The Big Nine Holy Regulations (2)


      The Pith and Marrow

      of talking to oneself  








          I am going to tell you absorbed in spreading TEN-DOU. I wish, you would talk  
             to yourself and answer your own questions such as shown below for the 
             sake of your advance in the Way.

          Have not you ever prevented your junior from his rising in the world?

             Have not you ever brought disgrace upon the Way of your Teacher?

              Have not you ever neglected your business to become a master of 

              Have not you ever been retiring in any work for the Way?  

          You the TEN-DEN-SHI, the respected staff, the substitute of the Master, 
             should conduct yourself becoming to your position all the time. You shall talk 
             to yourself always and answer the questions shown below in order to 
             dissolve the self-satisfaction so as not to delay the tempo of the Way.

         How many hours did you spare for the lecturesf sake a day?  

         How many times did you work for the Way a week?

         How many days did you engage in the Salvations a month?

         How many months did you spare for the accomplishment of the Way a 

               Anyone used to spare the lifetime given from Heaven for useless matters so 
             crazy as to have an illusion that it must be at onefs disposal. Anyone used to 
             spare the wealth given from Heaven and have an illusion that it must be at 
             onefs disposal, so that one might sow the seeds of onefs sins and crimes.

             You should neither underestimate nor overestimate your own ability. Not to 
             speak of the spirits in SAN-KAI, do you know how many people are there in 
             the world? How many people have you ever saved? How many men of ability 
             did you recommend to Heaven? Clear your head in order to consider the 

             I have never seen before such a man who would devote himself to any holy 
             affairs as much as his worldly one. If a man would devote himself to any holy 
             affaires as much as his own, so nobody should be left unsaved in the world. 
             You should have to be responsible to the world for the public Salvation.

             Rack your brains! Use your brains! People who have something to do with 
             the Way shall be found within your reach, as far as your eye can reach and 
             within easy reach of your voice. There are so many men of wisdom should 
             be found where you might have not the least idea. Look at their eyes, watch 
             their behaviours and see through their minds additionally so that you could 
             extract and expose their original soul to your GEN-KAN. Calm yourself! Be 
             faithful from your heart! Expression shall be of secondary importance. A 
             man would feel with faithful mind.  

             Donft waste your time on vain deeds, but make use of it for the sake of the 
             Way. You might just as well lecture nothing but the reason. You shall never 
             complain that you have little time. You might have no time as far as you 
             would think so, while you should have too much time to spare as long as you 
             would think so. You shall never complain that you have little ability. If you 
             might have 30 percent of necessary faculty by nature and manage to create 
             extra 20 percent for it, you could leave the rest 50 percent of it to Heaven. Do 
             your best in the physical and mental phases as well!

             You shall be picked up, if only you will give up yourself. If you will give what 
             you have, you shall be given what you want. Help others, so you shall be 
             helped. Save others, then you shall be saved. The fortune comes when you 
             recognize it, you shall miss it as sooner as you will go astray. Heaven helps 
             you whenever you ask for it, while you may scarcely retire before you can 
             expect of it.

             You shall never complain that you are too young to do. Let you be young, 
             there are so many people younger than you. Let you be old, there are so 
             many people older than you. There is a centre in the faithful mind. Nothing 
             shall be found where there is no faithful mind. As soon as you have saved 
             the right, you shall save the left. If you think of forward, you shall think of 
             behind next. You shall never visit the neighbourhood so often as to forget 
             the distant place. Anywhere you can find those people who are waiting for 
             you within your reach. You shall make it a rule to ask to yourself so often as 
             to recall them to you. Make a step forward in a remote region for the sake of 
             further spreading TEN-DOU. Never cease delivering a series of lectures on 
             the Way. If the time comes, you will find a lot of divine flowers in full bloom 
             around you.

             Now, I have finished sending a message for TEN-DEN SHI.

            gGood medicine used to taste bitterh c this word shall be dedicated to gthe 
            pith and marrow of talking to oneselfh.