Significance and Mission of TEN-DAN
( This is a partial translation trial of the message sent from
                  ON-SHI in may 26. 1974. )


                                                                                                       Handbook for TEN-DAN Managers 

< The body of the message >

                Now on the ground, on the earth closed in total darkness, there comes a holy 
              saving ship from far beyond the Heaven of Truth. The ship is quietly staying 
              here human world radiating colorful brilliant lights and going to open the 
              door of new generation c now it is ready to raise the curtain of beautiful 
              world. Also it shows proudly an extremely rare Mission of Command never 
              been before and officially declared the great ordinance of RAUM. The object 
              is to change the tainted human world by bad causalities for long time c 
              stained earth with sins and crimes c into the highest paradise c utmost 
              pure and beautiful place so as to make all the people who are restrained in 
              daily shackles of worldly distresses, anxieties, fears and pains change into 
              saints and human of wisdom free from every sorts of troubles and worries.
                                                                                       (a couple of sentences omitted here)

                 A TEN-DAN is a fruit of the union given from RAUM in RI-TEN, the proof of 
                 mercy, the very core of RAUMfs wish for Salvation and the biggest miracle 
                 since the Creation. The fact of settlement of TEN-DAN itself must be the 
                 greatest miracle in our age because any one could return to true Paradise 
                 directly, if only one might gotten SAN-POU in front of it. This miracle must 
                 have been the eternal wishes of Gods and Saints throughout the history 
                 and at the same time their  ideal as the final, the last and highest dream. 
                 And now the fleet of TEN-DAN has set sail for east, west, south, north and 
                 upward and downward in the world in order to accomplish the Mission to 
                 increase the number of TEN-DAN and their passengers with a  the sacred 
                 prayers of these Gods and Saints.

                 The Salvation ships named TEN-DAN have been setting sails from the 
                 RI-TEN of Nothing to the world of phenomena penetrating, run around 
                 everywhere in SAN-KAI and advancing in our world. A TEN-DAN can break 
                 all the world of both darkness and ignorance and every affaires of both 
                 false and doubt, so that it intends to restore  everything under brilliant 
                 lights to their sources which are purest positive world without any 
                 impurities consist of merely truth and goodness. Therefore, nobody could 
                 either stand in the way of the ships nor destroy them c TEN-DAN.

                 TEN-DAN is sailing all over the world c SAN-KAI c thanks to the deep 
                 Mercy of RAUM, for the sake of making public free from the distress of the 
                 inevitable shackles to repeat life and death, and just because that RAUM, 
                 the greatest truth is existing in the macrocosm.

                 But, to my great sorrow, notwithstanding the great Mercy of RAUM to set 
                 sail TEN-DAN for human world, general public would neither regard nor 
                 believe the Truth at all. It goes without saying that the settlement of 
              TEN-DAN is the advents of merciful love of RAUM, the true Salvation and 
              the peace of world. Although all the people are eager for the peace of 
              world,  what should they regard as the proof of it  then ? The appearance of 
              TEN-DAN must be the definite coming on of the peace. Therefore, humankind 
              should be most sincerely longing for the opening of TEN-DAN in the world.

                Where and what are you going to ask for, while you are laughing at your 
                own Motherfs love, abusing the eternal Salvation of your own soul and 
                ridiculing the fact that a great peace is coming to the world ? If let it be, you 
                cannot avoid running around crazy like a madman, or being drowned and 
                dead drunk in your knowledge and ability to change yourself into a lunatic 
                wiseacre so that you will make yourself become a prisoner of the modern 
                material civilization and finally drop down into the depth of distress. 

               Whoever is ignorant of the truth must be away by himself from the precious 
               opportunity of Salvation. He must have withdrawn into himself (in his small 
               colour), so that he might have went away from a big chance to be nourished 
             comfortably forever. It would be the most unfortunate affairs that a 
               man might lose his true parent c Mother of the Truth just because of his 
               small thought of humane ignorance.

               All the general public might have their ears been closed by the sins come 
               from their causalities since the Creation, so that they could merely turning 
               their deaf ears to anything else imitation or false information, never listen to 
               the Truth. Minds of people have been stained by their sins so that they 
               could never accept the holy minds of Gods any more, their minds must be 
               filled with the selfish thought that they might have nothing interested in 
              others but their profits.

               General public shall never find out the fact that the Salvation ships are 
               anchoring at the near harbor, just because they have their eyes blinded by 
               worldly desires. But, we have no time to repeat the dark and ignorant 
               suicidal struggles any more. The result are evident that human will 
              challenge the war to kill themselves and at last perish without fail. Now is the 
              time that you should reveal sacred and great selfhood your own as soon as 
              possible, and intend to development  and progress of both infinite wisdom 
              and eternal soul. Abandon all of your temporary and false figure, and you 
              should give up every sorts of selfish desires and merely long for this ship of 
              the Law c TEN-DAN,  which is the sole door enable to enter the eternal 
              RI-TEN, unique gate from the formless RI-TEN and holy palace of the 

              The TEN-DAN opened today is such a holy and exquisitely pretty  full-blown 
              flower in bad, muddy, evil and wicked place, as if it were a lotus flower purely 
             blossoms in the bog of the cosmos. The excellent incense of the flower will 
             drift everywhere in the world and filled the macrocosm. The sacred spiritual 
             KI flew out of here will purify the stained cosmos thoroughly neat and clean, 
            and make the world of chaos and conflict recover both peace and harmony.     
             And then TEN-DAN is now going to develop the same world where Gods and 
             human should be united as in ancient age, which will satisfy, benefit and 
             bring up everything.
            This is nothing but the true love, god or truth itself and the Way to heaven c 
            TEN-DOU shall never change nor perish forever, for it has neither beginning 
             nor end, and it has been from the ancients when God knows to now and will 
             be to future, as if it were anytime existing as both being and nothing, that is, 
             where there is the Way there is the present.

               The pure KI of RAUM in TEN-DAN is the resource of both every things and 
               beings, and the basic Law of the macrocosm. The exquisite KI in TEN-DAN 
               is infinite, and it is kept in the sacred, vast and wonderful formation of 
               HAK-KE, which consist of eight goods c the Lamp of RAUM, both positive 
               and negative divine teas, SOU-KUNfs  incense burner, incense sticks and 
               powder and other two lamps. The secret of Heaven shall be able to be 
               released owing to the exquisite disposition of these HAK-KE, where the 
               Lamp of RAUM is set in the center so as to be endowed the Law in front of 
               TEN-DAN. Nobody can set TEN-DAN on his own responsibility and arrange 
               HAK-KE as he pleases. TEN-DAN is settled by Command of Heaven and 
               become a point of contact to the Nothing (RI-TEN). The Lamp of RAUM is an 
               entrance to the Nothing, from which sent forth-endless lights of lives, 
               therefore TEN-DAN must be the resource to yield everything. The light 
               emitted from the central Lamp is connected with RAUM, so that we are 
              worshipping it as the substance of RAUM, which has a enormous power and 
              authority of the secret of Heaven.

              From the other point of view, we could say that TEN-DAN might be beyond 
              the macrocosm at the central important point of SAN-KAI and wrapping the 
              cosmos transcendent both time and space. Although the TEN-DAN exists in 
              the macrocosm, we can say that the macrocosm is contained in TEN-DAN 
              on the contrary. The holiest KI c pure KI c RI-TEN will be formed in 
              TEN-DAN. That is, TEN-DAN must be the shadow of RI-TEN and the place 
              where the top secret of Heaven shall be shown to change anything in this 
              world into something in the Nothing. A man who could realize the pith and 
              marrow of TEN-DAN, understand the principle of the creation at the same 
              time. The light comes from the Lamp in the center of TEN-DAN is the 
              embodiment of RAUM, the figure, the pith to purify the world and the marrow 
              o make everyone progress infinitely. A man who basks the light gets the 
              enormous power. Notwithstanding its appearance, the light is not less than 
              the total amount of the lights in the macrocosm. Even if the lights of the sun, 
              moon, stars and any other materials in the space might be concentrated, the 
              brightness of a light in a TEN-DAN is far beyond their reach.

             Never neglect to manage, that is, to arrange, to worship TEN-DAN, or you 
             shall be away from RAUM day by day. The very light of the Lamp is the great 
             breath of eternal and endless lives, the vigor of great lives, which will make 
             everything prosper, purify every dirt, keep away of every evil and everything 
             proceed. The flame of a Lamp of TEN-DAN is the greatest light with the most 
             brilliant brightness. No other light could have a man experienced the new 
             birth of a life. It will make one grow from a man of small self-centered to true 
             oneself, a great man of selflessness, finally reach to unite with the great 
            Truth of RAUM. Children of RAUM must have been born out of these infinite 
            lights, so that they should return to their Home where they came from. Now is 
            the time to be truly baptized by this light of  RAUM and achieve the true r
            esurrection. We ought to be baptized by the light of TEN-DAN so as to get 
            eternal life and revive, so that we must create the new lives of the truth here 
            and there.

            Shine those people with these exquisite lights of RAUM who are suffering 
            from the distresses in the shackles of endless reincarnation,
then they will 
            never fail to get the Way beyond of endless life and death, and control both 
            vivid rise and declining fall, and never be bound by the law of causality in 
            both positive and negative world any more.

            Expose those people to these true lights of TEN-DAN who have went astray in 
           the world much the same as a fantastic shadow. And those people will be able 
            to realize the deepest mystery as humankind and understand both 
            phenomena and realities so that enter the vast and endless sea of wisdom.

            Shine those people with these spiritual lights who are attached to their egos. 
            And they will be able to be fixed and harmonize with great conceptions and 
            merge into great notions. And then they will be able to penetrate into the 
            purest world of Nothing c the most quietest border to make their home here 
            and change into great conquerors of the carnal desires.

            Aim these holy lights at those people who are tearing between love and duty 
            in filthy human relations. Then those stained people will be able to feel 
            directly the universal and eternal love, and reach the utmost rest point of the 
            world free from selfishness and personal feelings.

            Radiate and flash the light of RAUM to all mankind and the whole world. And 
            all the people will be able to see the light and go with it until attain to the light 

            Fill the world where human live with the eternal stainless purest  light. 
            Although SHOU-TEN will disappear at last, if only it were filled with the 
            mystery light, it might be neither ruined nor stained. So, you have to melt both 
          evil and bad nowadays overflowed in the world and burn steady ill cause and 
          effect away, and soon after open the White-generation. You had better destroy 
          all the darkness in the world with the light of this TEN-DAN c the light of RAUM 
          which is the very key to release the door of next wonderful world. 

           You shall never think little of TEN-DAN although humanfs eyes might see it as 
          a small room. Nevertheless a huge blast of wind will blow, or a tremendous 
            storm of disaster may blow off even mountain and river, or enormous fire will 
           burn the earth away, any kinds of such catastrophe shall never be able to 
           destroy holy TEN-DAN or put off the light of RAUM. When the time comes, 
           however small it will be, the light of TEN-DAN will emit thousand of thousand 
           kilo-watt-hours light and become infinite brilliance enable to occur big 
            miracles to be fortress and shield everywhere in the world, so that it will never 
            fail to save you from the biggest catastrophe. You will be able to see the 
           greatness of a light of TEN-DAN and the wonderful power of HAK-KE at the 
           first time when you will meet with the above-mentioned situation. Therefore, 
           you have to light the Lamp of RAUM as much as possible. The more brilliant 
           the light, the stronger will be the power. The stronger and the brighter the 
           light, the weaker the evil and bad things, and the clearer the dirt and 
           muddiness, and smaller the disasters will be.

             Whoever wished to become a DAN-SHU had promised RAUM firmly when he 
            was in RI-TEN gI am going to settle a TEN-DAN to save the humankind without 
            failh. The moment when all these people will have settled according to their 
            promise, the generation HAKU-YOU shall be opened. When everyone should 
            have settled TEN-DAN in  accordance with the Mission of Heaven and lit the 
            Lamp of RAUM, the virtuous world of great peace will appear. You should 
            realize your Mission c for what purpose have you been born. If you have 
            realized it, you should build a ship of TEN-DAN to set sail for human world. 
            You have to know, it is you that are sent forth by RAUM in human world in 
            order to set sail a ship.

            Now you ought to row the ship of TEN-DAN with pleasure, and the general 
            public will be able to advance from movable human world into the sea of 
            lights and then sing the joys of eternal life.

            Now you ought to row this ferry boat with sweat, and all people will be able to 
            go on a trip from the painful sea of selection into the comfortable sea of 
            freedom, and then find the dawning lights where the pleasure of souls shall 
            last forever.

            Now you have to spur yourself to row your saving boat once again, and our 
            brothers and friends of souls will be able to be carried from this raving sea to 
           the quiet sea, and then observe a great panorama of the great natural world. If 
            you lead the public to the Way, you will be able to return to the utmost 
            comfortable world of RAUM all together, and having some drinks of Heaven 
            with many Gods and many other Buddha talk about the exquisite story of 
            TEN-DOU each other.

          RAUM must have sent forth your ship for this world in vain, if you would never 
            do your best to engage in the Salvation and Missionary work now. If so, you 
            could never make the general public return to RI-TEN either. Now is the time 
            when the great self-consciousness of your Mission shall be needed. If only 
            you wish to accomplish the Mission of TEN-DAN in accordance with RAUM 
            completely, Heaven will help you from every point of view. It might be the duty 
          of RAUM and the responsibility as well who have sent forth you for the human 
          world. Therefore, the sole thing you shall do is that you will live for the sake of 
          the public and devote yourself to them. You shall never need think about 
          merely yourself with selfishness. You shall need not the ego, nothing but 
          make the minds of RAUM and the public become that of your own. As human 
           world are made to train our spirits and souls, so that you had better regard 
           phenomena as provisional things and become man of exercise and 
           recognition of the truth and principle of God. To be managers and participants 
           to govern and arrange the macrocosm, so that you will be able to open the 
           fortune of the heaven everywhere and remove the fortune of the time 
           wherever you like, and then change the fortune of the earth into the 
           management of new world. It is you that are succeeded the former way and 
           going to open the future. The man of changing generation shall be inherited 
           the properties of ancient Saints and release them in later world. You must  be 
           a provider of infinite love to the world. You ought to be the endless source of 
           the mercies. You have to spread the Messages of Gods among the world as 
           an executor of Godsf will.

           Suppose you might have so steady belief in God as to crush the hardest rock, 
           move the highest mountain and fill the deepest valley, it would be of little 
           worth, if it were not for your love of the general public. Indeed, the belief in 
           RAUM shall never fail to lead us to the love of the public to save. The very love 
           is the sole Messiah, which makes whole in one. The extremely pure faith will 
           never fail to move Heaven, and the utmost love will move Human without fail. In 
           conclusion, the highest expression to devote the faith to Heaven and show the 
           love to Human must be the DEN-DOU c Salvation of souls in SAN-KAI.

            Notwithstanding you might have the faith for Heaven deeper than sea and the 
            love of people vaster than sea, they would be just the same with fantasies, if it 
            were not for your real activity to save the souls of the people. Could you say 
            that a man has the true faith and love that has never worked in DEN-DOU to 
            have anyone initiated? A man of true faith and love will never fail to do his 
            best to save the souls of the people and work hard in DEN-DOU. Love the 
            people truly! Think of the public sincerely! If you pray just the same as people 
            pray, then you will be able to accomplish your prayer first. If you sorrow just 
            the same as people sorrow, then you shall be given from God true 
            consolation first. If you could feel the same distress people might be suffering 
            as your own one, then you will be able to see there true release from shackles 
            of the reincarnation first.

            At first, you have to follow after the others, that is, make your anxiety sink 
            deep, your distress get away and always be all smiles even though you were 
            sad. However hard trouble you would happen to meet, you should make the 
              tears of the people dry peacefully nevertheless, and put their mind ease. All 
              the human is used to be self-consciousness, therefore you should first 
              forget yourself, give up yourself.

              Notwithstanding the very highest Mission is to save souls of the people, 
              which accompany the highest responsibility without fail. And where there is 
              the highest responsibility, there never fail to be followed intolerably painful 
              agony and indescribable severity. If it were not for your endeavor, the 
              general public will never be saved. If it were not for your labor, people shall 
              never be released from shackles of the reincarnation. Thus, it must be 
               inevitable your ceaseless and incessant tears and sweats for the great 
              Salvation of general public in TEN-DOU. It is you that are worthy to be 
              sacrificed by Heaven for the holy business. And, God a great deal of 
              endurance requests you, because you are worthy of being endurable and to 
              be made sacrificed. Now you should do your best to accomplish the great 
              business of DOU-BAN (*1) as a double of mine YUMI-NAGA and make realize 
              the pray of mercy by RAUM.

              A TEN-DAN settlement is neither a small private event nor personally 
              manageable affair, so that nobody shall ever be allowed to comment upon it. 
              It should be designed by reason and numeral or done by will of Heaven or 
              intention of God, which is far beyond of the wisdom of a man. You had better 
              think your TEN-DAN settlement should be done by Godfs love and achieved 
             by the contract with God, even though you might have done your best to ask 
              for it or owed a good will of others. You shall never refuse to settle your 
             TEN-DAN because of either selfishness or personal feelings.

             TEN-DAN is a vessel of God. Nobody could the Lamp to be a property of his 
             own, for it must be nothing but RAUM. Anyone could open a TEN-DAN for the 
             people, and settle merely for the sake of them. Each TEN-DAN includes a 
             deep prayer of RAUM, has a lot of works to be managed and worthwhile 
             duties. I wish you would do your best to achieve the Mission designated to 
             each TEN-DAN to the best of your ability. Moreover, every TEN-DAN has 
             common Mission and connection of each other, and then the responsibility 
             to save people as many as possible. If you release your TEN-DAN for 
             people's use, Gods will protect your family and all of your relatives without 
             fail. Your very Mission and at the same time your responsibility is to have all 
             your fellow return to RI-TEN c RAUM. You have to keep the law, rule and any 
             other regulations of TEN-DAN, arrange the ship well for the sake of their 
             going aboard it. That is, you should have them all initiated of SAN-POU. You 
             should go around the world for DEN-DOU of the people, as if your ship were 
             on a rippling water ring centered on the SOU-TEN-DAN.

             Take care of yourself to be used to keep a solemn attitude to TEN-DOU, or 
             you can hardly get the dignity, which nobody could reduce it. Especially as 
             for the Law, hold the most respectful thought, or you have nobody made 
             much of it. I wish you first make it a rule to keep and execute decorum of 
             TEN-DAN solemnly, so that you ought not to run short of TOKU-DOU 
             (initiation) and KEN-KOU (incense offering) ceremonies. The manners in the 
             ceremony are expressions of the utmost devout minds and very solemn and 
             holy behaviors. Worship is the expression of onefs faithfulness, therefore if 
             you preach TEN-DOU with your mouth and worship TEN-DAN with your body, 
people will certainly admire your virtues. When you greet any grand senior of 
             TEN-DEN SHI (ZEN-JIN and ZEN-KEN), you have to take care not be impolite. 
             You ought to be especially polite when you meet with your Teacher.

               As for an Initiation ceremony to do with a life of human, you have to treat it 
               with courtesy so as to pay careful attention to writing out the documents. 
               You should be so carefully write in the attributes of newcomer c name and 
               so forthc that you might never make the authorized Gods SAN-KAN TAI-TEI 
               troubled with the document.

               There are so many worrisome relationships among DOU-SHIN such as the 
               order of taking seats in front of TEN-DAN, which is not decided intentionally 
               but an expression of looking up to a person, so as for this respect, you had 
               better esteem each other and behave modestly in the Way. And you have to 
               listen quietly to the sermon, then it will sure to be impressed on your mind.

              The dignity of TEN-DAN shall be caused not because of its gorgeous figures 
              but because of its simple, plain and clean characteristics. In this calm 
              atmosphere you may as well meet with your acquaintances.

              You should learn to become skillful in management of TEN-DAN while you 
              are meeting indiscriminately with both new and old DOU-SHIN harmoniously, 
              and training yourself in decorum. A man must be extremely shamed if he 
              could not worship at all, nevertheless he should have learnt the concepts of 
               the Way for long years.

               A man should make much of decorum always not only when he is 
               worshipping Gods but also when he will greet with Gods and meet with 
               other persons and execute any ceremony or event in TEN-DOU. We wish 
               you will acquire these decorum for yourself entirely, and wherever and 
               whenever make great use of it for enlightening of the people who might 
               have something to do with it.

               Besides decorum, DAN-SHU has such responsibilities and duties as to 
               support and report to TEN-DEN SHI, to be in harmony with KOU-DOU SHI 
              and DOU-SHIN and then make them know the correct information come from 
             the Center.

              TEN-DAN must be the hotbed to cultivate the men of abilities. DAN- SHU 
              should foster good men of abilities for the sake of Salvation of many people. 
              The good men of abilities in their quality will never fail to save many people 
              in their quantity as well.

              TEN-DAN is not always either stable or immovable, so that you should carry 
               it with you everywhere you like in order to save a lot of people. The law 
               knows no limit. I wish you would work together in mutual aids of DAN-SHU 
              each other. I wish you will go round each other TEN-DAN and manage yours 
              in cooperation with DAN-SHU. It will be needed for DAN-SHU to release 
              TEN-DAN publicly and manage it all together and take the initiative in 
              spreading TEN-DOU, because it dose not belong to him privately.

              Do not make little of your either Mission or responsibility as a DAN- SHU. It 
              depends on you a great number of lives of the people. I wish you should 
              accomplish your great Mission sincerely.

              Now I have finished sending a message titled gsignificance and mission of 
              TEN-DANh. Although I have not yet told entirely about what I wished to say, 
              but I am expecting sincerely your understanding and regarding my mind.