A physical scientific approach to

                                  by  YUMI-NAGA TEN-NEN KO-BUTSU (Mar. 20, 1980)

                                            (Both prologue and epilogue shall be omitted)


               The modern science proved that the materials had taken the place of spirits and souls. 
               Now is the entire world covered with the current of ethe material for materialfs sakef, so 
               that the people are living only for the pleasure of the moment. Therefore the human 
               moral was already disused and the ancient teachings were entirely hidden so as to 
               cause the first and probably the last catastrophe in SAN-KAI.

               Although there are so many religions opened everywhere in the world, any dogma 
               could hardly clear up the source of human beings. And any academy could hardly 
               show the way to assure the people of a life of ease and comfort; notwithstanding they 
               had let out a number of graduates into the world blindly. There is too much darkness 
               and too much chaos filled in the world nowadays. People study nothing but physical 
               phenomena earnestly so as to waste time in analysing, hypothesizing, experimenting 
               and thinking in vain without learning metaphysical source of souls so that they could 
               find out nothing at all and all their efforts come to naught at last.

               What exists beyond the end of the macrocosm? What is hidden in the inner part of 
               material? The more such analysing studies as poly and mono dimension, axiom and 
               intuition, part and whole etc. one might be absorbed in, the further one should be away 
               from the truth and the more one might be puzzled. As the pith and marrow of the truth 
               and the essence of study must have been covered with the clouds of incomprehensible 
               mysteries, so should it be inevitable for a student to drop the mysterious veil that he 
               could recognize, believe in and enter into the exquisite inner part of ultra reality and 
               dimension of the unique Almighty. Then any mystery shall be cleared at all. The true 
               character which enable anybody create and move everything at his back must be since 
               the Creation successively existing One c RAUM itself.

               RAUM has revealed the figure now in front of the public again, and reconstruct the 
               ancient Way so as to show them the real truth evidently and revive their eternally 
               unchangeable souls.

               Now I am going to describe the meaningful three theories using superficial 
               expressions. Anybody would hardly be initiated into the Way before he could realize 
               the truth, however it might be difficult to understand for the general public.


      1 Restoration and Gravity

               It is a fundamental principle of the limited physical field that the bigger the total mass 
               number of two materials and the closer together they would be, the stronger the 
               attraction (gravitation) should occur between them. For example, the mass of the earth 
               is so bigger than that of a man as to enable him to stand up on it. Moreover such the 
               same phenomenon one could find even in metaphysical field that the more attractive 
               the couple and the closer together they would be, the easier they should be united 
               each other.

               One can amplify this theory such that the Saints who have been so much longing for 
               RAUMfs absolute and perfect characteristic as to train themselves to make their soulsf 
               lights get better grade in order to increase the merits could certainly be attracted by it 
               so as finally to be united in RAUM. As you can see in some round movement both the 
               centrifugal and the centripetal forces are working at one time toward the centre, so are 
               there as for the original point of eNothingf such spiritual movements found that both the 
               centrifugal radial creation and the centripetal withdrawal collection activities are 

               Now is the alternative turning point of the both positive and negative energies in the 
               macrocosm passing by, so that the spiritual electro-magnetic gravitation toward the 
               centre of RI-TEN came to the utmost active so as to collect and withdraw the entire 
               souls and beings from the go around SAN-KAI movement. The more good merit a man 
               might have, the easier he could be reduced to get back. On the contrary, the wickeder 
               might be a man in his mind, the more difficult he could be attracted because of his little 
               spirit energy and few virtue light, so that his soul would go astray around SAN-KAI 
               under the non-magical and non-gravitation states.

               Anybody could seldom thank for the benefits received from the nature all the time, 
               because the mass of the earth is too much beyond human wisdom to live without 
               conscious of the Law of gravitation. The same thing is seen in the mutual relationship 
               between RAUM and the public, that is, all the souls could hardly thank for the fact that 
               they have been living ceaselessly owing to the enormous vital energies issued from 
               the Great Soul. You ought to learn that you are able to stand up on the earth of RAUM 
               according to the legal pulling capacity and restore your native place holding in the sky 
               of RAUM according to the sensitive absorption.

               All the reasons of physics, affairs and souls came from a reason and return to it again. 
               The entire principle (original reason) of RAUM is the loci of the return movements and 
               the force field of the inductive method as well. Just as the common iron peaces could 
               be easily magnetized as soon as they stick to some magnet, so the moment any kind of 
               worse character might ask for the Way, he shall reveal his original quality and easily be 
               induced to come into the great principle.


      2 Mission and Indeterminacy

               As regards the position and the motion energy or the time and the potential energy of a 
               particle, such a observation was detected that there must be working a pair of so-called 
               indeterminate powers hardly be taken an accurate measurement of them at one time 
               within it; one might be seldom strictly determined before the other made an accidental 
               error in its measurement. The motion of the planets must be similar to that of particles.

               There are law of the relative causality prevailing among SAN-KAI on account of the 
               physical theory, therefore every possible thing and beings should have to be 
               determined by any means notwithstanding they might be the utmost big or small in 
               their mass. So many activities since the Creation good or bad have been successively 
               accumulated in onefs memory so that the entire worldly evil affairs and activities have 
               developed twelve sort of causalities; as the result, all the causalities in the former lives 
               brought about all the effects in this life, and all the activities shall be changed into the 
               affairs happen to be in the next lives endlessly.

               So far as a man might be attached to the climates he should be restrained by the 
               currents of them, and if a man might have something to do with the time and space he 
               should be restricted by their mathematics, so should a manfs future be controlled by 
               his Karma, so that a man could not help coming down to be a fatalist who would believe 
               his fortunes should have to be definitely destined to the last detail. As far as the law of 
               causality would have been prevailed among the world, it could be just natural and no 
               wonder that a man should be regulated by the spiritual number so that he might just as 
               well be determined his destiny by an accurate divination.

               It would be no use applying the worldly relative theories to be free from the destiny so 
               as to recover the purest situation without any causality. Nobody could attain the object 
               eternally without applying the absolute theory of the Way. That is to say, the 
               above-mentioned purest situation must be the absolute limitless world of eNothingf that 
               is able to create and control the macrocosm by itself.

               RAUM, as the entire wisdom and the almighty, regulates and controls all over the 
               worlds and settled the law of causality that the goodness should cause the wickedness 
               and the wickedness should cause the goodness which is the temporary law for the 
               sake of the rejuvenation and education of the souls in SAN-KAI. To tell the truth, there is 
               such a great Mission in the law kept that RAUM would make the lower spirit world rapid 
               progress infinitely with His great virtue and love.


      3 Delicacy and Duplicity

               It is an established theory that the light has such duplicity as to appear according to 
               the environment to be either particle or wave motion (undulation). Notwithstanding the 
               duplicity looks like a contradiction, the conclusion that the light realizes both harmony 
               and unity of these contradictory characteristics suggests the duplicity in the spiritual 
               world. That is to say, the eNothingf appearance of RI-TEN must be nothing but an 
               endless vacant space spreads in infinite undulation, while the phenomena of the 
               Paradise must be the real world to be sensible of the exquisite particle. To tell the truth, 
               the real RI-TEN develops and harmonizes perfectly and completely such duplex 
               Wonderlands by the utmost impartial, vacant and infinite means.

               As the sunshine could keep natural beings alive with both luminous intensity and 
               thermal capacity, so the shine issued out of RAUM fills throughout both physical and 
               metaphysical worlds without keeping its both bright and warm characteristics from 
               separating. The brightness of wisdom shines the truth thoroughly and the heat of 
               mercy loves the public so as the delicacy to be mild and the affection to be spread. 

               Both the heartless reason of the Nature and the affection filled in RAUMfs messages 
               beyond of the reason are nothing but the natural figure of the exquisite macrocosm. 
               The so-called ascending to heaven or passing away preached in any religion must be 
               an excessive state of mind biased toward either flexibility of KI (energy) or sufficiency 
               of goodness, hardly regarded as return to RI-TEN after the realization. However deeply 
               a man would study and learn the academic theories, his original self-righteous 
               activities could hardly make beings keep alive just like the light without heat, as long as
               he might neither believe in God nor love the public. However earnestly a man would 
               preach the love of relief gods, his faithless second-hand knowledge could no use 
               breaking new ground even though it might be spread. Onefs own training and the 
               enlightening others will multiply the cooperative effect so far as both activities will do 
               good work as if they were a pair of wheels. The former starts from the initiation for the 
               sake of knowing onefs original essence, while the latter ends in the mission work in 
               order to save the public from their shackles of the reincarnation.

               There are both Law of Wisdom and Mission of Mercy in TEN-DOU that will make onefs 
               spiritual capacity proceed and evolve naturally in accordance with the delicacy and 
               duplicity of RAUM through both inner training and outer mission work.



               It is caused by the natural tendency to be equal that the mixture of hot and cold water 
               will soon have some equalized temperature as a whole. Both mind and material come 
               from the common origin and they work according to the wise providence of Heaven on 
               one hand and show the character of love on the other hand. That is, Heaven 
               descended to the world for the sake of the Salvation, while the public want to ascend in 
               order to be saved, so that at the point of these contact one could find the reason why 
               TEN-DOU was revealed in the world and entire souls should have been saved. Also at 
               this point one might find the motivation and the mission that all the public should 
               equally enter the Kingdom of Heaven. No matter how clever or innocent the public 
               might be different in their character, their souls should have been created equally so 
               that they must have both the right to be saved and the duty to save others. A man could 
               find the real reason why TEN-DOU was let down and endowed with the Mission by 
               God's Mercy. The proof is SAN-POU; it is I YUMI-NAGA that is the witness, and it is you 
               my pupil that will be the missionary.

               What religion could realize it except TEN-DOU i.e. the Way of restoration, the Law of 
               Mission with the delicacy of austerities? Who could endow with this Right except me 
               and who could spread this mission except you my pupil? You shall be a pioneer of the 
               Way, a standard-bearer of the mission, a supplier of the truth and a restorer of the love!

               The unique reason has been scattered over the world and all the religions should 
               come to the unique Way. Without distinction of the fields, the time has come to make the 
               Way public. My pupil in the world, the pupil of all the religion and the pupil of all the 
               souls! You shall be revealed in the world instead of me so as to make the Way of 
               reason bring to light.

                                                                                                                               (The rest is omitted)