The Big Nine Holy Regulations (4)


     The TEN-DEN-SHI

      Nomination Rule  







        1.    The Nomination of the new TEN-DEN-SHI shall be executed under the holy 
             and solemn atmosphere at the general meeting of all the TEN-DEN-SHI held in 
             SOU-TEN-DAN in front of TEN-DAN where all lamps are lit up. The original 
             voting roll listed nothing but the names of the provisional candidates shall be 
             handed beforehand to the participants, so that they could make a strict 
             judgment on the first Nomination, which should be performed with careful 
             considerations according to the designated numbering system.

        2.    SOU-TEN-DAN should take the entire original voting rolls in its custody after 
         adding up them. Any affair something to do with some personal management 
         should be kept a close secret. The president (RYOU-DOU) would make a 
         revised roll after consulting with both the executives and the local managers. 
         And on this basis, he should draw up the second voting roll listed the names 
         of the candidates who have expressed such will that they would devote 
         themselves to the Way after they might be elected as TEN-DEN-SHI in reply to 
         the president if they could afford to accept the Mission of it.

        3.    The formal document of the Nomination has need of the signature of the 
         representative with the consent of the executives. The items of procedures 
         shall be deliberated upon the facility.     
         The decision shall be made through the ratification and the judgment by the 
         Teacher on the basis of the document reported first to Heaven at the 
         reopened meeting of the TEN-DEN-SHI. That is to say ga man should have to 
         do his best first, before he would ask for Godh. No one shall be allowed to do 
         with the Nomination by oneself; anyone must pay attention to keep this rule 

        4.    The man should be eligible for TEN-DEN-SHI who would be quite sincere in his 
         behaviour, faithful to both Heaven and Teacher, well cultivated in character 
         and personality, a man of virtue and wisdom, and on a vegetarian diet, 
         experienced in TEN-DAN managing or KOU-DOU instructing for a long time, or 
         else have so deep knowledge of the Way as to be familiar with all the 
         decorum held in front of TEN-DAN so as to be very popular among local 

        5.    TEN-DOU has been released in SAN-KAI for the purpose of spreading the 
         Salvation all over the world; therefore you shall arrange my substitutes 
         everywhere in the world for the convenience sake of the local Salvation. So 
         that you shall make it a rule to nominate the men of ability in local area 
         preferably. And you shall bear in mind that you need not think much of their 
         merits in this occasion.

        6.    The Nomination shall be executed every three years as a rule. The first 
         meeting shall be held in autumn and the Nomination shall be executed at any 
         time thereafter; and the ceremony of the election shall be held in winter as far 
         as the Teacher will ratify it. You could be allowed to ask the Teacher to hold 
         the extra election at any time notwithstanding, whenever you will be 
         requested to increase the number of TEN-DEN-SHI in order to deal with the 
         rapid development of the Way in the meantime. Anyway, the Nomination 
         should be executed at the general meeting of TEN-DEN-SHI.

        7.    No TEN-DEN-SHI shall be allowed to attend the Nomination. Any TEN-DEN-SHI 
         ought to swear by Heaven and Teacher beforehand that he shall exercise his 
         rights neither egoistically nor selfishly and by no means for a sense of duty; 
         behave fairly and impartially under the supervision of Heaven and God, make 
         much of the mind of wisdom, love and courage, practice a big charity, so as 
         to give his hearty Nomination to anybody who must be a man of wisdom if 
         any without discrimination; and he could put up with any punishment if he 
         would act against any vow mentioned above.

         8.    Anybody who has been appointed as TEN-DEN-SHI by the Teacher should 
          make himself familiar with all the business of the Way so that he could 
          manage any of them without help. For this purpose, the new TEN-DEN-SHI 
          may as well keep taking lessons about the Way after the requisite courses of 
          the study continuously, so as to prevent any trouble caused by a misleading. 
          I could not avoid worrying about the Way in future, unless each substitute 
          might become a master of the Way.      


             You should keep the above listed rules so faithfully as to do well to keep up 
             the standard of the Way for ten thousand and eight hundred years.

             The Mission of TEN-DEN-SHI should not be aspired but bestowed, which 
             would accompany some pain in spite of any honour. Any TEN-DEN-SHI would 
             be terribly sinful so long as he might abuse his position for his honourfs 
             sake. The worst of it is that the new TEN-DEN-SHI does not dare fulfil his duty 
             nevertheless he has accepted the Mission.

             No one should ask for the Mission on onefs own account. He must be said as 
             the very respectable TEN-DEN-SHI who had trained himself in the Way 
             innocently, with the result that he has been endowed with the Mission.

                                                                                                                          Thatfs all.


                           (Sep. 23. 1975 at the Summer Anniversary of TEN-DOU SOU-TEN-DAN 
                            Promulgated by KAN-U, the chief lawyer in Heaven)