Basic concepts of the framework of TEN-DOU (9)


         Basic Concepts of 
 the Framework of TEN-DOU

                                        (Nov. 13, 1977 and Apr. 30, 1978: Lectured by ON-SHI at the special meeting in HQ)  






     (A)  The significance of the framework of TEN-DOU


               Essentially, the Way is the truth through out the macrocosm and the great activity of 
               living beings. Any words fail to describe the magnificence of its activities such as the 
               movement control of the heavenly bodies, maintenance and fostering of the natural 
               phenomena and beings. So Lao-tse said, gthe heaven gets eOnef so as to be pure, 
               and the earth gets eOnef so as to keep peace. Astronomy and geography both have 
               mastered a part of the truth.

               There is a eWayf the human beings should go to the end. Their brilliant souls control 
               onefs both body and mind without cessation from the cradle to the grave, so that 
               anybody would be endowed with the perfection of his body, mind and spirit enable to 
               keep bodily health and mental peace without any adherence to the reincarnation. As 
               an ancient Saint sighed gonefs mind must be apt to stray from the right wayh, so 
               one's both body and mind are going astray easily as a result and they are going to 
               lose the harmony with ease. Unless a man would watch the mind of Heaven and act 
               accordingly to the last detail, his body might be in disorder and his mind be 
               disturbed as well, so that the circulation speed of the reincarnation would be 
               increased to say nothing of its cessation.

               As Lao-tse said once ga mercy will follow after the great wayh, so the Way of mercy 
               has been revealed now in the world in order to spread the Truth for the savingfs sake 
               of the humankind. The history of the Way for four to five thousand years must have 
               been that of the training as well as the missionary work of the successive Saints. 
               Anybody who are now living in the general Salvation age and have been initiated into 
               the Way and going to spread it, shall be needed to make out the above-mentioned 
               significance and object of the Way.

               The missionary work is one of the works for the Way, the practice to spread the Way 
               or train oneself in the Way. A man should work for the Way upon reflection of himself. 
               A man should correct his badness, strengthen his goodness so as to keep his body 
               as well as mind purified. For this purpose, a man should judge the propriety of things 
               or right and wrong with an excellent wisdom naturally after the way of the ancient 
               Saints. Whoever would train oneself in the Way could sure spread the Way among 
               the world.

               As Confucius said before ga man can hardly obtain any virtue without neighbourfs 
               helph and as the old saying goes gany fruits trees would speak nothing at all, 
               nevertheless a path could be made to get their field some day naturallyh, so anybody 
               who is training himself in the Way would never fail to find somebody else having 
               something to do with him in his neighbourhood. Each of your words and deeds 
               would be so deeply impressed on onefs mind as to make him take the Way to 
               Heaven. The result of this kind should not have been caused by your skill in talking 
               but influenced by your virtue. Anyone should consider deliberately how could one 
               cultivate his virtues. To spread the Way is not merely to lead a man to be initiated, but 
               to practice in the Way for yourself on one hand and the other enlighten the man 
               availing yourself of his initiation opportunity on how to train himself in the Way.

               There are a lot of jobs in the Way. Therefs somebody manages a TEN-DAN, someone 
               plays a role of initiation ceremony, someone enlightens the other and someone else 
               deals with the books published by TEN-DOU. These jobs are a series to support the 
               missionary work of the Way, which could make one something of oneself and save 
               the public as well. Until the end of this third generation, three thousand and six 
               hundred of (3-6) Saints and forty-eight thousand of (4-8) men of wisdom are now 
               going to be elected by Heaven. These 3-6 and 4-8 members are expected to 
               distinguish themselves in accordance with the reincarnation of MI-ROKU to do their 
               best to reveal the White-generation on account of the general Salvation.

               Whoever have been initiated or going to train themselves in the Way, should fulfil 
               such duties within the framework of TEN-DOU that promote the ascension of souls, 
               open both the initiation and enlightenment opportunity world-widely to the public and 
               make much of the talent fostering. There are so many men found who might fall into 
               the hell in their lives nevertheless they were initiated years ago, while there were 
               someone ascended to Heaven without initiation. These facts must have something to 
               do with onefs attitude to the Way whether he trained in it or not after he had been 
               initiated into it, which Heaven could observe and perceive evidently.

               Anybody whoever is teaching and leading the juniors within the framework of 
               TEN-DOU should assimilate the Way first after such saying as gall the stars go 
               around the central sphere where the pole-star occupiesh. Neither your word nor your 
               authority could affect others, nothing but a virtue could move a man to practice the 

               When you would assign a person to a position, you should observe him well and see 
               through his abilities, so as to put the right man in the right post. You might as well 
               influence a person by your soft heart to make himself familiar with the post.

               Any representative member whoever is in responsible position ought to work in 
               closer cooperation each other, to be deliberate in council and prompt in action. 
               Because his responsibility would be too grave to be easily fulfilled and it would take 
               a long time for him to accomplish it. A man should never fail to start from near place 
               for further destination and begin by securing a lower foothold in order to make an 
               ascent of a higher mountain without fail.

           As anyone who holds a post usually would be troubled with official affairs or 
               something, so he should make an exhaustive cooperation members on account of 
               practicing the Way. You should bear in mind anything happen to get you into trouble 
               both in mentally and physically meanings must be a means of saving yourself. To 
               save to oneself is saving others at the same time.

           So-called eBuddhafs practicef to seek for BO-DAI (post of Buddha) so as to save the 
               public doesnft aim to obtain two objects, but it means that the public could be saved 
               because an ascetic would seek for his way to become a Buddha. As a man trains 
               himself, so another is saved. You have to consider this point so as to comprehend 
               what it means. Heaven never fails to protect, guard and support the man who is 
               going to practice the Way.

           Now let me close the description of the first series of a lecture in regard to the 
               framework of the Way. The word and phrase used in it must involve Godfs will one 
               by one. It is the way a human nature ought to practice that you are going to do with, 
               which would show you how to train yourself and how to spread it as well. The 
               framework is fixed in order to make a man train himself easily in the Way. If only a 
               man could make out clearly how he would practice it, he would come to know of the 
               basic concepts evidently.

           My dear students! If you might happen to meet with a problem you could hardly 
               dissolve on your way to promote TEN-DOU, you should ask me for help. So, I will 
               show you the solution one by one without sparing myself. Now, you must have 
               understood what you have to do. And, finally, I advise you that you would find it a 
               hard way to practice and fulfill the Way.    
Thatfs all.




     (B) The fundamentals and the specifics of 
           the framework



                I am worrying in my heart that the Way have not yet been spreading world-wide 
               among countries, nevertheless three generations have passed since the foundation 
               of TEN-DOU established first in the human world.

               However difficult to be initiated into the great Way for the people except somebody 
               who could have already overcome SHI-NAN (the big four obstacles*), but when would 
               the Way be able to achieve its aims, unless people do their best to practice it as far as 
               the restriction might permit? For this reason, anyone who might be daunted so as to 
               come to a deadlock of the Way, would be far from meeting RAUMfs wishes and might 
               as well break His heart.

               It was thirty years since I came Home that the framework of TEN-DOU was first set up 
               and the holy place was thoroughly furnished; if this opportunity might cause the Way 
               to promote, I could not only have my former wishes fulfilled easily but also put RAUM 
               at His ease, I think. Although I have made my plan for this legislative procedure ever 
               since I was in the world, but I have been compelled to wait till the time is ripe in 
               Japan, because I couldnft afford the opportunity to carry out it resolutely under 
               adverse circumstances.

               eThe greater calibre a man carries, the longer he takes to mature (Rome was not built 
               in a day)f. I have never delayed revealing the conception of this plan in the world to 
               no purpose, but on account of the making preparations for the institutional 
               consolidation, that is, for the fostering sake of men of ability to be the founders while 
               in the early time of the recent age.

               It goes without saying that any form shall hardly be fixed without any exemplary 
               model. I am sure, it would be consistent with the reason of numeration naturally that 
               a man had hardly waited for a while until people could grow up before he would form 
               a firm framework.

                In Heaven, a large number of Buddha and Masters was already sent forth to all the 
                spiritual worlds under the control of both TEN-BAN and DOU-BAN according to the 
                command of RAUM, so that they are executing each mission in cooperation with 
                other and managed in perfect working order. But in the human world, people 
                couldn't avoid relying upon the godsf leadership from start to finish because itfs too 
                early in their history to provide for the management, which might cause their slow 
                progress in the Way.

                From now you will have to meet with the time to shift the leadership of the 
                cooperation with gods onto yourself in order to set about the great Salvation in 
                earnest. Therefore, I exhort you to amplify precisely the great framework consist of 
                the immovable fundamentals and the present specifics of the Way. For that purpose I 
                have made out your basic thoughts and spirits to cope with the great business so as 
                to call your attention to make preparation for it.

                                          (*) SHI-NAN (the big four obstacles)
To come into a human being.
                                         2.   To be born in the place where TEN-DOU is prevailing.
                                         3.   To encounter with the Way.
                                         4.   To meet with the Master (to be initiated into the Way).


               [Chapter 1] History

           1. Both the Sovereignties by the seven Buddha and the Salvation by the successive 
           three Buddha form the essential artery for the Mission of Heaven in TEN-DOU, which 
           is going to perform an epoch-making event finally in the third generation to prove the 
           great achievement as a result of the right Way. In consequence of the   
interdependent achievements of both political and religious tasks, every activity 
           such as politics, economy, agriculture, education and so forth will develop as a part 
           of the works for the Way on a world scale after MAK-KYOU upon the basis of the 
           general Salvation throughout the White generation. Hence, we are going to create the 
           prototype of the earthly Paradise so as to make preparations for the future.

           2. Both general mission of the Salvation of souls and the Unification of religions should 
      be the final goal to be attained through the White-generation. No effect can be yielded 
      without cause. Therefore, if a man would achieve the great undertaking throughout 
      MAN-HATI (ten thousand and eight hundred years lasting Paradise), he should make 
      out it for the present. I hope you will have a constructive idea of it within three GEN 

           3. DAI-GAKU (*) says that anyone who wants to reveal his virtues to the world governs 
      his country first; and he who wants to govern his country arranges his house first. 
      So, you have to arrange the framework of the Way so as to govern the country and 
      as a result reveal its name to the world. That is, as far as you want to spread the Way 
      all over the world, the time is drawing near that you shall fix the framework of the 
      Way and show the general principles of it.

  (*) DAI-GAKU: One of the big four Confucian scriptures.

           4.  As regards the nomination of the mission of Heaven in the third generation, the 
            traditional erelay racef formula gave place to the current open system, which is 
            prevailed between the Teacher in Heaven and the pupils in the world entirely based 
            on the mutual response. As I donft live in the world any longer, so I fear lest not a few 
            sects might dare change the communication system into another so as to disturb 
            the mission. Hence, people should strengthen the basis of JIN-BAN (TEN-DOU on the 
            earth) connected directly with DOU-BAN (TEN-DOU in Heaven) immovable forever 
            despite the transition of period.

           5.  Eternal and delicate institution of the work and system of the dogma prevailed in the 
            Way both of them are major premise essential to fulfil the great mission of the 
            general Salvation and the Unification. As far as a big framework stands firm, no 
            organization shall be destroyed; nobody shall go astray so long as he is sure of the 
            doctrine. It depends nothing but on these provisions whether a man could bring 
             together and bring up a lot of men of abilities from among the world.

           6.  The mission was succeeded round men one after another through the Blue- and 
            Red-generation, while in the White-generation men are succeeded around the 
            mission. If the destiny of the Way or the mission depends upon the fate of mankind, 
            it must be said far from the general Salvation done by Heaven. You should make 
            sure of such a firm personnel management system free from the influence of any 
            external trend, so that you could put the right man in the right place at any time in 
            order to secure the eternal prosperity of the Way.

           7.  As you will be busily occupied with sudden affairs one after another before 
            MAK-KYOU, so you will have to take measures suited to the occasion enable to 
            receive a numerous people to be initiated in a short term and deal with other 
            crowded schedule. The initiation system has already alter its stance from closed to 
            open style so that you will be forced to remake some parts of organization meet with 
            the demand from every direction.

                Now you are facing up to the age when the public will weigh the power of the Way, 
            hence you have to create an ideal system enables to follow the past in order to open 
            the future. As you are a man of virtue working under my mission, so you might have 
            nothing to fear for. Whenever you would decide anything in time, you will never 
            worry about anything may follow; and whatsoever you will be prompt in action, you 
            might as well perform a wonderful achievement in the future. Whoever knows of time 
            to act according to Godfs will must be a man of wisdom. As long as a man sacrifices 
            himself for the mission of Heaven in good faith, no obstacle could stand in his way. 
            You shall be always ready for emergencies, so as to build the utmost solemn huge 
            palace with the help of both mental and physical power of the public.


           [Chapter 2] Purport

               The people governed the world by laws of the Way in ancient ages, while the nation 
                ruled the whole realm by the rights in modern ages.

               The virtue is too difficult to acquire but easy to command, while the power is too easy 
                to seize but difficult to control. Hence I am afraid that the people would not take care 
                to cultivate a virtue but be eager for an authority to no purpose in the future. The 
                reason why I dare make out the order herein is to settle on the mass of virtue for the 
                essential personnel organization. You shall never, on the contrary, post a person 
                mechanically or treat a man for the sake of either appearance or favouritism so as to 
                make much of the honour and the authority. The purport of this theme aims at a 
                rather moderate organization as if it were built in such ancient ages as ruled by 
                GHOU and SHUN who used to say gI am a man of too small calibre to be an emperorh 
                and gthe public know who is worthy of their emperorh until any of them ascended 
                the throne. Concrete activities in accord with this purport are as follows:

            Firstly, centralize a number of talents on the one hand and the other detach men of 
                abilities as a whole among the world so as to promote the meeting and parting of 
                manpower at the same time!

            Secondly, cultivate the characteristics each of the local missions originally on the 
                one hand and the other make the centralism penetrate into them so as to strengthen 
                their desires to stand on their own feet and to return to the centre at the same time!

            Thirdly, fade any biased view correctly on the one hand and the other cultivate the 
                typical virtues purely so as to realize both neutralism and idealism at the same time!

                Fourthly, distinguish jobs adequate to the sex reasonably on the one hand and the 
                other let people share in their jobs according to their age fairly so as to put the right 
                man in the right post!

                Fifthly, place an exclusive duty upon a person on the one hand and the other inspect 
                each job in detail so as to attain the specialization and the perfection of the work at 
                the same time!

                Sixthly, simplify any complicated form of works on the one hand and the other 
                arrange a functional procedure rapidly so as to rationalize their processes and treat 
                them according to circumstances at the same time!

                Seventhly, bring about good sympathetic understandings among the people on the 
                one hand and the other change the feeling of confrontation into love and respect so 
                as to breed an intimate and a familiar terms among them!

                Eighthly, cultivate a mutual friendship among missions properly on the one hand 
                and the other promote each original missionary activity here and there so as to help 
                 forward their unity and independence at the same time!

                Ninthly, make the people practice in the inside asceticism strictly on the one hand 
                and the other engage in the outside activities perpetually so as to let them continue 
                inner training and outer spreading the Way at the same time!

                Tenthly, make sure you succeed the traditional affaires on the one hand and the 
                other make the most use of various progressive ideas so as to adhere to 
                conservation as well as innovation of the work at the same time!

                You shall maintain the vertical relationship between the general and the local 
                missions tightly on the one hand and the other keep the horizontal relationship 
                among the working sections firmly so as to increase a tendency of the Way toward 
                justice as exhaustive as possible. The work of the Way is immovable, while its 
                fortune is flexible. Hence, you shall assemble a consistent framework of the Way on 
                account of drawing a plan for the new age on its basis, and improve on it step by 
                step to perfection so as to get an ideal one at last.

                Additionally, when you talk about the above-mentioned themes, you shall never 
                mistake the means for the end such matters as making much of the appearance 
                ignored the import, something like that a man makes rather much of cap and shoes 
                than head and feet, or a man too careful about dress may cause an internal disease. 
                You shall never force people to put to use a limited standard of judgement based on 
                your experience and thought as a general rule applicable to works for the Way. You 
                shall never guess the future of the Way according to your own narrow view and 
                knowledge. You shall never stick to a part so that you will miss the whole. Never be 
                covered with a single matter so as to lose a reason. You shall be biased toward 
                neither passion nor theory. You shall never miss a large view of things nor stick at 
                trifles. However well you might learn about the ancient manners, you should never 
                be attached to them. You shall never be fascinated with anything unknown to be 
                revealed. Whenever you would meet with an old affaires, you should think of their 
                improvement if possible so as to find out a new frontier of making better use of them.

                You shall develop the positive innovation characteristics extensively on the one 
                hand and the other bear the traditional steadiness in mind so as to create ten 
                thousand years of the plan, framework and foundation of the Way from the whole 
                country, all the world and eternal view point.


           [Chapter 3] Leadership

                The board of directors (RYOU-DOU RI-JI-KAI; the chair man is called RYOU-DOU 
                RI-JI-CHOU) executes the Mission of Heaven so as to control all the works of the 
                Way systematically in peace and quiet. Such leadership forms the pith and morrow 
                of the Way based on the constitution of TEN-DOU.

                Ancient Chinese emperors KOU-TEI, GYOU and SHUN had so many prominent 
                subjects as to conquer the whole realm. Their policies consisted of such a moral as 
                decorum nothing but to assume a low posture. Their men of ability often went out of 
                the door in order to contact with the nation world-widely, as if they had been brains 
                and limbs of their lords.

                RI-JI-CHOU (the chairman) should perform the office so as to have the ear of the 
                member without stirring about in order to grasp the full particulars of the Way at his 
                office. The more hours he would move about or the longer way he would go, the 
                easier the member might come to a deadlock and lose sight of the centre so as to go 

                Anyone responsible to the mission of Heaven for his work of the Way should have to 
                devote himself to its whole works so as to fulfil his duty directly. If a man who is in a 
                position of a director would oppose the chairman of the board of directors on 
                account of his selfish view or feeling faithlessly, he might as well bring the situation 
                of the Way to a crisis. If a man would have got a post as a director once, he should 
                make much of the public wish and will so as to refrain from any private opinions or 
                thoughts. He should meet the others with mild face and merciful mind, behave 
                modestly in accordance with the nature and speak politely according to the others. 

                As far as a man dare take the initiative in meeting with distress or hardness, so the 
                people would sure be willing to support him despite any difficulties and obey him 
                faithfully. The mercy used to win the public mind. It must be a merciless man that 
                has been hated and shunned by his juniors for long. Another person is a mirror to 
                show one a picture of his virtue on it. If a man esteems another, so he is respected; 
                loves another, so he is adored and as long as he takes another in hand, he will work. 
                A saint would see and hear anything with eyes and ears of a god, while he would 
                judge anything from a viewpoint of the public. Any senior should have his own mind 
                be made over into that of his junior and think about anything like a DOU-SHIN.

                As an ancient saying gas far as a lord is a man of faith, the nation will trust him; and 
                moreover if he is a man of magnanimity, they will sure yearn for himh goes, so no 
                one would betray a man of faith. Anyone should make little of neither a mind nor a 
                virtue. If a man of low virtue might get a high post, he couldnft avoid having a fall 
                from it; and if a powerless man might have an authority, it would cause his downfall 
                without fail. A river those source is pure flows in order, while those head is muddy 
                flows in disorder. A delay in the upper circle causes a pause in the lower. If the 
                upper retires, the lower stops. As long as a man would lead followers properly, 
                should anyone dare act incorrectly? How could a man lead well others who cannot 
                afford to control himself? Anybody who would give a treat or curry favour with a 
                man of power so as to become a hypocrite should be the most harmful and the least 
                useful person to the world. The majority justice should be free from both personal 
                relatives and private affairs. You should make out the distinction between public and 
                personal matters definitely, keep away any private affairs so as to make much of the 
                outside men of abilities. In addition, you should keep it a rule to conform to the rules 
                so as to give up your private opinions.

                eSON (loss)f, one out of sixty four expressions used in EKI (divination), doesnft mean 
                something disadvantageous to the lower circle of society and advantageous to the 
                upper but it means that there is nothing like disadvantage to the upper on account of 
                advantage to the lower for the public. As long as you want to secure the Way, the 
                senior should first and foremost make it a rule to content himself with valueless jobs 
                in order to favour the junior with fruitful works thoroughly, so that the former would 
                conceal himself so as to support the latter and make the others rise in the world. The 
                senior might as well be willing to make himself a catfs-paw of the junior. The rise and 
                fall of the Way depends on how the upper behaves. Anybody who have gone into 
                retirement as soon as he had achieved something must be said a man of virtue 
                accords with the Way to Heaven,



           [Chapter 4] Appointment

                As you know, SHUU (an ancient Chinese emperor) used to meet with men of wisdom 
                as soon as they came into his house, with such frequency that he dressed his hair 
                on the instant three times in a shampoo and he spat out food from his mouth three 
                times in a meal, for he was very much afraid that he might have lost their faith 
                because of his slow reception. If you would be eager to scout for a man of ability, 
                you should get the meal out of your mind; and as long as you would be enlightening 
                them, you should have to decrease your hours of sleep. It goes without saying that it 
                is difficult to get a right man for the job to start a new enterprise, notwithstanding it 
                would be sure much harder to secure a man fit for its maintenance. The future of an 
                enterprise would be dominated by the quality of good talents it could secure. 
                TEN-DOU could make good progress in future without fail, unless you might neglect 
                the education and the enlightenment of the peoplecespecially youth going on the 
                Way. This is the primary object of the Way.

                It is a phrase written in SHO-KYOU (a writing made by Confucius) that you should 
                want talent world-widely to be your successor, which implies that there is a man 
                before the Way. Any senior should first thing do all he can foster his good 
                successor. You should neither keep the eternal Mission of the Teacher from the 
                public on account of your honour nor break your line. You should also enlarge a 
                gateway to success so as to secure men and opportunities as well. You should 
                adopt any available proposal after the inspection to the last detail with the utmost 
                careful consideration not to overlook any good word so that you could appoint all 
                the men of abilities without connivance.  If only you would accept and raise a man 
                with a real modesty, after the example that the emperor BUN treated the minister 
                TAI-KOU-BOU with the utmost courtesy, all the men of wisdom would be sure to get 
                together naturally.

                Where there is virtue, there is a man; where there is a man there is a matter. Where 
                there is a matter, there is a fortune. Why would you mind if you could find neither 
                fortune nor matter within your reach? You should be worried about that you would 
                want a man of ability and the more you should be ashamed that you might have few 
                virtue. Whatever the public might desire, the world would sure to follow it. Therefore, 
                it must be caused by want of the necessity to be used that both matter and fortune 
                have not yet been revealed.

                Any business founder used to verify his name first. When a man would make out his 
                job and make sure of his post, Heaven would provide a man of help to him, prepare a 
                matter and yield a fortune. So that you shall neither spare effort to make yourself 
                familiar with anyone else, nor miss any available good chance nor lose a generosity 
                to leave your business in otherfs charge.

                Anybody must have a roll to play. If there were three men ready for some 
                cooperative job, a suitable office should certainly be found, however little power 
                each of them might have. An ancient Chinese king TOU said, gthe end justifies every 
                possible means in order to promote a man of wisdom as far as it is done without 
                bias.h And another king BUN said, gas long as a king treats the nation, just like a 
                parent takes care of child, so they come to love him.h So far as the appointment of 
                talent is concerned, anyone should have nothing to do with the matter of likes and 
                dislikes, familiarity and estrangement, the high and low as well as any religion and 
                belief. Whenever you would manage a man, you should care for him mercifully as if 
                he were you yourself suffered from a pain. As long as you would get on well with the 
                public from motherfs affection like Heaven and Teacherfs heart, they should never 
                leave you even for a moment. 


           [Chapter 5] Acceptance

               The ancient emperors and saints attained a lot of great achievements, nevertheless 
               which the later generations could have seldom been informed of, unless their 
               successor might have done their best to report them. As you know, there were 
               devotions done by four hundred million of nameless SHIN-JIN (souls of saints) and 
               heroic sacrifices done by disciples of the big five religions to have the 64th Masters 
               appear in the world. As there is no earth where there is no heaven, so there is no 
               heaven where there is no earth. Moon needs sunshine to shine itself, much the 
               same, appointment and acceptance are indivisible each other like pupil and teacher. 
               No matter how eternally lofty ideals a man might have entertained, his effort should 
               come to naught, if it were not for a man who would practice it even a day. You should 
               remember that physical body could hardly have good health without any internal 
               organs, and Chinese calendar could seldom put its original astrological arrangement 
               in order without a day out of a year at all.

               No Heaven affairs would be achieved without any kind of various miscellaneous 
               tasks in the Way. Each mission of a man and a matter may well be far and wide, and 
               his duty must be serious. Whenever people would help and lead each other, they 
               could expect to have multiplied effects; much the same effects you might have in the 
               case you would run with your both legs further than the case with one leg, and the 
               difference between both cases should be multiplied with time. If you want to harvest 
               good fruits of the age, you have to make the root of the ancient age so deeply spread 
               as to make the stem of the modern age thicken. You have to be trembling with fear of 
               your seniors and terrified of being observed by your juniors all the time, so that you 
               would be able to fulfil your duties and take full responsibilities for your actions so as 
               to influence your seniors and reflect your deeds upon your juniors.

               A Chinese phoenix could fly no less than ninety thousand miles at a stroke, while 
               cattle could go a few miles at the outside a whole day and light, both of them might as 
               well do their best desperately nevertheless. You should be neither too optimistic nor 
               too pessimistic. However slow your business might be, as long as you would be 
               stoically roused unyieldingly, no attempt should fail. The reason why an attempt 
               might have failed is not its impossibility but onefs idleness. So, you should make little 
               of yourself and make much of your mission, do your best to progress in your 
               business nervously, alter your lifestyle step by step, outgrow your former self day by 
               day, so that you would get ripe and mellow year by year. No matter how many your 
               seniors might die in harness and your juniors would come and go, you should never 
               neglect the works of the Way but spread them notwithstanding.

               Blue is bluer than indigo even if the former comes from the latter; ice is colder than 
               water despite their essential identity. I hope, you should learn from your seniors so 
               as to deepen further into the knowledge and succeed their business so as to make it 
               be more prospering than before. As far as the business is concerned, be devoutly to 
               succeed, carefully to treat and mercifully to transfer. You should respect Heaven like 
               worship your parents, meet with the public like care for your children. You should 
               not slight your seniors but respect them and never take liberties with your juniors 
               but do mercies for them. Seniors should never conceal the Way and junior never 
               neglect it. Any junior should make it a rule to act as a substitute for his seniors while 
               they are in any difficulties and sacrifice his great achievement for them if any, so that 
               he might as well act a man of good faith to retire into himself on account of saving 
               otherfs face. As far as you would obey these advices, you will never fail to be of 
               eternal use to both Heaven and the world. As a mission given to a man is not a 
               temporary post available for his life only but a permanent clamp enable him to hand 
               his connection with the Way over to his descendants successively, so that you 
               should do your best to fulfil your duties one after another so as to become such an 
               earnest faithful pupil as to be handed down his honour from generation to 


               Thatfs all I have to talk about the fundamentals and the specifics of the framework. I 
               wish, you would amplify and practice them.

               Even though a man might create something concrete, it would come to naught 
               without his heart. You have to bear in mind thoroughly to create the framework of the 
               Way not for the appearance sake but for the practical use of spreading it all over the 
               world so as to realize an ideal government of Heaven. There is five thousand years 
               lasting history of the Way before businesses shall be developed in ten thousand and 
               eight hundred years of HAKU-YOU generation. There will be countless supports and 
               helps of thousands Buddha expected, so that any mission shall never fail to be 
               fulfilled and completed under my control within the next ten thousand and eight 
               hundred years. 

               Now are the consolidation activities under construction at the beginning of the last 
               age just before MAK-KYOU coming and HAKU-YOU opening, so I trust you to create 
               the more steady and huge foundation as soon as possible.

                                                                                                                                                      Thatfs all.