls, 
                making clear the importance of the last Salvation and
 repaying for the 
                kindness of

            RAUM (3 KOU-SOU).

                           (Note; KOU-SOU: Action of worshipping Gods)