Talking about TEN-DOU
                 from viewpoint of philosophy.

                                          by YUMI-NAGA TEN-NEN KO-BUTSU (Dec. 14, 1980)
  (Both prologue and epilogue shall be omitted)



           TEN-DOU must be the essence of the macrocosms and the source of human mind.
               It came from gNothingh and will go to gEternityh.
               It is the reason to yield everything, the Heaven from where every soul came and 
               the origin of all the religions.

It had been already before the heaven separated from the earth, and it will still exist 
               after the humankind shall be perished.
              The macrocosm is always together with TEN-DOU, no macrocosm without the Way.
              The public can afford to live together with TEN-DOU, no TEN-DOU without the public as 
              Therefore, the great Way began with the appearance of the public souls, makes it 
Mission to save them and makes it the endless termination to improve itself.

           TEN-DOU reveals the truth.

    The truth (RI) is the root or the pith and marrow, that is, the substance. The energy (KI)               is the branch or the bone, that is, the potency. The phenomenon (SHOU) is the leaf or 
               skin, that is, the surface.
               The worldly studies are used to stick to something visible and adhere to the materials 
               so that  they shall be carried away into the terminals. However hard a man might learn 
               the terminal studies, he could hardly meet with their source. Whatever supernatural 
               sciences such as studies of gKI-KOU HOU (*1)h, gAstrologyh, gFatalismh or dogma of 
               some religion a man might master, he could seldom get out of the shackles of 
               reincarnation, because they should give him nothing but the technology of some 
               relative circulation of energies at best.
               The principle based upon the reason of Heaven should belong to the naturefs secrets, 
               so that it would have to involve the authorized law which enable the soul to be 
               restored to its original state, that is, the public to return their Home. Anybody shall be 
               initiated into it and spread it in order to enter the exquisite real world.

           TEN-DOU informs of RAUM

               Anyone ought to have faith in RAUM, as the parent Soul of the public. Anyone has to 
                worship Gods, as the seniors in the Way.

                Anyone should feel pity for the public, as his family at home. Those
people who have 
                been drowned into SHI-SHOU (*2) or carried away
into ROKU-DOU (*3), cannot avoid 
                relying upon DOU-SHIN (*4)
otherwise they will find no means to be saved. They 
                should have to b your brothers, parents or children once without exception.

                Whoever earns divine merits can become a god, while anyone who commits sins 
                cannot avoid becoming a devil. SHA-KYA and Jesus
have the same origin, so have the 
                devils and ghosts the common

                SHUN (*5), who is he? Anyone should do his best to devote himself to the Way in 
                imitation of the ancient Saint.

                RAUM is the whole Soul, the God of Gods, which any souls came from and return to. 
                The names such as gA-MI-DAh, gJehovahh and gSHAN-TEIh would be given to unique 
                God,  RAUM.

                RAUM is the
name revealed by the God himself. RAUM is the real sovereign of all the 
                souls, that is, the unique Saviour of them.

           TEN-DOU makes eternal history in succession.
           The history of the Way must be the divine politics carrying through
the longitude of the 
           heaven and the latitude of the earth. The history of any religion must be nothing but a 
           history of some denominations.
           The blood should be the family tree. People shall be classified into rich and poor, 
           shared the native land east, west, south and north,
distinguished between colours and 
           discriminated between languages.

           People should know that the accumulated divine merits of the ancestors would never 
           fail to be inherited by their antecedents successively. If a man would earn some divine 
           merits, they should sure emit the light later without fail. There is no discrimination 
           between the ancestors and the antecedents; they must have come from the same 
           source, so that a man might just as well save his family as he saves them all.

           It has been two or three thousand years since the original religions had been founded; 
           but in these days they could have hardly sustained their original authorities any 
           longer, so that they have been divided or segmented into 84000 factions in 3600 
           sectors of newly risen religions, which would have been so particular about trifles 
           endlessly as to bleed and butcher to the bone each other. What a pity to hear of the 
           facts! People should think of the Doomsday coming at last.

           Notwithstanding TEN-DOU shall be able to keep the succession of the Mission 
           endlessly without both beginning and ending, and reveal the new Paradise of 10800 
           years succeeded to the 5000 yeas lasted authority of DOU-BAN (*6) in the control of 
           TEN-BAN (*7) no less than 60000 years long. Anybody who would admit the fact could 
           become a guard of the Law. The very DOU-TOU (the succession of the Way) is the right 
           history in the world and in the macrocosm.

           TEN-DOU bestows the Mission.

TEN-MEI (the Mission or the Command of God, RAUM) shows the sign of the 
               miraculous efficacy absolutely at any time.
               While the mission based on a religion has something to do with KAMI-SAN-DOU (*8) 
               and that of humankind has been affected by SHIMO-SAN-DOU (*9) all the time. They 
               were used to exercise their authorities, struggle on account of their interests so as to 
               create a lot of evil causalities each other. A great number of people have been 
               corrupted by some worldly desires resulted from the causalities, which must have 
               been caused by some wicked ghosts. Even though a man might believe that he could 
               enjoy a happy life owing to the gods belong to KAMI-SAN-DOU, which they would do 
               nothing but for their merits sake. Both the former (the mission of religion) and the latter 
               (the mission of humankind) shall hardly reach the stage of the correct Way, so far
               they would look for the divine grace and power. Solely TEN-MEI could reveal the 
               absolute Salvation, transcended the law of causalities in SAN-KAI (*10).
               Anybody shall need to neither select the place, nor accord with the time nor rely upon    
               another person. But people shall believe in only the wonderworking of TEN-MEI.

           TEN-DOU dispatches three Buddha.

               MI-ROKU Buddha according to his promise reincarnated as a man for the third time in 
               order to pick up the souls of 9.6 (*11) to be invited to RYUU-GE party in his HO-TEI (*12). 
               The Heaven time had scarcely proceeded to meet with the White-generation before he 
               was born.

               KAN-NON Buddha (the Goddess of Mercy) has been reincarnated as neither a pilgrim 
               nor a Buddhist scripture, neither an image nor a picture of Buddha, nothing but a 
               pioneer of the Salvation. KAN-NON should never have revealed herself for private 
               convenience sake but she was used to appear in public mercifully for the sake of the 
               general Salvation.

                I (YUMI-NAGA) have become the general Master or Saviour endowed the Mission of 
               the general Salvation and the Unification of all the religions. I shall accompany the 
               public to the way of penance to spread TEN-DOU for 10800 years as teacher and pupil. 
               You should become my pupil to be shoulders and legs to support me as sooner as 

           TEN-DOU enables people to save souls.
               The Salvation means to save the original souls. The relief means to deliver the mind. 
               The rescue means to mend the physical body. Even though a man might cure 
               someone else of disease using such medical cares as plastic surgery, diet cure, 
               acupuncture, medicine or other healing art, any provisional body could seldom live 
               longer than 100 years at best. It is no use crying over onefs early death, if it were not 
               for a sound soul in onefs sound body nevertheless.
               However hard a man might practice for his mind discipliningfs sake ZA-ZEN (meditation 
               of an oriental style), MEI-SOU (so-called meditation of any kinds), NEN-BUTSU (reciting
               of some Sutra), KOU-KYOU (lecturing of some scripture) or some other religious 
               austerities so as to
obtain his spiritual comfort, he could merely sympathize with    
               KI-TEN (*13) and hardly leap over the hurdles of RIN-NE (*14). From ancient times, no 
               Buddha have ever cleared the hurdles without the redemption of GO-TOKU JOU-DOU, 
               FU-JI HOU-MON or KYOU-GE BETSU-DEN (*15).
               If only a man could be initiated into SHOU-HOU GEN-ZOU (*16), he should have to get 
               the right to
return Home without fail.

           TEN-DOU opens GEN-KAN.
GEN-KAN is the authorized gate through which any soul could get the Way to return to 
               its birthplace (RI-TEN). TAN-DEN (*17) is the sanctuary for the sake of disciplining of 
               both body and mind. SHI-MON (4 doors through which soul and spirit might come out 
               of body; that is, eye, year, nose and mouth) must be the BOU-MON (byway) or the exit 
               for SHI-SHOU mentioned before.
               Whoever might have made some evil causality with regard to any sense of sight, 
               hearing, smell and taste (as well as speaking, which have something to do with mouth), 
               his soul and spirit should never fail to come out through SHI-MON so as to be suffered 
               from the pains of Hell.
               Although a man could be full of vitality if only he would discipline for himself faithfully in
               concentration of his mind on SHIMO TAN-DEN (lower TAN-DEN), he might be merely  
               sensitive to worldly desires, so that he could hardly be free from the shackles of 
               reincarnation for ever,  unless he could concentrate his soul on KAMI TAN-DEN (upper 

               The macrocosm goes around RI-TEN, any constellation circles around the North Star, 
               the earth rotates on the Mt. SHU-MI (*18) and the saint has good circulation of KI along  
               the line of connection start from GEN-KAN. Every things and beings have their central 
               points without exception. If one might fail to control the centre, he should be surely 
               expelled from it.
               If only a man could have his GEN-MYOU-KAN (*19) opened, he should certainly be 
               familiar terms with Heaven.

           TEN-DOU endows humankind with SAN-POU.

SAN-POU has the exquisite supernatural power. The treasury of humankind is the  
house of the man of ability. The treasure of the earth is the haunt of the 
               wickedness. The fame, profit, favour and affection must be the provisional treasures 
               or the false fortunes that would be the ruin of a man and corrupt his mind. Keep away 
               from them, or you shall certainly have a baneful effect.

               Heaven makes a man talk about the Way. There is no more precious being than 
               Humankind as the lord of Creation. Look for a man of ability! Bring up a man of 
               SAN-POU is the treasure with little expense and the light without compensation,
               notwithstanding it will reveal the enormous divine power. It will make a big disaster 
               change into small one, a small one into harmless one, so that you might as well make 
               use of it in order to reduce the damage of the coming catastrophe.

           TEN-DOU installs TEN-DAN.

               TEN-DAN is the sacred place enables people in front of it to be initiated into the Way in 
               the presence of Gods. Shrines or temples are relics of some religious sightseeing. The 
               altars are provisional installations to be used for SENZO-KUYOU (*20). Whatever 
               household alter a man might install and however faithfully a man would worship the 
               idles in a family alter, any prayer could hardly be complied and any other services 
               might come to naught. No matter how hard a  man would feast his mind, he could never 
               make his own soul saved.

               There are so many depraved monks and corrupt priests thrived in the world that they 
               divert the source of revenues come from shrines, temples and churches to their 
               People may find only a few trainees looking for the Way and few men of wisdom in the 
               world. Even the total power of all the temples in the world might be far inferior to that of 
               a family TEN-DAN. The former would be help of the reincarnation, while the latter 
               should be help of being free from its shackles.

               TEN-DAN must be the paradise on the earth and the Utopia as well. The 
               Waite-generation has already started from here.

           TEN-DOU sends the Holy Messages.

The Holy Messages are the real words written in Godsf own hands. The Scriptures are 
               indirect wills done by Saints. The literatures are the worldly desires of the public.
               The thoughts caused by such minds as SICHI-JOU ROKU-YOKU (*21) and 
               KI-DO-AI-RAKU (*22) would corrupt the world easy and spoil onefs mind mighty. You 
               should neither write so as to spread any of them, nor read any so as to be moved as 
               And keep it in your mind that the so-called divine words of sorcerer or sorceress must
               be done by some low-grade spirits, which would be so far different from the truth as to 
               be useful for the disillusion. However great number
of scriptures a man might read and 
               study, he would realize the truth by no means, no dogma could be help of his Home 

               The Holly Messages are the works done by Gods in RI-TEN for the sake of prove the 
               truth, which would persuade people to be initiated in to TEN-DOU and to spread it in 
               the world.

               RAUM cries and talks about the love and preaches the truth in tears. Neither gods nor  
               Buddha should never be moved and run away. How could it be allowed for a man not 
               to move? Gods
would give us so much favour as to make not less than tenfold of 
               barricades in order to guard the souls to be initiated.
People should study the Holy Messages through and through so as to realize their real
               intentions. Be sensible of blood out of a writing pen so as to make a reply to God.
              TEN-DOU must be the law of nature and the greatest love to the core. The public could 
              hardly be saved forever, unless they would rely upon TEN-DOU. It must be impossible 
              to be saved without TEN-DOU, just because the Way should be the body and the mind 
              of the Creator RAUM itself.
              The time is drawing near when the name of TEN-DOU would be pealed out all over the 
              world. TEN-DOU would reveal its wonder-workings everywhere in the world.

          Dear my pupil! You shall reform yourself to stick to the Way as sooner as possible so 
              that you have to spread the great TEN-DOU in SAN-KAI. I wish, you should be the 
              forerunner or the pioneer of the spreading TEN-DOU.
                                                                                                                                    (The rest is omitted)


              (*1) KI-KOU HOU: The general term of the art using gKIh, applied to medical or martial 
                  (*2) SHI-SHOU: 4 spiritual training paths prepared for the big 4 categories of inhuman 
                         that is, animals, birds, fishes and insects or worms.
                  (*3) ROKU-DOU: 6 spiritual training courses (warps, if one could regard the 4

                        pats mentioned above as wefts); they are KI-TEN (in narrow sense), A-SHU-RA, 
                        NIN-GEN (Human), CHIKU-SHOU (Inhuman), JI-GOKU (Hell) and GA-KI (Hungry 

                  (*4) DOU-SHIN: A man or woman who is initiated into TEN-DOU.
                  (*5) SHUN: An emperor of ancient China, now he is a God in RI-TEN. 
                  (*6) DOU-BAN: The ministry of TEN-DOU in RI-TEN, which belongs to (*7).
                  (*7) TEN-BAN: The General Head Quarter of the macrocosm in RI-TEN.
                  (*8) KAMI SAN-DOU: The upper 3 class of ROKU-DOU mentioned above (listed 
                          according to their orders)
                  (*9) SHIMO SAN-DOU: The lower 3 classes of ROKU-DOU.
                (*10) SAN-KAI: The big 3 world; KI-TEN (consists of KI-TEN in narrow sense and 
                          A-SHU-RA), SHOU-TEN (this worldc involves NIN-GEN and CHIKU-SHOU) and 
                          JI-GOKU (consists of JI-GOKU in narrow sense and GA-KI).
                (*11) 9.6: Nevertheless this is the abbreviation of the number 9.6 billion, it means the 
                          infinity, for 9 stands for the odd numbers while 6 does for the even numbers, so that 
                          9.6 (9 and 6) will represent all the number.
                (*12) HO-TEI: One of the Chinese lucky 7 gods, who was told as the second reincarnation 
                          of MI-ROKU.

                (*13) KI-TEN: The world of KI (in broad sense).
                (*14) RIN-NE: Reincarnation of souls among SAN-KAI.
                (*15) KYOU-GE BETSU-DEN: Another name of SAN-POU.
                (*16) SHOU-HOU GEN-ZOU: Another name of GEN-KAN (one of SAN-POU).

                (*17) TAN-DEN: A name of CHAKURA in Yoga; it locates down part of the navel.
                (*18) Mt. SHU-MI: Legend has it that there was a holy mountain in the centre of the 
                          macrocosm named Mt. SHU-MI once upon a time.

                (*19) GEN-MYOU-KAN: Another name of GEN-KAN.
                (*20) SEN-ZO KU-YOU: The memorial service for ancestorsf sake.

                (*21) SICHI-JOU ROKU-YOKU: 7 kinds of passions and 6 sorts of desires shall be caused 
                          by some evil minds.

                (*22) KI-DO-AI-RAKU: Unfavourable feelings; ecstasy, anger, sorrow and ease.