The Big Nine Holy Regulations (5)


        The Golden Rule

        for TEN-DEN-SHI  





           Any pupil who is endowed with TEN-MEI (Mission) of TEN-DEN-SHI must be a 
               substitute for my business to be authorized by Heaven and revered as a maser by 
               the public.
           You (TEN-DEN-SHI) should conduct yourself nobly and solemnly at any time, never 
               behave flippantly in the least. You should keep your mind on speaking with careful 
               consideration, reserve and dignity, especially slandering nobody so as to hurt him. 
               You should not say impolite or rude things to others but lead them into the right path 
               step by step.
           Any ceremony held in front of TEN-DAN shall be executed so deliberately as to reveal 
               the classic elegance; the chant shall be recited rhythmically in a sublime 
               atmosphere, and the Initiation shall be performed secretly with the most faithful 
           You should be familiar with all the works and affairs of the Way, maser and keep any 
               of the divine rules so as to lead people properly and make them listen with awed 
           You should keep it a rule to be not flashily but neatly dressed so as to make much of 
                the ancient artlessness; keep gentle and mild expression without revealing any 
                passion of feelings such as joy, anger, sad and ease, so as to treat every person 
                with love and mercy.
           You should pay all the time close attention to the studying of TEN-DOU doctrine to 
                the last detail; you should be used to read between the lines of printed matters at 
                any learning assembly, so that you might be free from wasting time by talking about 
                an empty theory.           
            You should accustom yourself to acquire your knowledge of the Way from the deep 
                reading of holy publications so as to make it your significant resource in aid of 
                enlightening the public.
            You should manage the affairs of the Way appropriate to the occasion, neither 
                reverse the order nor mistake the means for the end, without taking a halfway 
                measure to the last detail, so that you could keep the unbiased neutral position 
                enable to judge things fairly.
            You should worship God and respect Teacher just like you make much of both the 
                Heaven and the earth, obey the president and aid the seniors much the same you 
                serve your parents and lead the juniors and love the public like you breed your 

                You shall keep it a rule to be gentle and mild in other personfs face, severe and 
                relentless to yourself, neither haughty nor humbly, but helpful and kind each other; 
                and never be arbitrary so as to be greedy for your satisfaction in order to 
                distinguish yourself. And you have to attach importance to the holy affairs much 
                more than your worldly works, so that you shall bear in mind to make light of your 
                worldly works like feathers, while much of the holy affairs like mountains.

                You may just as well win with modesty and accept defeat gracefully. You shall take a 
                wide view of things and apply yourself closely to your studies so that you could pick 
                a lot of capable men out in the world.

                You shall make every endeavour to bring about peace and quiet as usual for the 
                sake of keep your mind and body pure and clean, nevertheless in an emergency 
                devote your faith and bravery to the Way and rack your brains in order to 
                exterminate the source of evil power.

                If you might never behave like these, break the taboo of vegetarianism and leave the 
                habit either smoking or drinking at you disposal after you have been endowed with 
                TEN-MEI, which could not be always confined to you but easily transferred from you 
                to an another man of virtue.

                The reason why someone would never do any penance is not because he wouldnft 
                but because Heaven would not let him do, which must be caused by the very dignity 
                of TEN-MEI. Although anyone who has been initiated into the Way should have the 
                right to return Home, but anyone who has been endowed with TEN-MEI of 
                TEN-DEN-SHI could seldom return Home unless he would have fulfilled his duties. 

                Once you have accepted the TEN-MEI, you have to devote yourself entirely to the 
                Way, behave well nervously, never indulge in luxury neither neglect your work, do 
                your best to be gifted with both intelligence and virtue and bear in mind that you 
                should fulfil your duty in accordance with TEN-MEI to take the initiative in the 
                development of any unexplored field getting over any difficulties and render 
                distinguished services so as to set a good example to the public.

                The deeper the TEN-MEI you will take it, like you may do with KOKU-SHIN (A God 
                lives in a Valley: an another name of GEN-KAN), the more people it could attract and 
                charm. I wish, you would keep yourself so clean and vacant as to accept all the 
                public and maintain the great Mission of Heaven forever.

                 If a man does all that is humanly possible, and as a result in case he accomplishes 
                his object, he must owe it to Heaven; on the contrary in case he fails, it must be due 
                to his want of virtue.

                I have showed you a golden rule so that you shall make it a mirror of your mind. No 
                false could be allowed, neither a bit of inattention. The substitute of the Master as the 
                eternal Teacher and the Saviour of all the souls shall be requested to be a perfect 
                and complete man of character.

                The Teachers alive are now going to be revealed all over the world. You shall make 
                a vow here to requite the kindness of the mercy of Heaven, the discipline of the 
                Teacher and the recommendation of the Seniors heartily.

                I am going to make this document into a motto indispensable to TEN-DEN-SHI in 
               expectation of the arrival of the new generation.