Holy Maxims

                                                     (Kan-non; the Goddess of Mercy)




           We have several thousands of Holy Messages sent from Gods in 
           RI-TEN (the eternal Paradise from where our souls came from) since 
           the Mission of TEN-DOU authorized in Japan (1949).

           Although there are so many Gods besides the Creator (RAUM; the 
           God) in RI-TEN, we have assembled the messages sent from the 
           Goddess of Mercy above all and taken the liberty of picking up some 
           keywords out of them so as to compile
a monthly calendar involves 
           thirty-one Holy Maxims.

           It would be our great pleasure to have such a good opportunity 
           capable of the introduction of its trial translation to English-speaking 
           peoples in the world. We wish you might make it a rule to read the 
           correspondent with the date number maxim day by day so as to bear 
           in mind what the Goddess says.

                      TEN-DOU SOU-TEN-DAN






          1.  Listen to your inner voice from Heaven!

          2.  RAUM never forsake you, even if you might give up.

          3.  A merit must be caused by God, while a demerit must be caused by a man.

          4.  You shall be at any time not alone, but surrounded by Buddha and supported by the 
          members on the Way.

          5.  A day of a man should never come to end, unless he could persuade a new person at 

          6.  Heaven watches you, and the public look up to you.

          7.  You are able to speak wise naturally, unless you might hesitate.

          8.  The Way shall be revealed naturally, if only a man could make a step forward.

          9.  One can find the very flexibility of the belief in trusting, entrusting, depositing and 
           relying others thoroughly.

        10.  A man can feel the exquisiteness of the training in the Way while he is keeping it under 
           few strains, and he doesnft break it under heavy strains notwithstanding.

        11.  Love makes a man come to know the pleasure of both waiting and enduring.

        12.  A man of great courage can afford to change the target of criticism from the others to 

        13.  As the deepest doubt might turn out to be a great belief, so could the most obstinate 
           bigot be changed into a man of great wisdom.

        14.  We cannot avoid feeling to have been kept ourselves alive when we think of the infinite 
           Mercy of RAUM.

        15.  What a warm and tender but plaintive look printed on RAUM!

        16.  How peace and quiet there would be in the world after the Salvation might have been 

        17.  Write a prayer wholeheartedly in a line!

        18.  We wonder if Heaven might be pleased with our trainings, and we afraid if they might 
           make our Teacher feel sad.

        19. The tear of a confessor is so much beautiful as the sweat of a volunteer.

        20. Ah! At last RAUM came into sight.

        21. Heaven might often make a man encounter with some adverse circumstances, he 
          could be endowed with some durable ability notwithstanding.

        22. You shall enjoy such a glorious life as making the time change into the fortune.

        23. As one of the public, I am eager for being saved so as to save others.

        24. Anybody needs a lamp in order to light up his footing.

        25. What had God best do now, and how should it be done?

        26. Donft scold but console, donft blame but encourage the others instead, you had rather 
         praise than oppose them.

        27. The desirable attitudes of the leader towards people are c to embrace larger, to 
          observe further, to search deeper and to consider warmer.

        28. The repeat of eplan, do and checkf is applicable to any activity.

        29. A man gets the more peaceful mind out of loving than being sympathized. The poorer a 
          man is, the richer mind he may get out of his charity activities.
    30.You can undergo a change of mind making use of your body, just as you can alter your 
          surroundings by means of your mind.

         31.You may well pray to God for the achievement of endless Salvation.