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              Welcome to TEN-DOU

"The Big Nine Holy Regulations"

             1. gThe Provisional Law on the divine affairsh

         2. gThe Pith and Morrow of talking to oneselfh

         3. gThe Fundamental Instructions and Principles
about the Way"

             4. gThe TEN-DEN-SHI Nomination Ruleh

             5. gThe Golden Rule for TEN-DEN-SHIh

             6. gThe Gravity of the Missionh

             7. gThe General Understanding on the Dogma and
Management of the Wayh


             8. gThe Special Salvation for one's parents"

             9. gBasic Concepts of the Framework of TEN-DOUh

                 TEN-DOU SOU-TEN-DAN (MI-ROKU JI, the head office)
669-1505) 1,073 N
IN-JI SAN-DA city HYO-GO pref. Japan