A Mesage from Jesus Christ

                                                                                                       (Apr.18, 1965 in Osaka)


                  I could not avoid feeling concern when I thought of the filthy world at the top of the 

              I was crucified on the hill of Golgotha worrying about the world.

              People must have believed in the wrong Way, kept away from the real Law so as to 
              turn their back on the real Mission without taking part in it.
              I am Jesus Christ. I have come here according to the Command of
              Now I have finished thanksgiving greeting to
              and I am going to send you my message here. 
                                                                                                                                   HAH-HA    Pause.   

            It is my great pleasure to meet with a favourable opportunity to come and see you 
               on such a beautiful day.

            I am very sorry to see my disciples and their successors who have still been going 
               astray without knowing that the real Way has been prevailed among the world and 
               spread before their very eyes. Although I am content to see their faithfulness to keep 
               it a rule to believe my teachings (of the Bible), I would like to let them know that I had 
               been betrayed by Judas so as to be killed before I could have shown them the real 
               Law i.e. the real Way.

           If only a man could gain the real Law in TEN-DOU as his own;

                1st: He shall be saved from the repetition of suffering from such
                        distresses as to be reborn, to get old, to fall ill and to expire.

                2nd: He shall be free from the restraints caused by Karma of any kind
                       so as to get the exquisite wisdom enable to distinguish goodness
                        from wickedness.

                3rd: He shall obtain a quick-sighted eye capable of foresight to see
                         through all the Truth in the macrocosm.

                4th: He shall enjoy the peaceful life in RI-TEN forever, transcended
                        the reincarnation.

                5th: He shall win a Godfs favour to be saved from the biggest final
                        catastrophe (MAK-KYOU).     

                Whoever would betray the Way and profane the Divinity shall be suffered from 
                everlasting distresses so that he shall never be allowed to enter the holy Way. And he 
                shall writhe in agony around the mortal world so as to be changed into inhuman 
                beings and go astray in the darkness.

                The sins and crimes a man might have accumulated since sixty thousand years are so 
                grave that he should hardly be released from the evil Way he might have chosen by 
                himself. Never abuse the Way, speak ill of the Master or indulge in the worldly desires 
                so as to repeat to commit the sins and crimes, or you shall lose the good chance to be 
                saved at last. You have to be initiated into the Way as sooner as possible so as to 
                support the Teacher to spread TEN-DOU all over the virgin world. Then you will be 
                able to earn so many merits as to get a lot of good returns to enjoy the utmost happy 
                life under the care of RAUM.

                I regret that the general understanding of the great Way might not be spread so much 
                widely as when I was living in the world. All the worldly affairs shall be changed 
                heartlessly and the time flies like an arrow. You have to bear the great Way always in 
                your mind and save all the public around the world. As far as a man keeps faithfulness 
                in his mind, so rapidly Heaven will feel it. I wish you would become men of abilities to 
                train yourself in the Way, so that you should support your Teacher and devote 
                yourself in the propagation. Whoever has become a captain of a ship of Law (become a 
                TEN-DAN manager), should steer by himself in order to take the leadership of making 
                both yourself and others gain profit.

                Whoever would never mind about the great Way nowadays should not be saved but be 
                fallen into Hell. All the initiates (DOU-SHIN)! You ought to shift your ideas in order to get 
                at the Truth and realize the pith and marrow of the Way. If you might have some 
                questions, you had better ask your seniors to make out and study them thoroughly.

                Now I must say egood byef to

               and to you with my pleasure.         
HAH-HA       Retire.