(the Greeting Incantation)

                                    (Materials and Data...B)


               Attention, please everybody shall listen to me chanting Incantation 

               respectfully, keep quiet, keep the designated standing place in a row

               and make your dress in good order.  

               Volumes of exquisite smoke is coming out here and there and going

               to grow up things and beings.

               Holy RAUM is coming down TEN-DAN to attend the ceremony.

               KAN-TEI takes his position at the left side of TEN-DAN, and JUN-

              YOU the right. And NIJUU-HAS-SHUKU keeps guard around TEN-DAN.

              RAUM has come to TEN-DAN, and all the Gods become solemnly. One

              of them hauls a person over the coals appointing with a right finger,

              the other one whips a person with his left fingers. Gods of thunder,

              wind, tiger and dragon reveal their dignities.

              You should listen to my words respectfully standing to the last detail.

              Now has the third generation come and the Way manifested itself

              among the world, every sorts of true Gods come down TEN-DAN to guard 
              Spirits and Ghosts shall never be ignorant of the point what I am going to 

              Save souls from any disaster, get rid of any
misfortune, promote 
              goodness and
 dispose of affairs, and then get the biggest catastrophe 

              And then in accordance with the Imperial ordinance of

             RAUM brightened like REI-KAN star, assist TEN-BAN and learn about the 
              affairs of SAN-KAI one by one. You shall never be allowed to retire from 
              anything about it. You ought to do your best to
suppress SAN-KAI.

            RAUM commands you to spread my messages instead of me. If a man      
see the Way, make him accomplish it. Bring into action both 
             positive and
negative energies. Make the twelve basic stars settle their 
             position to designated
heaven respectively. 
             The time has come. Never act against the special declaration.