Handbook for TEN-DAN Managers

                  We have been told for ages that the Way would never be revealed without 
              reason, and the Law could never prevail in the world without cause. The 
              moment the most dangerous mortal situation since the Creation would attack 
              us is coming nearer day by day, so that a tense atmosphere inevitable to 
              spread Messages of God to the public has been surrounding all over the 
              world. We have never seen such a degeneration age full of corruption in onefs 
              mind and spoiled morality in human nature for these days. As a result, the 
              right rules humankind should have to keep have been violated and both 
              ethics and morals have been discontinued. The phenomena around us are 
              much the same such a train running on the destroyed railroad, the result is 
              evident that they would never fail to be derailed and overthrown.

              We have been looking for the theory of causality merely from physical 
              viewpoint without respecting spiritual side, which must be basic one, so that 
              we have lost sight of essential human nature and believe in the almighty of 
              material science. As a result, we have perverted the holy regulation of reign 
              and going to turn to a wrong direction in order to swim with the corrupting 
              tide. It is very sorry to see such a extremely dangerous situation that many 
              people cannot avoid wasting their time and money on their vacant lives to be 
              fascinated and fuddled in false prosperity and apparent development missed 
              their right way to walk. It must be caused their life style that they are used to 
              going on devouring anything as much as they want according to their 
              instinctive desires in consequence of wrapping up the essential human 
              nature to pity and love any natural beings with hard shell of wickedness.

              We should have to pass our valuable human life and limited time so that we 
              could be better off in true significant livelihood without false. It is a matter for 
              regret that a man throughout his unique life would live in full of affectation and 
              vanity, so absorbed in pleasure and treasure as to attach dishonorably to 
              dreamlike phantom affairs. Somebody might thoughtlessly visit some religion 
              to have him practiced a faith-cure in order to satisfy his desires. If only one 
              might maintain his physical security, could he say that he make sure of real 
              safety from the view- point of both body and soul? It would be no use for a 
              man to listen a false incantation for temporary consciencef sake or cheating 
              sermon with unsound thought so that he might hurt his mind. It must be these 
              endless repeat of history since ancient ages to have made human morals 
              corrupted and their ethics ruined. We ought not to commit same mistake 
               incorrigibly again, which would cause miserable consequence without fail.

              A bad causality never fails to return as a bad effect to whom caused it 
              according to the law of action and reaction. The accumulated reaction would 
              have caused not only private punishments, but also worldwide catastrophe 
              might annihilate the humankind at last. Finally, both good and bad activities 
              and both merits and sins are so evidently judged that there is no space of 
              shelter from the catastrophe shall be caused by the accumulated evil virtues 
              of humankind. Nevertheless, few people are looking for the means to be free 
              from the coming tremendous disaster, which is going to attack all the people 
              as a liquidation of sins and crimes humankind had committed.

              No human beings are found in the world, without thinking of their own future 
              living. If a man could happen to meet with the Way to be sure of getting both 
              light and ease absolutely without fail, he might change his steps to the 
              direction without hesitation. Anyone could never expect to enjoy the safety 
              life in next world any more without purification of sprit and soul so as to make 
              one to be a high-grade superman.

              TEN-DOU will certainly teach anybody the Reason evidently, lead them to the 
              Way, give them the Right and endow them the Law and assure them the 
              eternal happiness. Recently TEN-DOU came down from Heaven carrying a 
              great Command of Mission to save all the spirits and souls come from God. 
              the three KO-BUTSU (Buddha)c are according to the Mission going to get rid 
              of every pains and difficulties, spread the Right Law to make people save and 
              return to RI-TEN who has been suffered from the shackles of reincarnation. 
              That is, they are working all together to release the causalities of every sorts 
              of spirits and souls which have suffered from their bad effects for long time,     
              so that make them return Paradise, our native Home.

              Thus TEN-DOU have been spreading general public the Right Law according 
              to Command of God, RAUM and carry related people the secret of Heaven 
              (SAN-POU; three treasures). As far as TEN-DOU is concerned, since 
              2,000~3,000 years a couple of endeavors have been made by some Saints in 
              compliance with Godfs Command to enlighten general public, who had been 
              inheriting the successive post of Messiah, authorized Gods endowed the Law 
              of eIS-SHI KAN-TENf (Law of transcendence from both life and death). At last 
              now in White-generation, the Law has been revealed in SAN-KAI (included 
              spirit world besides this world) in order to prepare exquisite medicine for 
              mortal people so that they could enjoy eternal life without discrimination. This 
              is the most extraordinary event since the Creation never happen before. It 
              must be the very luckiest chance throughout the past three worldsf lives one 
              might have been reborn that a man happen to be born in the sacred land and 
              still alive now in this age.

              It has been no less than 50 years since TEN-DOU was introduced from 
              Formosa to Japan (1949~1999). Notwithstanding comparative short Mission 
              history in Japan, the Messages of Gods have been spread all over the world. 
              Several hundred thousand people have been already initiated of SAN-POU 
              and many of them are so deeply moved to meet the favorable opportunity 
              once in 60,000 years that they are working hard in efforts to spread the Way 
              among the world day by day in order to promote the Return Home of many 
              other people.

              Just in face of eFU-DO SHUU-ENf ( General salvation of all the spirits and souls 
              in SAN-KAI ), now God ordered us to promote the settlement of TEN-DAN 
              everywhere to make public easily get many opportunities having something 
              to do with TEN-DOU. Any way, TEN-DAN is too splendid for words. We could 
              execute the great Mission of God very in front of these holy TEN-DAN to make 
              prevent whole sprits from falling into Hell and sure of their Return to Paradise 
              of RI-TEN. People could be endowed Right Law only in front of TEN-DAN and 
              achieve the way to Heaven.

              TEN-DAN shall be established whenever Heavenfs wish might be accordance 
              with onefs wish. We wish each DOU-SHIN directly touch and feel the wonderful 
              exquisite spiritual bright of TEN-DAN and make the best of chance to serve 
              both development of the Way and Salvation of the public sincerely. Any way 
              we expect this booklet could be useful for the TEN-DAN manager not to have 
              evil influence upon the business as a result of his little knowledge about 
              dignity of TEN-DAN. And we hope also it would be a help of your study of the