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Peace & Paradise !  
  Standard course
The fundamental teaching materials edited according to the necessity to know about the basic concepts of Tendo.
  Children on the Way Home  
Pray of Mission
The Creation
Visages of RAUM
Hymns of Tendo
Return Home
  A primary guidebook for the strangers to Tendo compiled some specially selected tales having something to do with it using comparatively easier expressions.  
  How to win your Way to Heaven
A handbook for the newcomers to Tendo specially edited for the sake of their further understanding of the Way.
What is the Initiation?
Open to the public?
Divine favours of Initiation
How to save souls?
How to train yourself in Tendo?
Initiation vows
Anybody could never reveal SAN-PO
  A textbook for the instructors or experts in Tendo talking about the concepts of the great Way in detail.  
Tendo (from A to Z)
  Advanced course
The teaching materials or handbooks are collected herein, which could be of some use to whom are going to train themselves further in the Way.
  Gods' Messages for Missionaries  
Paradise in Heaven
The Hell
A letter for Missionaries
sent from RAUM
MAK-KYO as it will be
Celebration of HAKUYO
  The translation of an edition consist of eight
Messages sent from Gods in RI-TEN.
A letter from Home (A letter sent from RAUM)
The history of the General Salvation
by hands of the three Buddha
Thirteen lamentations of RAUM
  Handbook for Ten-dan managers
The handbook edited for the sake of Ten-dan managers telling about how to manage Ten-dan.
Function and Divine favour of TEN-DAN
Basic concepts of TEN-DAN Managers' Department
Materials and Data
Extracts from Gods' Messages to
TEN-DAN managers
Organization and structure
Significance and Missionary of TEN-DAN
  Guidebook of Tendo Rei-gi (Decorum)  
Definitions of words
What is the SAN-PO
  The guidebook to be referred by the executors of
Tendo's Decorum c ceremonies of any kind.
Outline of REI
  Specialist course
The entire translations of the "Big Holy Regulations" enacted by Gods, which we should keep and adhere strictly as the basic rules for Tendo affairs.
  Big Holy Regulations    
The Provisional Laws on the divine affairs
The Pith and Morrow of talking to oneself
The Fundamental Instructions and Principles about the Way
The TEN-DEN-SHI Nomination Rule
The Golden Rule for TEN-DEN-SHI
The Gravity of the Mission
The General Understanding on the Dogma
The Management of the Way
The Special Salvation System for one's parents
Basic Concepts of the Framework of Tendo
  Academic course
The special selections of the Messages sent from Gods, which would give you some topics of great scientific and theoretical
interest without fail.
  Gods' Messages for Missionaries  
A physical scientific approach to Tendo
from Jesus Christ
Holy Maxim
  The translation of an edition consist of eight
Messages sent from Gods in RI-TEN.
Talking about RAUM
Viewpoint of Science
Viewpoint of Philosophy