About ten vows
           made in the Initiation          

                                (Materials and Data...E)



 A message from an authorized God

          A man should be busy oneself about spreading the Way, appeal his
true sentiment with might and main.

              All brother and sisters ! Talk to yourself, and consider why is that.
               For whom does he work hard ? For who is he busy?

            I am SAN-TEN SHU-KOU coming down to TEN-DAN in accordance
              with the Command of
             After finished worshiping the holy palanquin of
               RAUM and taking a rest, I will tell you again about ten vows made in

                the Initiation ceremony so that you should chant each theme 
                one by


gKeep faithfulnessh

                 The first grief is that people are used to get on halfheartedly without training himself 
                  faithfully in the Way. Notwithstanding the great vow must have been made, nobody could 
                  be found who has been getting on according to it. A man might as well betray others, 
                  Heaven and souls, if he would not have kept the vow he had made.

                  I hope you that you ask to your mind if you would be afraid of committing a sin because 
                  of hard training in the Way. You shall never say that you have not yet been punished at 
                  present. You will never fail to be selected when the designated catastrophe comes. If you 
                  cannot believe it, you had better trace the history in detail. The mills of Heaven grind 
                  slowly, but exceeding fine. You must keep in your mind that the Heavenfs vengeance is 
                  slow but sure.


gCompensate sincerelyh

                  The second grief is that people train themselves in the Way without any compensation. It 
                  must be the deceptions for one, to keep up, to embellish, to conceal or to cover onefs 
                  appearance. There are so many people who never correct a fault even if any, speak ill of 
                  others if he talk of others. Generally speaking that a man might as well speak ill of others 
                  as to love criticism.  

                I hope you that you will blame yourself. Do not hesitate to correct

                  your fault you have committed. You have to aim at a man of sacred or wisdom. If only a 
                  man give up the sword, he will grow to be a Buddha. Even if a common man once sets an 
                  aim in life, he shall be able to participate the affairs both heaven and earth. Both good and 
                  bad things shall be made their causalities clear at last. The reason of Heaven is so 
                  evidently absolute that anyone could never be exempted from its application.


gNeither deceive nor betrayh

                   The third grief is that people never practice the training in the Way, but deceive their mind 
                   and betray Heaven. Although they obey ostensibly, on the contrary they play opposite 
                   rolls behind the scenes. They say eyesf nevertheless they think it might be enof, and talk 
                   big. They are used to seek publicity to allure honor and to keep appearances, so as to 
                   talk about neither true merits nor real goodness.

                   I wonder why you do not try SHU-GEN. For what purpose does a man of virtue make use 
                  of being alone ? Notwithstanding he might lose his mind in a dark, he could see with 
                  electric eyes and hear even the smallest whisper as a deafening thunder, as if he were a 
                  divine being.

                I wonder, if you might fear of divine punishment.


gNever turn awayh

               The forth grief is that many people are such inconstant trainers as to train themselves first 
               and turn away at last, who shall never achieve the Way. Is he said a man of wisdom who 
               will turn away as soon as he would meet adversity, while he might advance and train 
               himself for an instant in prosperity but soon retire ? To study is just the same as to row a 
               boat up stream. It is an eternal rule that the boat cannot avoid retiring unless it row 
               against the stream.

                     I wish you should make up your mind to advance never retire. You must be a hero, if you 
                     will be keeping unyielding attitude forever.

                     How many miles distant from here the Way to RI-TEN might be, it will be one mile shorter 
                     as long as you run a mile toward west. Set up your mind steady always on one point. If 
                     you would retire halfway, you might just as well die a miserable death.


gNever betray Your Teacherh

                    The fifth grief is that people will not so learn modesty as to betray the Master (Teacher)  
                    and neglect the Senior Master easily. I wonder if the people have been thinking it would 
                    be easy to meet the Masters. Even if a man would visit for thousand miles deeply into 
                    any mountain in order to meet the Teacher, he could never find where he should live 
                    notwithstanding he might have worn away his shoes made of iron. Even though the man 
                    would die in distress as the result, it would be miserable indeed that he could never 
                    achieve anything at all.

                    I hope you will reveal the conscience of Heaven, respect the Teacher and make much of 
                    the Way so as to go with the Heaven.

                   TEN-DEN SHI shall be a pupil all his life. The relationship between a Teacher and a pupil 
                    will be forever.

                   However high and great amount of virtues could have you earned, if you would once 
                   forget the Teacher, your soul should hardly be saved.


gDo not neglect the Seniorh  

                   The sixth grief is that people have not yet understand the concepts well, so that they 
                   hardly know it is a sin to neglect the Senior, and a man of virtue shall never forget repay 
                   anotherfs kindness. It would be natural that a man thinks of the source when he drinks 
                   water. If it were not for the root in any plants, how could they grow up ? If it were not any 
                   guide, a man could hardly go on the Way.

                    I hope you would learn purely to know (the basic concepts of the Way). Keep harmony 
                    with your fellow, follow the senior all in one mind. You ought to remember that you must 
                    have made the great vows in front of TEN-DAN thanks to the introduction and guarantee 
                    of some Senior. Even though such small beings as mole cricket and ants learn justice as 
                    their original virtue, how could it be the learning of the Primates c human?


gKeep any divine Lawsh

                    The seventh grief is that people lose the correct rules in their training, never keep the 
                    divine Laws and let they go as they like. What kind of standards could they depend upon 
                    to go up the stairs of RI-TEN besides divine Laws? The divine Laws are nothing but 
                    commandments in Heaven. Could anybody return Home without keeping the Laws?

                    I hope you will learn them in detail. Keep the Laws respectfully and get ahead of another.

                    A train without rail will meet an accident without fail. A trainee without nourishment will 
                    hardly achieve his training. A man who can never keep the Law will hardly be free from 
                    the shackles of reincarnation.


gDo not reveal the Secrets of Heavenh

                    The eighth grief is that people are used to be so careless of their speaking as to tell 
                    about the secrets of Heaven occasionally. Who dare tell you about the secrets besides 
                     the Master with whom one could seldom meet since ancient age ? Why is it difficult to 
                     keep secret among common people, while the secrets have been strictly kept yet among 
                     the three big Saints ?

                     I hope you shall never betray Heave. If you would reveal the Secrets, you might hardly 
                     endure the weight of sins. You should not forget that if you would not happen to meet 
                     with this good opportunity, you could never know about the secrets.

                     Be careful of your language, behave yourself and get ahead of another at once, and you 
                     will be able to come Home when your vows shall be completed.


gDo not conceal the Wayh

                     The ninth grief is that many people conceal the Way without mercy. If a man should not 
                     reveal the Way, he might make others miss it. Essentially Heaven tells nothing, it makes 
                     human tell instead of it. If a man wonft tell anything, how could others hear about the 
                     Way ? Call to your mind when you have been initiated, wasnft it a senior master who 
                     had led you to the Way ?

                     I hope you shall reflect three times a day. If you will share in your  goodness with others, 
                     you shall be no less than an ancient Saint. People who could have ever been initiated, 
                     must have led the public, set up others instead of themselves and heard of the Way all 
                     together. Now is the very time, when the Salvation is already revealed so that all of the 
                     souls are going to return Home.


gDo as much as you possibleh

                    The tenth grief is that many people made their minds stained while they are training 
                    themselves. Who dare go ahead to do onefs best in the Way ? Many people could not 
                    see through that the shackles should be the chains of love, and regard as the property 
                     they would be fascinated by miracle one just the same with their lives. They are used to 
                     make little of both good chance and timing, make an excuse to gain time and hesitate so 
                     as to lose the definitive opportunity.

                     I hope you shall never cheat yourself. The best time never comes back again. You ought 
                     to donate property, preach and charity while this good opportunity is still in your hands.

                     The ten items of the great vows shall be kept on in accordance with   mentioned above 
                     from now. I wish you shall accomplish the vows and return Home.


Additional instruction(1)

                    The great Way in ancient ages was hardly spread among human world. Now we are in 
                     the time of the third great Salvation age. The unique excellent point opened by Master 
                     could make the man free from the distress, and if he will train himself in the Way and 
                     accumulate the benevolence he shall be promised to a post of Heaven.

                     Although many proofs to be transcendence in both life and death are found everywhere 
                     in the world, but they are never such the same trifles to be made a great fuss about 
                     which usually found in common religions. The Way is in oneself not in the outer world. If 
                     there were phenomena, they must be inner the world. If a man could have been initiated 
                     IS-SHI KAN-TEN Law, he should enter the territory of reason (RI-TEN) above that of 
                     atmosphere (KI-TEN). But it is utmost pitifully told that a man might come to a miserable 
                     end at last who was initiated SAN-POU, nevertheless he would never train oneself 

                     Both the Master and the Way are not any fabrications. It is never telling a lie to save both 
                     descendents and antecedents. Anyone who has something to do with the Way once 
                      initiated SAN-POU will never fail to make up his mind to settle a TEN-DAN and spread 
                      the Message of God all over the world. Even if a man who has nothing to do with the 
                      Way had been initiated, he will soon have a doubt, attached to shape and appearance 
                      and look around the world with his physical eyes. He will neither learn about soul world 
                      nor study the truth, merely think of phenomena.

                      Since ancient time, people who had renounced the world and done penance wondering 
                      around mountains and rivers, when they could have been granted their efforts, they 
                      had been endowed with SAN-POU by the hands of authorized Gods in secret.

                      Even though a man who might have suffered from all the distress, as a result obtained a 
                      higher post in KI-TEN, the moment when the world should be destroyed, he would 
                      never fail to fall down to the bottom of the distress sea nevertheless.

                      Now is the last generation, where in accordance with Godfs mercy the Master came 
                      down to look for souls to be saved. If only a man should become a priest with his wife 
                      and children notwithstanding at home and keep his house and train himself in the Way, 
                      he will be able to enjoy eternal happy life in RI-TEN without fail. You have been meeting 
                      now with the best generation once in sixty thousand years. If you might pass over this 
                      opportunity, you could hardly meet the chance again to train yourself in the Way. A man 
                      will lose his Way just because of heaviness of his sins and crime. The man will never 
                      fail to throw himself on Godfs mercy in vain, when the time will come and repent of your 

                      As soon as a man of good fortune could get Initiation, he should have to trace their 
                      senior so that he might reveal the dignity at the welcome party in RI-TEN.

                      Heaven will never fail to decide onefs reward according to his achievement 
                      appropriately. You have to do your best to go ahead in the Way in the very good time.


Additional instruction(2)

                     True Way and false Way are not always unique. The false Way is used to look like vivid 
                     and attract public attention. On the contrary the true Way accompanies no phenomena.
                     It must exist in a moment, if a man could be beyond of both life and death or not.

                     Confucius had been in the service of seven teaches before he met with RAO-TZE to get 
                     pith and marrow of the Way. People could never realize the word written in the RON-GO 
                      (Analects of Confucius) such as gIf I could heard of the Way in the morning, I might as 
                     well die in the eveningh. On that time only SOU-SHI realized the meaning and said gyesh, 
                     but another three thousand pupils were left unknown.

                    The achievement of SHA-KYA to be initiated from NEN-TOU BUDDHA after sixteen years  
                    penance is expressed entirely in the Buddhist scriptures. SHA-KYA showed the true     
                    Way, some day in a meeting of pupils, SHOU-HOU GEN-ZOU in such a gesture as to twist 
                    a flower, which only one of his pupil KA-SHOU could understand the meaning, and 
                    answered him with a sign of smile that others should never know what was it done for.

                    RAO-TZE told about GEN-KAN such as gKOKU-SHIN will never dieh. GEN-KAN is 
                    contained inner place of the exquisite gate of mankind. Was there anyone could have 
                    been in ancient Saints who would have never asked for his Initiation by some Master ? 
                    There has been a necessity to succeed the authority of the Way one after another in the 
                    ancient ages by means of TAN-DEN DOKU-JU (Initiation from one to next one).

                    Now the time has come, the Master of Mission has revealed in the world c YUMI-NAGA 
                    governs DOU-BAN and is going to save the souls in SAN-KAI (human, spirits and 
                    ghosts). All the people should have to get the Way and hear of the true Law in the last 
                    Salvation. The Way will be spread among the world in a few years. Make haste to go 
                    ashore who might have something to do with the Way, or else with others all together 
                    should be beaten by the catastrophe.

                    Ask for TEN-DOU who have either some relation or virtue and they will be able to save 
                    their ancestors if only they will train themselves in the Way. Those people who have 
                    neither any relation nor virtue will easily be dubiously about the true Way nevertheless 
                    they have asked for it, and never go ahead. If a man would restrain or prevent others 
                    from their beliefs, he might commit or fault while it might be a little sinful affair not to 
                    believe by oneself. You should never give up because of no miracle happened at the 
                    present, for it will be too late to regret meeting a miracle when the time comes.

                    SHA-KYA said gShut off a doubt, then a belief will be bornh.

                    Confucius said gHeaven could feel the utmost faithfulnessh.

                    I ask for the general public to spread the messages of Gods instead of Heaven as soon 
                   as they shall be initiated SAN-POU, so that they will be promised a reasonable position in 
                   Heaven. You may meet with some distresses for a time, after that you will get the eternal 
                   pleasure without fail, which are pure and vast happiness you shall be able to enjoy for 
                   ten thousand and eight hundred years.

                   I hope you that you shall learn about this instruction as soon as you get it, so that you 
                   shall never act against the painful mind of SAN-TEN SHU-KOU. A man who will keep in 
                   his mind the wishes of the God and recite them well must be a good Child of RAUM.

                   Ten items of the great vows are telling you that anyone who would keep them could be 
                   saved from the catastrophe without fail, to the contrary, anyone who cheats others and 
                   Heaven as well shall punish himself. People who have stained both spirit and soul ought 
                   to think about their mind in detail.


              (A comment by the editor)

                    The deeper the vows, the heavier the responsibility a man should owe, so that the ancient Saints    
                    used to apply the great prayers while they are alive, and they had saved the general public through 
                    their lives.

                    Of course, we have been initiated SAN-POU after prayed the vows. By the way, as humankind we 
                    used to forget things always according as the time will pass by. To tell the truth, SAN-TEN 
                    SHU-KOU worried about the fact and showed us the Instruction of explanation about the ten vows. 
                    Here we are sending the English translation of it to our friends who are going to spread the 
                    messages of God among the world. We are expecting that the wishes of Gods could be 
                    understood well through this translation trial, and they would be made much use of your activities 
                    to let people know the TEN-DOU and increase the number of our friends all over the world.