Organization and structure  
                    (Several regulations as regards the organization and structure 
of TEN-DOU SOU-TEN-DAN shall be eliminated from this book)


                                                                                                               Handbook for TEN-DAN Managers   


                 TEN-MEI passes through from RAUM via SAN-KAI to the utmost of the 
              negative world (*1). There are no worlds penetrated by TEN-MEI in both 
              inside and outside of the macrocosm. Although the Mission center that is 
              the executive organ of TEN-MEI TEN-DOU SOU-TEN-DAN has been settled 
              since 1949 in Japan, people do not need visit Japan because Salvation 
              ships are already disposed all over the world.

              The fundamental organization of Salvation is based on SAN-BUTSU 
              SHUU-EN that is to say Salvation system by three major Gods cMI-ROKU, 
              KAN-NON (Goddess of Mercy) and TEN-NEN each Buddha respectively. 
              MI-ROKU Buddha is the president of TEN-BAN ( head-quarters of the 
              Heaven ) where controls every affairs in the macrocosm. KAN-NON 
              Buddha is the vice president of it. TEN-NEN Buddha is the president of 
              DOU-BAN (head-quarters of the Way) from where TEN-MEI comes down to 
              JIN-BAN (head-quarters of both Human and Spirit World: TEN-DOU 
              SOU-TEN-DAN). There are symbols of three Buddha in the Sanctuary, 
              MI-ROKU JI (in broad sense); they are consisted of Lecture hall (called 
              MI-ROKU JI in narrow sense), KAN-NON temple and HOKU-TO temple 
              (headquarter shrine of MI-ROKU JI), which accord with MI-ROKU, KAN-NON 
              and TEN-NEN each Buddha respectively. The Trinity in this sense is 
              revealed in each temple settled everywhere in the world for the sake of 
              public and souls to be saved.


          RYOU-DOU RI-JI KAI

                 The RYOU-DOU RI-JI KAI c the board of directors is composed of 12 
              directors each of which is the representative of designated soul world. 
              The directors are selected by the election shall be held every three years. 
              The eligibility for the election is limited to the TEN-DEN SHI belongs to the 
              specified circle decided by RI-JI KAI and the elector is limited to TEN-DEN 

               At the first meeting new RYOU-DOU ( chairman ) and RI-JI-CHOU ( manager 
               or president ) shall be elected. There are KAN-JI KAI expected to be a 
               guardian for RI-JI KAI and another auxiliary organization SAN-JI KAI. 

               As subordinate organization there are two departments under control of 
               RYOU-DOU RI-JI KAI, the secretary and the operation both divisions. The 
               former engages in general secretary business and the latter manages and 
               controls the business extended ten sections such as general affairs, 
               accounting, purchasing, printing, enlightening, mission, young men, 
               women, DAN-SHU( master of a TEN-DAN ) and KOU-DOU SHI ( instructor ). 
               From top to bottom, numbers of people are engaging in these businesses 
               of TEN-DOU everywhere day and night.


           Missionary organizations

               The most important and urgent business is the Mission, which is capable 
               of increasing population to spread TEN-DOU all over the world. A plenty of 
               Missionary bases have been prepared for the sake of those brothers and 
               sisters who are always busy themselves about Mission. The bases shall 
               be ranked and given authorized names according to their structure how 
               many TEN-DAN shall be under their control. Namely, they are 
               JUN-SOU-DAN, KOU-DAN, JUN-KOU-DAN and DEN-DOU KAI in order of 
               their scales.

               For the sake of spirit and ghost world we have two type of O-DOU (temple), 
               that of the first ( limited 13 ) and the second class. So-called GYOU-JA 
               shall never be permitted to contact with the second class O-DOU while 
               SHIN-JA could visit any O-DOU he likes. Recently number of second class 
               O-DOU has been explosively increasing not only in Japan but also in 
               many other countries. The more the number of second class O-DOU will 
               be increasing, the less the leadership of Missionary bases will be 

               Anybody is always welcome to O-DOU of the second class nevertheless if 
               he has not yet been initiated of SAN-POU or even if he has no idea of 
               TEN-DOU. Any visitor is allowed to behave as he likes there. No visitor will 
               be heard of something about TEN-DOU from any TEN-DOU people in 
               O-DOU unless he makes question them something on it. If only a man will 
               repeat visiting O-DOU for a while, he shall be expected to know somehow 
               about TEN-DOU and he may happen to make up his mind to be SHIN-JA 
               some day. And some of SHIN-JA will certainly become to be GYOU-JA in 
               the near future while they are steeping themselves in the merry 
               atmosphere of the O-DOU. A number of new KOU-DOU-SHI shall be 
               appearing one after another among GYOU-JA. And many of them shall be 
               awoken to their appointed task to be DAN-SHU they must have promised 
               RAUM to be so when they were RI-TEN. Almost all the DAN-SHU must be 
               SHIN-JIN, and might have been selected as a member of 48,000 men of 
               wisdom. At last God will select TEN-DEN SHI out of DAN-SHU. But you 
               ought to bear in your mind that the roll of TEN-DEN SHI should not be 
               honorable status but the proof of his past life so full of sins that he will 
               never dissolve without
fulfil his duty as TEN-DEN SHI. If a TEN-DEN SHI 
               might have failed to achieve or neglect his task, he will have to go down to 
               the bottom of Hell together with all of his ancestors and descendants. If 
               only a TEN-DEN SHI will have made a success of his business, he might 
               never fail to obtain an enormous reward with the honor to be ranked 3,600 



               According to the Command of RAUM, there have been consolidating 
               seven spiritual foundations in Japan since beginning of 1999, which are 
               symbolically revealed as the Plow (the Big Dipper) contained seven
               The foundations are called SEI-IN (shrine), which unite some O-DOU 
               (temple) around their territories.
Besides these seven shrines, there are 
               going to reveal another six shrines among the world, which are symbols 
               of the stars involved in the Southern Cross group. So there are expected 
               thirteen Shrines shall be revealed all over the world, and that there are 
               consolidated the Unity of their territorial O- DOU.



               By the way, every Missionary bases have to settle original TEN-DAN as 
               public one those name shall be given later by RAUM which consists of two 
               Chinese letters.
The preceding letter is the key word designated 
               according to their Ranking, and an original one follows.
As for the key 
               word of public TEN-DAN, there are three variations shown bellow.
                (1)  IKU: Chinese letter is the verb to breed, which is given to the center 
                      of Missionary foundation ( SOU-TEN-DAN class ) in some countries.
                (2)  HOU: The noun means Treasure in Chinese, which is given to the 
                      center of Missionary foundation ( JUN-SOU-DAN class ) in some 
                (3) DOU: The noun means Way in Chinese, which is given to some 
                      Missionary bases in local area belong to (2).

               As regards private TEN-DAN, they are divided broadly into two categories, 
               as if it were difference between public and local servant. The former are 
               the TEN-DAN had been opened before O-DOU began to be founded. The 
               latter are the TEN-DAN those opening ceremony held under their assigned 
               O-DOU those names are given with common key letter designated each 
               O-DOU. O-DOU itself has not always any original TEN-DAN, but it is 
               permitted to keep the same one by name which settled in its relative 
               Missionary base.

               O-DOU can keep an informal or imitation TEN-DAN as a symbolic shrine of 
               it without name while any Missionary base ought to keep an formal one. 
               Every O-DOU has its substations named BUN-DOU made of various 
               stones in both size and shape which man can place or carry about with 
               him anywhere he likes. There are staying three kinds of spirits always in 
               BUN-DOU. First one is the spirits have been stayed in the stone since 
               when God knows, second one is the spirits have some connection with 
               the owner and come into the stone, and the last one is  dispatched from 
               original O-DOU to guide and enlighten other sprits and ghosts which are 
               working something good for TEN-DOU in the stone.
If some spirits bore 
               good fruit in their work, they might be led by a guide to O-DOU where 
               earlier Salvation will be expected.
As soon as the vacant space might be 
               found, another spirits waited for the chance will come into the stone. So to 
               speak BUN-DOU must be small TEN-DAN c the front of Salvation c just 
               like an electric sweeper swallowing sprits and ghosts large or small all 
               over the world.