The Big Nine Holy Regulations (3)

        The Fundamental 
        Instructions and
       about the Way  





The fundamental instructions about the Way

          People met with the third positive generation without knowing of the 
             releasing of the general Salvation they have never heard of before. Now has 
             Heaven decided to spread the real Law on which any good believer shall hold 
             all over the world so as to save then from the catastrophe the humankind 
             have never seen before. It must be the Day of Judgement by means of both 
             TEN-DOU and MAK-KYOU (the Way and the Catastrophe).  

             Although it has been said that people could spread the Way, many years 
             have been passed by without result, and in the meantime a lot of Missions 
             had been changed so that I have been impatient with their delay. Even if I 
             have succeeded the holy flow of the Way so as to encourage the people in 
             accordance with Heavenfs will, the degeneration and the corruption have 
             been escalating more and more. How should a man be able to change these 
             situations? Shall a man be able to do with them by himself? Or should a man 
             leave the matter to chance?

             Even though I have been doing my best to my business night and day just 
             sympathizing with RAUM in His predicament since I was obeyed the 
             significant order of the final Salvation, I have been wasting so many times 
             without fulfilling my trust that I am seriously afraid I might betray His 
             enormous mercies. I shall be crushed with grief and great regret so as to be 
             filled with heartrending sorrows in tears to see RAUM, if some crazy pupil 
             might happen to resort to wiles and violence in bad faith so that they would 
             go astray and obstruct the Way.

             MI-ROKU and YUMI-NAGA are managing both TEN-BAN and DOU-BAN just as 
             if the sun and the moon were shining together, and giving out their lights to 
             all the public as if the sun and the moon were pouring their lights into all the 
             world. The Mission of Heaven (TEN-MEI) looks like a parent of the public in 
             SAN-KAI who nourishes their souls. Thus my pupils, you are tied up with me 
             by such as a tight bound as to be cut off by no means.

             It has been already twenty-seven years passed since I ascended to Heaven 
             at SI-SEN, and it must be my great pleasure that it deserves just twenty-five 
             years since I had ordered to spread the Way in Japan. Now I could have met 
             with a lucky chance to settle an appropriate instruction to show the pupils 
             about both the doctrine and the practice of the Way from A to Z. It must be 
             the most desirable action you can take for me that you would consider all 
             angles of it so as to accomplish the command of your Teacher, and you 
             should swear by RAUM to have all the wandering people ascend to the 
             sacred place together with all the souls in accordance with the great mercy 
             so that you might console RAUM in His sorrow.

              The Mission of the boundless Salvation is prevailing in the chaotic 
              macrocosm and going to develop the new age of TEN-DOU. The very real 
              Mission of Heaven must be the biggest Mecca for all the public. The more 
              evidently one would try to prove it, the further it would be beyond onefs 
              reach; the more closely one might want to show it, the deeper the mind of 
              Heaven would be. It should be the regulation for the humankind to be simply 
              obeyed, deified and sacrificed oneself. A non-aggression treaty concluded 
              with God once upon a time. It must be the mind of Heaven hidden deep in 
              onefs mind without letter, voice, shape and miracle. It must be the wish of 
              Heaven, prayer of Heaven. It does not result from something to be realized 
              by any scholarship, the skill of eloquence or the depth of virtue. It must be 
              the very essential existence (soul) itself, which would be borne by the 
              affection of merciful person under the absolutely immovable belief and 
              nourished through the spiritual virtue of the selfless salvation.

              There would be nothing found around you however sincerely you would 
              pursue the reality, ask for the truth or want the real mission as far as you 
              might adhere to selfishness. The selfishness should be used to drive 
              nothing but discontent, suspicion and conflict. The mission shall be 
              accepted from heart to heart, trusted and endowed because it is thus 
              delivered. No one is permitted to clear GEN-KAN. TEN-MEI shall never be 
              proved. Anyone ought to be obliged to the solemnity of the wish of Heaven 
              hidden in the depth of it selflessly.

              The reality would keep an arrogant man away from it, the truth would hate a 
              haughty man and the real mission would avoid a negligent man. They could 
              find peace and keep on living only in man of love, faith and belief. There is 
              belief before reality, truth and real mission as well. The very absolute belief 
              is the departure as well as the terminal of everything. The pious belief came 
              to clear everything and the faithful modesty came to realize everything. The 
              very fact must compose the poem of life called as the true heart pulsing in 
              the history of the Way or the Mission of Heaven.                  

              E-SO, the sixth Master of DARUMA, succeeded the holy post behaving as if 
              he were stupid, while KON-GOU RO-SO (MI-ROKU) accepted the manager of 
              DOU-BAN pretended to be an idiot. Heaven recognized their true faith so 
              that He trusted them with the important missions, notwithstanding their 
              ignorant appearances. They have devoted themselves to their duty of 
              Saviour wholeheartedly since they had met their Teacher and been endowed 
              with the Mission of Heaven. RO-SO didnft believe in the small ego but the 
              respectable ego served God. The realization must be the belief. A man of 
              great virtue must be a man of great realization or great believer deserves to 
              be the successor, because the obedience should compare favourably with 
              the modesty.

             The sole man who has given up the ego forever should certainly be able to 
             get everything. Everything begins with the belief in RAUM and comes to an 
             end with the faith in RAUM. Nobody is allowed to talk about the real Mission, 
             unless one might live and work in the mind of RAUM. All the phenomena 
             could afford to live and act correctly just because of their faith in RAUM. To 
             my great sorrow nevertheless, the world has come to meet with such a dark 
             age just because the humankind alone have neglected to believe in RAUM.  

             Once upon a time, when GYOU offered his seat to SHUN, GHOU believed in 
             Heaven and trusted in SHUN so that Heaven trusted GYOU to have SHUN 
             been endowed with the Mission and the nation trusted SHUN to be the 
             successor. Thus the flow of belief would cause the succession of the Mission 
             correctly so as to make TEN-CHI and JIN (the heaven, the earth and the 
             humankind) keep the native atmosphere.

             Confucius once encountered an evil when he lived in CHIN-SAI, nevertheless 
             he believed steadily the Mission of Heaven or the flow of the Way should be 
             absolutely immortal, so that he never created unrest but succeeded to the 
             holy Way of BUN-OU and trusted his life to Heaven bravely. Thus Heaven was 
             greatly touched by his immovable and unchangeable belief, so as to confer 
             the crown of eternal Master upon him.

             Although Jesus Christ had his body chopped seriously, adhered to honour 
             indignantly and put a period to the confusion of the Way to his cost.

             Thus the history of the Way has lasted for five thousand years owing to the 
             fact that a lot of SO-SHI (Masters) had kept guarding the honour of 
             faithfulness at the cost of their lives, so that the history could have been 
             alive ceaselessly under the bound of the absolute belief. Nobody could long 
             for RAUM, believe in the Master or love the public, unless one would guard 
             the flow of the Way and believe in the Mission of Heaven.

             You shall stand in awe of the dignity of the Mission. You shall be struck with 
             the authority of the divine word of Heaven (holy messages sent from Gods 
             using SHA-BAN*). There is a supernatural mental power transcended 
             SAN-KAI. And there is the absolute categorical imperative, which will control 
             both positive and negative beings. Any logic cannot avoid obeying it, and 
             even the nature cannot help adopting itself to it. Nobody could refuge to 
             receive the Mission of Heaven, whenever one might be endowed with it. 
             Nobody could be free from the divine word, whenever one might have 
             something to do with it. The only one thing one can do is to perform its 
             mission throughout his life.

                                    (*) SHA-BAN: A systematic writing mechanism limited for special use of the communication between Gods and Humankind which consists of a writing pen (brush), T-stick (eraser) and an appropriate amount of iron sand spread over a flat glass board surrounded with square frames. It can be operated with three staffs (SAN-SAI: TEN-SAI, JIN-SAI and CHI-SAI). TEN-SAI (Heaven for TEN) behaves as if he were a writing pen whose soul was exchanged temporarily with a God who has come down from Heaven and reveals the letters or figures on the sand using the pen. JIN-SAI (Humankind for JIN) should loudly read the words written on sand. As soon as he has made success of reading a short suit of words, he has to make even the surface of the sand so that the God can continue to operate the pen. CHI-SAI (Ground for CHI) ought to transcribe the letters or figures revealed on the surface of the sand just as he or she has seen, heard and believed. Heaven never tells, the Ground never speaks, Heaven makes use of Humans instead of Godsc this is a rule of Heaven.

             OU-SO doubted the divine word first, but he came to believe in it finally so as 
             to spread the great Way in the world. As for me, I was evading the 
             acceptance of the Mission for first several years, but I couldnft avoid 
             receiving it at last nevertheless. I have devoted all my life to spread the 
             divine words, reveal the divine wills so as to execute the Command of RAUM 
             making use of the communication from Gods in Heaven. Notwithstanding any 
             exhibition of such a divine word is not needed so far as the world might be 
             well up in the Law of the Way, the increasing tendency toward decadence in 
             these turbulent ages has made the public too much corrupted to believe the 
             right Mission any longer. Therefore Heaven couldnft avoid providing 
             SHA-BAN as the warning means in the world.  

             In the age of the monopoly, the hereditary initiation into the Way has been 
             done among the Saints one after another in secret. Now is the age of the 
             public initiation when the men of wisdom should have to spread TEN-DOU in 
             SAN-KAI, but the catastrophe is coming too urgently for them to have the 
             public been awakened to the emergency nevertheless. Therefore Heaven 
             dared to develop the communication system in order to prove the right Law 
             so as to show the Mission clearly. No one could be my apprentice whoever 
             might be suspicious of the correctness of the Law readily without 
             acknowledging the great Godfs favour and thanksgiving to its enormous 
             mercy. It would be done in the name of the Mission to be able to perform 
             such a Heaven secret, which should be beyond the humankind. It appears 
             that the matter of Heaven is done by the purest Soul constantly, whatever 
             method it may adopt. 

             You shall take for granted the existence and the essence of GEN-KAN, the 
             soul and the Mission, that is to say, you shall be said to realize the truth first 
             when you will be able to reach the stage of it. If you might have a suspicion, 
             the Soul may well perish it and the Mission will clear it away. A man might just 
             as well be said to have profaned Heaven as dare to doubt whether anyone 
             else must have taken part in a divine message. Whatever message would be 
             once revealed in front of TEN-DAN lamps are lighting, it should have to be a 
             work of God. The Mission or Command of God caused it. No Message without 
             Mission. No Message shall be revealed without the Command of God. No 
             divine message shall be caused by a chance or an art. It must be based on 
             eNothingf or evacant matter of Heavenf, that is, nothing but the endless infinity 
             in which the truth is hidden. Anybody could find nothing out of it; nothing 
             would be come out of its reverse side either. It must be nothing but Will, 
             Command or Soul, in which one could see the mind of Heaven. You should 
             come to realize the marrow and pith of the divine word or message so as to 
             comprehend the exquisite wonderworking of God and reach the clairvoyant 
             stage of reading beyond both phrase and character. Nobody should be able 
             to realize the significance of SHA-BAN, unless one would obey in accordance 
             with the very great Will of Heaven.

             God ordered me to make my own spiritual doubles when I was living. Both 
             quality and quantity of the soul are defined without any distinction of the 
             difference whether they belong to RI, KI or SHOU world. Big is big, while small 
             is small. Notwithstanding a man might live in SHOU-TEN (this world), even the 
             gods in RI-TEN should fall on their knees to worship him so far as his soul 
             would deserve to be admired for a high grade of divinity. I am told that a lot of 
             Buddha came from RI-TEN in order to fall on their knees to worship my 
             teacher RO-SO when he was alive; and also I have ever been received 
             several visits from gods when I was living. These visits should have been 
             done for the sake of the souls equivalent to their spiritual dignities in Heaven. 
             Anyone who stands as an executive in the Way has the mission of a master 
             of Divinity.

          Above all the status of RYOU-DOU would require a man to be inspired in 
              touch with both human and spirit worlds. RYOU-DOU must be so much 
              exquisite man I have selected especially that many other gods should have 
              to stand in awe, he would never be aware of it nevertheless. There might 
              seldom souls be found in RI-TEN who could compare with RYOU-DOU, much 
               less in SAN-KAI. Anyone who would not help such a man of high spiritual 
              grade and great mission, but doubt and abuse him or go astray in the Way 
              should be punished for oneself. That is, he must have revolted my Mission. 
              Anybody who dares to make light of Mission of Heaven, doubt SAN-POU, 
              have a distrust of SHA-BAN or neglect onefs own Mission must be the man 
              who will never trust me YUMI-NAGA and believe in RAUM neither.

           You shall realize the very fact that you are just in Godfs service throughout 
               your work in the Way; the spreading of the Way is neither performed by your 
               behaviour nor sermon but the work of God based on the spiritual power of 
               the Mission. It cannot be your work; therefore you must learn the limits of 
               your power and know your own place. The depth and weight of the 
               responsibility pertaining to onefs work will be decided according to the 
               God's will, so that you shall neither disorder nor bewilder it. You shall never 
               test any divine wonderworking. You shall control yourself always in order to 
               obey your mission; you shall never happen to take liberties with the Way so 
               as to make light of it by any means. The Mission of Heaven is true; therefore 
               there will be true ordeal. A man is used to know the worth of his personality 
               in a time of emergency and the true belief as well. Hereafter, the wider the 
               Way develops, the more amount of ordeals will come out in order to select 
               the people mercilessly irrespective of whether they are in the Way or not. 
               You shall keep so steady and immovable faith as to be free from the violent 

               I shall leave it to your decision according to your faith whether you will keep 
               to the Way or to your selfishness. It will be at your disposal whether you will 
               belief or not. You may well choose your own way whether you will go forward 
               or retire. You might as well know of the fact that you could hardly believe 
               and realize anything forever, unless you would devote yourself to the Way 
               all the time.

            Now taking advantage of this opportunity, I am going to show you gthe 
               principles how to work for the Wayh for the sake of your guidepost.


The principles how to work for the Way

        1.   As far as TEN-DAN is concerned, decorum and any other events shall be held 
        and promoted solemnly in accordance with the classical regulations, keeping 
        up the traditions and without disregarding the conventions of ancient senior 
        saints. They are the fundamental rules, which you shall model after in good 
        faith and peace. A man of practice should do his best to lead people to act 
        according to the policy that one would train oneself so much as to enable the 
        others to master them. In short, anything shall be executed standardized in 
        conformity to the regulations.

        1.   HYOU-MON TEI-SOU (presentation of a document for the Initiation) shall 
        precede the Initiation as a rule. If the conductor might afraid of making some 
        mistakes or being late, he could make preliminary or provisional presentation 
        followed by the legal one later. The names of the applicants shall be written 
        correctly in the legal documentation, which shall be fired while the lamps are 
        lighting. If the conductor came to know he had made some errors in writing, 
        he should have to make revised document and present it again after the 
        precise reference to the fact. 

        1.   As regards the KU-DOKU-HI (subscription), it must be the offering money for 
        his Initiationfs sake, so that no one could dare to speak of the amount, which 
        should be treated in accordance with the local good sense.

        1.   Anyone should make it a rule to enlighten a newcomer on how to train himself 
        in the Way with untiring zeal, so that one would be able to lead him to be a 
        man of wisdom, a good trainer and a pioneer of the Way.

        1.   As for the missionary technique, no designated form shall be settled. It is 
        based upon a will of God beyond the humankind. Anything you could do is 
        nothing but to do your best to fulfil your faith. As far as the applicants would 
        have been initiated in front of TEN-DAN, their souls should never fail to be 
        endowed with the right to return Home in spite of their number.

        1.   You shall devote your facility and faculty voluntarily to some proper work of 
        the Way, so that you shall develop the flexible events everywhere in the world 
        with perfect unity. The more world-widely the Way will make progress 
        hereafter, the more violently the ordeal shall escalate. You shall do your best 
        to dissolve it so as to avoid bringing the spreading situation of the Way to a 
        crisis by some trouble.

        1.   Sacrifice yourself, get rid of your personal colours and make it a rule to prevail 
        on all over the Way to know well of the central thoughts based on the decision 
        elaborately debated in SOU-TEN-DAN. Try to deliver them from the centre to 
        the terminals, from the terminals to the centre so exquisitely as to enlarge 
        them precisely.

        1.   Each TEN-DEN-SHI should voluntarily take charge of a part of works in the 
        Way. Any TEN-DEN-SHI shall apply for some appropriate post for himself. 
        TEN-DEN-SHI could fulfil his duty first when he should shoulder a heavy 
        responsibility in the Way, not to speak of his original mission.

        1.   Everybody is qualified to be initiated into TEN-DOU without any discrimination. 
        Even those people who cannot afford to be initiated nevertheless, shall be a
        allowed to be initiated especially as long as he would swear by God to do his 
        best to spread the Way. But, you shall reserve the initiation of those people 
        who might be going to harm the othersf life directly.

        1.   Anybody cannot be allowed to apply for his dead parentsf special Salvation 
        system (BOU-REI CHOU-BATSU), so far as he would look upon TEN-SAI with 
        suspicious eyes or have a thought of that the God would never bless any 
        unbeliever. And you shall know that any souls saved by this system could 
        ascend the designated divine position nothing but provisionally; they would 
        be authorized the final positions by MI-ROKU SO at the general welcome 
        meeting of RYUU-GE in future.

        1.   You shall make the best possible use of the three kinds of benevolences 
        (donation, preaching and volunteer) so as to work together for the sake of the 
        development of the Way, which would be abolished at last unless people 
        would make good use of these blessings.

        1.   Every proof of GEN-KAN shall be closed in the significant base and the public 

        1.   Any KOU-DOU-SHI could seldom enlighten people, unless he might make 
        himself familiar with the Way or make efforts. He shall do his best to learn the 
        Way much harder.

        1.   Any TEN-DAN manager shall spread the Way in cooperation with other, 
        quicken the progress of the Way in good teamwork and make himself familiar 
        with so many decorum as to lead the people to goodness.

        1.   Any message from Gods shall not be the show but the enlightenment for the 
        sake of the world and the public. You have to spread it all over the world 
        instead of Gods making it a principle to make people comprehend its value. 
        You shall never fail to get in favour with God as long as you believe in any of 
        it. However, you shall never ask a favour of God so much as to neglect to 
        make the best of it.   

        1.   The junior should be polite to the senior at any time. The senior should keep it 
        a rule to shallow his pride and the junior should be modest in his behaviour so 
        as to keep their emotional control and their cooperative relationship in order 
        to promote the good progress in the Way.

        1.   The senior should eliminate the privilege in his learning, knowledge and 
        experience as well as the superiority complex in his racism and nationalism. 
        Any of them must be nothing but the evil hindrance to the Salvation, which 
        might have countless demerits without any merit. If any excessive 
        self-importance might be found in his mind, it could cause a relative 
        discrimination so that one would be changed into an insolent idle fellow. 
        Therefore, you ought to get entirely rid of such as causalities to check the 
        growth of the Way.

        1.   No development of the Way could be renewed without respecting its ancient 
        history, so that you should have to establish the steady basis of DOU-BAN on 
        the foundations handed from the successive Masters of the Way. You shall 
        make it a golden rule to spread the Way having your heart in the right place, 
        so that you shall never stick to any provisional prosperity in order to keep up 
        appearances. The sole thing you shall stick to is to make good use of your 
        ability. You shall keep in mind that you are always behaving well according to 
        the divine programs. So that you might just as well train yourself in the 
        spreading of the Way.

        1.   In addition, I ask you that you shall take partial charge of the business in the 
        Way under the control of the president. I hope you shall make skilful 
        management in any part and territory. And I hope you shall offer and make 
        use of your idea and facility so as to do your best to work harder 

            Thatfs all. Even though I have just finished to show you the outline of the 
            principles how to work for the Way, it is the mankind that is responsible for 
            the work, and it is Heaven that accomplishes it. Therefore, the man who will do 
            the work for the Way shall do so.

            Moreover, I wish, you would endeavour to build up the structure of the Way 
            under the mutual understanding so as to do your best to work for it and keep 
            thoroughly the faith and the justice in all sincerity.

            Now is the Way going to make further progress. So, I hope that you shall 
            devote all your energies to repair and restore the misfortunes at a breath in 
            accordance with this good chance on account of the rapid opening of new 
            Paradise. You should remember that my wish is the same with that of
              RAUM and other Gods.