The Big Nine Holy Regulations (6)


     The Gravity of the Mission  







             TEN-MEI (Mission of Heaven) re-creates the macrocosm; the Master 
             reincarnates all the souls.

             As the great Way has been defused in the world, now is the unique Salvation 
             opened impartially without any prejudice. The succession of the new Master 
             to the throne has been inherited from FUKU-GI to me YUMI-NAGA ceaselessly, 
             which is going to be taken over by number of pupilsf souls one after another 
             within ten thousand and eight hundred years from now.

             Now, taking advantage of a good opportunity of the New Yearfs general 
             TEN-DEN-SHI meeting, I am going to tell you about ethe Gravity of the Missionf 
             mentioned at the latest TEN-DEN-SHI election meeting with a view to put your 
             minds in order so that I am heartily expecting the coming of an epoch-making 

             Here are shown five items, upon which I am going to touch particularly.


        1. About the succession of TEN-MEI

              Nobody could be easily endowed with the TEN-MEI of DOU-BAN; whenever 
              anyone would be elected as the Master of DOU-BAN, people need to ask for 
              the consent of both the Heaven and the mankind beforehand according to 
              the rule and the traditional way. It goes without saying that the reason why a 
              designated rule is inevitable to the choice is that the TEN-MEI of DOU-BAN 
              must be the unique and unparalleled gateway of TEN-DOU, which intend to 
              settle the candidate taking everything into consideration so as to make him 
              maintain the continuous DOU-BAN successively and bequeath the historical 
              dogma perpetually after ages. Now is the last stage of TEN-DOU coming to 
              reveal the secret of Heaven for the sake of opening the general Salvation in 
              the world. By the request of the new stage, TEN-MEI should have to change 
              the traditional exclusive one-man system into the widely opened obvious 

              Here I have described the model case evidently about the succession from 
              GYOU to SHUN in detail as a perfect type of the succession of a new king to 
              the throne revealed once in the history of the Way, which shall be the 
              suitable model of the nomination for the dawn of the White-generation.

              According to my conjectural consideration, GYOU in TOU didnft make SHUN 
              in GU come to the throne at his own discretion, but GYOU just nominated 
              SHUN to Heaven for the successor. At that time, many other lords didnft give 
              SHUN to the sovereign GYOU but they nominated him merely to the 
              sovereign. That is, on the impartial Nomination of the lords, GYOU nominated 
              SHUN for his successor to Heaven; thereafter GYOU showed the result yes or 
              no evidently to the nation, which was finally accepted as the national 

              gTo do onefs best and leave the rest to Heavenh is to obtain a capability for   
              looking to Heaven after one has been exhausted from thinking all about both 
              the public opinion and the Heavenfs planning, without failing in the above 
              mentioned process covering all related vocabularies as equally as possible. 
              One had hardly fallen down from exhaustion when one heard the voice of 
              Heaven. It should have to be not the work done by God but the performance 
              done by mankind, so far as SHUN usurp the throne for himself or GYOU 
              commanded him to do so on his own and either lords bestowed the throne 
              on SHUN or the public nominated it by themselves.

              Above all, St. GYOU had his own children nevertheless, he didnft appoint any 
              of them to some important position because of their incompetence and he 
              neglected the inheritance and made much of the Way in order to keep the 
              civil administration respectful of the public opinion going, so that he kept 
              faith with the history of the Way. Moreover, he didnft so easily grant lords 
              their requests but he abstained from their acceptance with his moderate 
              foresight, so that he expressed his good faith in TEN-MEI.

              In addition, the lords didnft make much of the status but the personality at 
              the election of the successor however humble or poor the man might have 
              been, so that they nominated the man of virtue SHUN with one accord. As far 
              as I know, notwithstanding SHUN had been working under GYOU for several 
              decades and distinguished himself in the opening of the civilization in the 
              meantime, he would have never been ambitious for the throne using artifice, 
              or rather refused to accept it and even evacuated himself to a remote region. 
              These behaviours should be said the exemplary conducts to show the 
              subjectsf supreme faith in both Heaven and the kingdom.

              After a while, the whole nations loved SHUN so dearly as glorifying him and 
              became attached to him without scattering. Thus the trust of GYOU, the 
              virtue of SHUN, the justice of lords and the expectation of the public reached 
              a national consensus, which moved Heaven to initiate SHUN into the  
              mysteries of the Law and bestow with the throne. As the Heaven would 
              neither tell nor write anything at all, the above-mentioned affaires was shown 
              and approved by the fact that a hundred and one gods used to enable SHUN  
              holding a festival sponsored by him with success and making his policies be 
              smooth to which all the public should submit. Even if there were a man who 
              might keep away from a compulsory problem, Heaven would not let him go 
              but make him pursue after it. That is, SHUN was a highly gifted person, a 
              person richly endowed by nature or a person of Heavenfs will.

              TEN-MEI should have been the succession of the Master inherited among 
              kings and emperors as well as Saints, which have been taken over to the 
              East 18th Master continuously according to such a solemn traditional rule. I 
                 took over the TEN-MEI, which have been succeeded over ages and areas as 
              a truth throughout.

          eTEN-DEN-SHI Nomination Rulef enacted by KWAN the major Lawyer on this 
              summer Anniversary must be a universal concrete Rule of the Way precisely 
              based on the spirit in accordance with the real purpose of the Masterfs 
              succession. I have shown here its source and history and made up for it. So  
              I wish, you should swear by God RAUM that you would keep the peace and 
              security of the holy succession according to the Rule.


       2. As for the Initiation of TEN-MEI               

             When I am thinking about the recent situation of the Way referring to a 
             historical allusion, I can find that the election of TEN-DEN-SHI should be 
             performed much the same as the choice of the Pupil to the Master without 

             SOU-TEN-DAN must be the official TEN-DOU school, the home of 
             TEN-DEN-SHI or the accommodation of whole DOU-SHIN, on which neither 
             secret nor private information could anyone obtain. That is, all TEN-DEN-SHI 
             should swear by God here to nominate proper capable men in various 
             districts impartially; after that RYOU-DOU would interrogate all the person in 
             question, referring to fixed conditions and make arrangement for the 
             candidates formally and then submit their election to the Pupil for the 
             Master's approval.

             And, finally, the Master accepts the Nomination instead of Heaven, takes 
             account of their past both causalities and merits, recent pious deeds and 
             future possibilities and expectations, so that he will make the ratification of 
             the election and endow them real TEN-MEI respectfully.

             A man may as well decide something as Heaven want it; so Heaven may just 
             as well instruct something as a man approve it. TEN-MEI shall be endowed 
             with a man in harmony with God and authorized among SAN-KAI so that he 
             can afford to be entrusted perfectly with it. Heaven would never bestow a 
             man with TEN-MEI and a man could never accept it, unless both his virtue 
             and behaviour might be recognized as worthy of it by Heaven. The mutual 
             consent between Heaven and Mankind will hardly be given, before the 
             Initiation of TEN-MEI shall be realized.

             Whoever wants to be RYOU-DOU may not always become it. Anybody should 
             not want to be TEN-DEN-SHI for the sake of his honour but that Heaven would 
             place such a person as a man of virtues in this position and people should 
             comply with the result. Heaven could never reduce it, and a man could never 
             usurp it.

             When CHUU-ICHI RO-SO-SHI (the 17th Master) was an average person, he set 
             his mind on devoting himself to the humble task of any kind remained mute 
             and silent, his superiors could never regard his feelings notwithstanding. 
             Who could ever guess him to be the Master or the President of DOU-BAN in 
             future? But God knows him well. He was the man who put up with any low 
             task, didnft speak too much and had a malicious intention by no means.

             Manfs capacity is based on his virtue and a reflection of it. The first-class 
             virtue is found in a covert act, which is known in silent and shown without 
             voice. No virtue, no Mission (TEN-MEI of TEN-DEN-SHI). If it were not for any 
             performance of Heaven, the Way would never be spread.

             Is there something to be entrusted by Heaven in the world? Is there 
             something to be convinced by mankind in Heaven? Anytime a man would do 
             something, he should behave in good faith, virtuously, impartially and 
             logically as much as he possible. Without faithfulness could anybody do well 
             to bring all the affaires of the Way to perfection? Without virtue could 
             anybody never fail to enjoy the high esteem of both the public and other 
             DOU-SHIN? Without justice could anybody succeed to his Teacherfs Mission 
             free from worrying about the next successor? Without Reason could 
             anybody accomplish the important affaires of SAN-TEN in cooperation with 

             Here I have showed you here the basic conditions about the application for 
             the Mission of TEN-DEN-SHI in accordance with the correct procedure. That 
             is, any application not based on the legal rule shall be regarded as such a 
             rebellious deed against the oath, which have nothing to do with the Mission, 
             the Master and the Way.

             However rough or loose a rule might seem to be, it would never fail to carry 
             some evident prescriptions. You should draw a line between something with 
             mission and without it, and something in the Way and not, so that you would 
             have to know right from wrong as for the matter of mankind and make clear 
             the difference between truth and false of affairs.


   R. As for the Nemesis for a deed against the Mission

             I am going to verify the solemn authority of the Mission here so as to motive 
             you to make much of it.

             After KIN-SO went to heaven, when SO-GYOKU and SO-YOU had been 
             dominating over DOU-BAN, there were so many heavenly ordeals happening 
             as to make people engage in a melee for the throne of DOU-BAN. At that time, 
             the chieftains YO, SHA and KAN professed themselves to be the big three 
             Buddha so that they became to be arrogant, haughty and ambitious for the 
             prize beyond their reach, asked Heaven to endow them with TEN-MEI, said the 
             first thing that comes into their head so as to bewilder the public and finally 
             they began to swim against the current together with their ignorant followers 
             in order to expel the Master.

             Despite of the frequent admonitions of some Buddha, they neglected the 
             opportunities given for their repentance; they criticized them on the contrary 
             and went astray so as to create their own Way insisting on their dogma, so 
             that they declared their Mission, gave their name as the Master respectively, 
             which they had announced for themselves and they took the liberty of playing 
             role in the communication between Heaven and mankind.

             At last, they came to be punished by Heaven such that they had been 
             changed into the devils and demons put and suppressed between 
             hell-mountains so as to be smashed to pieces deleted from the heaven 
             register, which might have no hope to return Home eternally. Any Buddha 
             surprised to see that and so much frightened at the sight as to be afraid of 
             the strict punishment by Heaven still now.

             You shall humbly no longer repeat such sinful ignorant deeds again after so 
             long a time. Whoever would not fear the absolute causality of Heaven? Do 
             you ever know how miserable figure should a man change into finally, as far 
             as he would have been haughty and proud of himself, nevertheless RAUM 
             might have mercy to wait him to be punished for a while?

             King CHUU had made king BUN a prisoner in YUU-RI and come to ruin himself 
             as the result; KYOU-JIN and KAN-TAI had menaced Confucius so violently as 
             to be written their evil deeds down in their pasts. DAI-BA had drive Buddha 
             into a tight corner from jealousy and died a very notorious death 
             consequently; Judas had let Jesus go into the jaws of death with a malicious 
             intention, nevertheless he was killed in a hostile fire at last.

             Provisional honour could never last long. As a right way would come to be a 
             wrong one so would a true mission come to be a false one some day, which 
             should be detested by all the people and be denounced down the ages. 
             Nothing could be more awful than the Mission of Heaven, so a man of virtue 
             may well have been observing it to the letter long since.

             The great Way should be beyond feeling, so that anybody could hardly be 
             allowed to conceal its significance with his considerations. The higher a tree 
             stands, the stronger wind blows. The reason why shall the election severely 
             be executed is that the Way must be the crown of all the religion and the 
             utmost source of souls.

             Both the necessary oaths for the Initiation and the inevitable vows for the 
             Mission are not forced meaninglessly but requested strictly in order that the 
             person concerned may seldom keep the Law of the Way because of its 
             solemnity and hardly take the Mission upon himself because of its 
             seriousness. Nothing can compensate for either the acceptance of the Law 
             anybody could seldom obtain or the inauguration of the Mission anybody 
             could hardly be installed. Nothing but the very oaths and vows can do so. Is 
             there anything could compensate for the sin that a man might happen to 
             break his word? Nothing but the very penalty could do so. The retribution is 
             so appropriate that it has both the feelings and the reason as well as both the 
             tolerance and the severity. It is natural that anyone who swears by God 
             should stick to his word, so Heaven would inevitably punish the man 
             whenever he breaks it. I would by no means threaten you nevertheless.

             You have already sworn by God that you should do your best to devote 
             yourself to the Way as much as possible. You ought to know that no matter 
             how slight mistake you have alone made, it might have a big influence upon 
             people. If you might raise a rebellion so as to distort the Way, you would 
             come to induce the ignorant people to go astray without fail.

          Therefore, if anyone might act against my order, I will strip him of the Mission 
             and release him from the post of TEN-DEN-SHI in secret, notwithstanding he 
             may have a long history in the Way. This is the impartial and strict treatment 
             evidently shown in the world. If anyone would repent of his sin, he should 
             confess it and submit himself to me so as to follow my later instruction. I 
             must warn you additionally that you shall pay dearly for your breach of oath 
             before long as far as it will be done on purpose.


       4. As for the consistency of the Mission

             Saint Confucius said, gAs there is no pair of suns in heaven, so is there no 
             pair of kings above a nationh. That is to say, gAs there is no pair of Missions 
             in Heaven, so is there no pair of Teachers among Humankindh.

             RAUM has named me for the position of the Master to manage DOU-BAN for 
             ten thousand and eight hundred years by myself. This fact shows that 
             Heaven tells no double-dealing word and the Mission has no duplicity as well. 
             All things have both means and end, so have all affairs have both start and 
             finish. Anyone who will never mistake the means for the end must be a man 
             of faith and justice.

             Anyone who has no faith in Heaven must be no better than a bird, and a man 
             of a little sense of justice in DOU-BAN must be no less wild than a beast. You 
             will never able to bring the Salvation to a successful conclusion, unless you 
             shall free yourself of evil thoughts and deeds of any kind, and remove all the 
             diabolical religions and the heresies from the world and shut out any faction 
             and any other treacheries. Who could succeed and keep the unique authority 
             of the Way in the world?

             When the emperor BU in TOU succeeded the Mission, he had conquered 
             CHUU king of KETSU in accordance with the Heavenfs will and the public 
             opinion so as to reform the despotic government into a merciful one to save 
             the nation from their distresses. SEN-SHI (the Senior Master; Confucius) 
             wrote a book gSHUN-JUUh, which had villains and rascals so reformed as to 
             behave. The emperor SHUU-KOU established the original decorum in order to 
             break the strange practices so as to make the reason prevail in the world. In 
             accordance with this reason, MO-KA expelled the arbitrary epicurean theory 
             of YOU-SHU because of the lack of faith in sovereignty and excluded the 
             hypocritical philanthropic theory of BOKU-TEKI because of the want of filial 
             duty to patriarch, so as to recommend the impartial justifiable theories. 
             Moreover, the Maser OU had been worried about the confusion of the Way so 
             much infested with the academic decadence in Confucianism, so that he 
             cleared up the laws of nature, disclosed the source of the big three oriental 
             religions in order to reveal the secret route to return Home.

             Directly affiliated reasonable Way would never fail to reveal the Divinity, while 
             the byways swerved from the right path should be weeded out for the 
             selectionfs sake. The five thousand years lasting Way is worthy to be 
             respected because of its Mission, holding for long because of a matter of 
             Heaven and regal because of Heaven will. The authority would never fail to 
             dissolve any byway based on human command, the Master would certainly 
             eradicate that which is a matter of human affairs and the right Way would 
             sure keep that away which is caused by human will.

             I have been reincarnated as the last Saviour in order to fulfil my Mission of 
             FU-DO-SHUU-EN, which was the halfway business of the successive Masters, 
             under the flag of BAN-KYOU-KI-ITSU, which was their eternal oath. I am still 
             engaging in my business, now I have been in Heaven nevertheless. I shall 
             fulfill my duty first as soon as I will accomplish the Mission in the Way. I am 
             waiting for that time coming. Anyone could never get rid of my Mission, 
             anyone could hardly make it at his disposal and any soul could seldom take 
             the place of mine. Who could ever disturb sixty-four successive numbers so 
             as to establish an extra sixty-fourth DOU-BAN? As is the true circle (SHIN-EN) 
             decided, so is the true person (SHIN-JIN) determined unchangeably 
             throughout his life.

             Nobody has never be told that the pupils either in the Blue-generation under 
             NEN-TOU Buddha or in the Red-generation under SHA-KYA Buddha had once 
             taken the place of their Masterfs post. Now in the White-generation, I 
             YUMI-NAGA as a pupil of MI-ROKU cannot afford to take the place of him by 
             myself. I have been entirely authorized to save all the souls in SAN-KAI under 
             the control of the three major Buddha.

             Whoever is called a master of the Way, may just as well pledge his allegiance 
             to me all his life so as to keep and raise his Mission of the Way.


       5. As for the holy words of the Mission (SEI-KUN)             

             TEN-DOU has come out since 1843 when the world had the first holy word of 
             Heaven (SEI-KUN) that showed the people it should have to be the unique 
             Way to make their souls return to Home. The more numerous HI-RAN (*) has 
             got the people in this White-generation, the more imitations without TEN-MEI 
             (the Mission) have been revealed in the world, so that I am afraid if they might 
             shake the public and disturb the DOU-BAN. Therefore, I am going to clear the 
             difference of a true SEI-KUN from a false one here so that you shall keep it at 
             hand as an authority for such a belief.

                                (*) HI-RAN: HI-RAN SEN-KA, that is SEI-KUN written through SHA-BAN, which is a systematic writing 
                       mechanism limited for special use of the communication between Gods and Humankind which consists 
                       of a writing pen (brush), T-stick (eraser) and an appropriate amount of iron sand spread over a flat glass 
                       board surrounded with square frames.

                                      It can be operated with three staffs (SAN-SAI: TEN-SAI, JIN-SAI and CHI-SAI). TEN-SAI (Heaven for 
                       TEN) behaves as if he were a writing pen whose soul was exchanged temporarily with a god who has 
                       come down from Heaven and reveals the letters or figures on the sand using the pen.

                                      JIN-SAI (Humankind for JIN) should loudly read the words written on sand. As soon as he has made 
                       success of reading a short suit of words, he has to make even the surface of the sand so that the god 
                       can continue to operate the pen. CHI-SAI (Ground for CHI) ought to transcribe the letters or figures 
                       revealed on the surface of the sand just as he or she has seen, heard and believed. Heaven never tells, 
                       the Ground never speaks, Heaven makes use of Humans instead of godsc this is a rule of Heaven.

             As for the appointment of TEN-SAI, the applicant for this job should have 
               voluntarily to take the examination to check his faithfulness and both 
               quantity and quality of his virtue. After the applicant has passed the test, he 
               should exercise according to the instruction of RYOU-DOU in SOU-TEN-DAN 
               for long. The applicant could be appointed as TEN-SAI first, when he has 
               achieved the pure mental state free from any worldly mind through the 
               training by every possible way. Finally TEN-SAI shall be authorized to play the 
               role officially after Heaven has confirmed him as a regular. Any SEI-KUN done 
               by the due process of the law should be absolutely backed up by TEN-MEI so 
               as to be edited and published under the control of SOU-TEN-DAN, which shall 
               be maintained for ten thousand and eight hundred years successively.

               If a man might write some holy words like SEI-KUN reckless of the legal 
               process, which shall be composed according to such arbitrary 
               characteristics of his own as to cause the world some obstacles and 
               misunderstandings without fail, neither reflection nor description of Heavenfs 
               will could be found so that they would make the public go astray because of 
               their chaotic authenticity. Should Heavenfs mind ever be treacherous or 
               double-dealing? Anybody could never be permitted to issue any formal 
               publication of the word, to say nothing of the command of Heaven come from 
               the trial run, for fear that it might be described without enough unification of 
               both Godfs and manfs souls on account of his delusion complex. It must not 
               be a matter of Heaven but mankind at all, so far as a man would have 
               something to do with TEN-MEI as he likes in secret making use of some false 
               words look like SEI-KUN.

               If a TEN-SAI might assume the name of RAUM or one of the big three Buddha 
               in a SEI-KUN in which he is concerned, he would come to bring an awful 
               disgrace upon TEN-DOU and make a terrible compromise with the reputation 
               of SEI-KUN, so that he should deserve the crime how ill Heaven knows. How 
               could anyone regard such a reckless and stupid act irreconcilable with both 
               Heaven and mankind as a solemn and impartial word of Heaven? As far as 
               the matter of KI-SHU (TEN-SAI) and his duty (SEI-KUN writing) is concerned, 
               RYOU-DO shoulders the responsibility for the general management under the 
               strict instruction in accordance with the legal process based on the law.

               In addition, anyone who has the Mission to work for HI-RAN SEN-KA should make it a 
               rule to train for it again and again so that he could afford both the time and the place 
               to fulfil his duty by order. SAN-SAI; TEN, JIN and CHI-SAI all together should do their 
               best to master each duty so mature as to facilitate the system of HI-RAN SEN-KA all in 
               one. Above all, in case of KETSU-EN (**), the staffs should make much of the public as 
               a whole making little of the privacy. If a man might have something to do with the 
               composing a false word in KETSU-EN on any account, the soul of the main staff 
               (TEN-SAI) might as well give its name away from the holy place so as to fall into the 
               deep. Therefore, any soul once initiated into the Way should never fail to remember 
               after he would return Home that he would have practiced the asceticism to support 
               the Way all his life.

               Now, I am going to finish the description of gThe Gravity of the Missionh which is 
               composed of five items, so that I hope you shall put them to practical use in your 
               duties so as to have both my Mission and my words spread in the world.


               The Saint GYOU once said, geven if only a man might commit a single crime, I could 
               not avoid bearing the blame for ith. This word makes me sigh out how short my virtue 
               is and sorrow for how poor my faith is. I am always responsible for all sins and 
               crimes my pupil may commit. Suppose that RAUM might blame my pupil for his 
               crime, I would ask RAUM to denounce me in his place. There could happen to be 
               found a man who might betray the Mission of the Way because of the poverty in my 
               faith; I wonder if the man were one of my pupil or not.

               Whoever could be such a good child as dutiful to RAUM, and whoever could be such 
               a good pupil as faithful to me? My dear pupil! I wish you should not make me worry 
               about you nor annoy with you any more. I ask you shall once imagine that whatever 
               sorry feeling I might have when I would meet with RAUM. Donft halt! Donft retire! Donft 
               go away! You shall nothing but stick to my Mission so as to share the fate with me. I 
               hope you shall make much of the harmony, muster up your courage to embrace the 
               opportunity to come back and give your fellows a merciful welcome. Whatever 
               punishment should Heaven inflict on a person who would be penitent for his sins so 
               as to devote to the Way? I am afraid I have been too sad to exhaust my words. I hope 
               you shall get rid of any obstacle hand in hand, so that you shall consolidate the holy 
               circumstances around the Way under the harmony and the familiarity among 

                                                         That all.
               Sending my best wishes to RAUM, I am going to return to Heaven.