The special salvation system for onefs parents (8) 


  The Special Salvation System                for onefs parents  


                                                                     (Jun.5 1977: Regulated by KAN the major jurist of RI-TEN jurisprudence)



                              This system has seldom been applied in the Way since 1986 when the General Salvation for Select Souls
                              (cf. APPENDIX) was revealed in the world.





@          As one of the ancient rule goes, gWhoever would have mastered the Way, 
             his seven preceding successive ancestors as well as his nine following 
             successive descendants should be saved from the fatal repetition of the 
             reincarnation.h Such a special Salvation (CHOU-BATSU) should have 
             deserved an amnesty enables a man to save his dead parents from any spirit 
             world on account of his filial deed anybody hardly ever does who could have 
             achieved the sixty-four merits enough to fulfil the necessary conditions. 
             Therefore, in compliance with numbers of the godsf entreaties to RAUM, the 
             rule was revised in 1924 as follows; the devoted will to the Way has taken the 
             place of the amount of merits one might have earned, so that anyone 
             whoever would be eager to devote himself to the Way should be favoured 
             with the amnesty to save his parents. In addition, the executor of this special 
             Salvation is favoured with the excellent opportunity to hold the eKETSU-ENf 
             meeting with his dead parent(s) in order to prove the fact that his/her (or 
             their) souls had sure returned to RI-TEN, which would have a good effect on 
             spreading of the Way.

             These above mentioned events must be the special privileges never 
             happened to appear in the world since the heaven was opened, which are 
             epoch-making system developed first in the third generation for the sake of 
             making souls return Home. These affairs of the Way should have never been 
             realized by any other means than the great mercies of RAUM. Nevertheless 
             both of them should have proved helpful to the recent development of the 
             Way on account of their inexhaustible miracle power since the debut of 
             TEN-DOU in Japan, it is really regrettable that the superficial understanding of 
             them might have caused so many devilish miseries everywhere among the 

              I have the honour to inform you that God RAUM ordered me with mercies to 
             enact newly both CHOU-BATSU and KETSU-EN laws so as to make TEN-DOU 
             prosper in the future. Although so many regulations as a whole had been 
             made out in some holy messages from gods since years ago, which might be 
             available for those purposes, I think some supplements shall be needed in 
             order to make them prevail in the world. Therefore, I am going to provide the 
             revised and enlarged editions of both rules so that they should be regulated 
             as the formal laws come into use for ten thousand and eight hundred years.

             Here are both CHOU-BATSU and KETSU-EN laws promulgated as follows; you 
             shall accept and keep them from now on.                                             





        1.    The meaning of CHOU-BATSU and KETSU-EN is a practice for eReturnf in 
         order to study the truth using a provisional form, that is, the ceremony in 
         order to realize the real relationship between RAUM and His Children after the 
         model of that which is seen between parents and their children.

          Any soul might make nothing but atonement for his sins and have seldom 
             chance to earn the merits while he is in the hell, so that he could not avoid 
             waiting for the opportunity to be favoured with the above mentioned amnesty 
             according as his descendant wishes. The fact is the best filial deed and the 
             utmost significant object of this law that any soul could never fail to hold an 
             important post so as to earn a lot of merits by oneself after temporary 
             training as far as he might be saved through CHOU-BATSU ceremony.

          A man might just as well fulfil his filial duty for RAUM through the good house 
             management provided by the law with one of the basic condition of 
             CHOU-BATSU, which would enable both him and his parent(s) to correct their 
             merits and demerits each other so as to obtain multiplied good results 
             enough to bear the fruits of his familyfs spiritual lights. Thus the good house 
             management must be the most suitable means for training of the Way in the 
             third generation, which will make finally such an ancient ideology in practice 
             as gAllfs well that ends wellh.

        2.    The applicant for CHOU-BATSU and his family should take full responsibility 
         for all the sins of the souls to be saved as long as they are remained at any 
         rate. For this reason, there are so many corrupted men found in the world 
         who might have lost his primary ambition so as to go astray together with the 
         souls yielded to a great deal of pressure put by the negative world from the 

          Any DOU-SHIN, not to speak of a newcomer, should be so deliberate in 
             becoming an applicant for CHOU-BATSU as to set some preliminaries for the 
             ceremony intentionally, without making haste according as he might show 
             enthusiasm for it, nevertheless no regulation could restrain him from his 
             deed. Anyone might just as well fulfil his filial wish taking the opportunity after 
             he could have saved enough merits might be endowed with such as 
             responsible posts he would take as KOU-DOU, DAN-SHU and TEN-DEN-SHI 
             successively. Anyone should never rush in where angels fear to tread but 
             bear in mind to keep always the state enable him to spread the Way. If a man 
             would have thoughtlessly dealt with CHOU-BATSU without any follow-up, he 
             might be returned evil for good as a result.

        3.    Anyone should restrain his impulse to deal with anything thoughtlessly at his 
         own judgment so as to behave oneself with a steady conviction and begin 
         with enlightening his family and making agreement with them. Next, any 
         applicant ought to ask DAN-SHU and TEN-DEN-SHI for some advice and then 
         apply SOU-TEN-DAN for the permission of CHOU-BATSU and take some 
         information of it. You should make out the relationship between your family 
         and souls to be saved so as to keep away from any cause of disturbance 
         might happen to come out later.

        4.    From now on as an exception, female DOU-SHIN shall be allowed to apply for 
         CHOU-BATSU as long as she has a lot of merits and is placed in powerful 
         position, nevertheless women have been excluded from it as ever. But 
         female applicant shall be granted her request as long as she has a male 
         partner (husband or son) with her at the least, whom she might as well devote 
         herself to persuade into CHOU-BATSU. Any married women should to go 
         shares of her merits with her both native and married family equally as fate 
         would have it, that the reason why female must owe her ancestors more 
         debts than that of male.

        5.    However far a man might have gone toward the Way, he could save no more 
         than a relative in the first degree lineal ascendants (father and/or mother) as 
         a rule. If a man might have a lot of merits, the Master should do mercies for 
         him before MAK-KYOU according as he would have done for the Way. As far 
         as any applicant would devote oneself to spread the Way getting the family 
         out of the mind, his/her lineal ascendants, descendants and even those lineal 
         related by married might be favoured with Heavenfs mercies.

        6.    Any offering for the Way shall be such a mental one that will do enough in 
         spite of the amount of money, which a man could afford as much as he has 
         done his best. Any souls cannot help relying upon the offering of their 
         descendants for save, because they have neither means to earn any merits 
         nor to rise in the world. If a man would do some offering in the name of his 
         parent (s), the merits should belong to the designated soul(s) to be saved, 
         which would result in dissolution of the fatality lain behind them.

        7.    The nominee TEN-DEN-SHI should provide for his role in CHOU-BATSU 
         ceremony solemnly and deliberately and purify both body and mind 
         beforehand, so as to cause neither retardation nor impediment by any 
         means. On the other hand, CHOU-BATSU IN-HO-SHI (client) should make 
         much of purifying thoroughly in good faith, so that anyone throw himself on 
         Godfs mercies in order to cover any default of his/her ancestors.

        8.    If a man might recklessly accept an application for CHOU-BATSU so as to 
         make a favour of it, force an applicant to offer some amount of money in 
         order to fill his own pocket or make a bad use of any business of the Way for 
         the sake of a commercial enterprise he should have committed such a 
         serious crime as to break the Mission of Heaven and make a fool of onefs 
         good faith.

          Anyone could by no means apply for any CHOU-BATSU on account of saving 
             such a historical person, a priest or any other religionists that have nothing 
             to do with his/her blood. There is no sutra for the sake of such souls found in 
             the authorized decorum of the Way, so that anybody has neither mission nor 
             authority to do with such ceremony in the world.

         9.    As far as the general CHOU-BATSU and KETSU-EN for the sake of 
         KI-TEN-SHIN (*) is concerned, things shall be left entirely to my original 
         discretion; now you shall be nothing but expecting the time will be matured. 
         Any Special Salvation System in physical world has never been revealed 
         since ancient and will hardly appear in future as well. If there might happen to 
         be seen a confusion of any events held in both TEN-DOU and other religions 
         so as to cause a state of chaos, it must be a fabrication that has nothing to 
         do with above-mentioned affairs. Anyone shall decide on the merits of a case 

                             (* As for the general Special Salvation System you can refer to the following supplement.)

       10.    CHOU-BATSU is the incomparable appearance of Godfs mercies and the 
         Masterfs virtues to be prevalent in the White-generation, that is to say, the 
         privilege and the efficacy bestowed merely on the mission of the main current 
         of the right Way, the 18th Master in TOU-DO YUMI-NAGA. Even if a man might 
         dare execute CHOU-BATSU under the feigned name of the Master, any soul 
         could hardly be saved nevertheless, and the criminal should be punished 
         seriously forever.

       11.    The family as well as the relatives of the client should attend the ceremony as 
         many as possible. Especially all the brothers and sisters of the client ought to 
         be present together at the altar in order to welcome and bless their parentfs 
         soul heartily at the dramatic ascension to Heaven so as to fulfil their filial 
         duties to their parent(s).

       12.    The three ranks, nine grade and many other posts given in TEN-BUTSU-IN will 
         fluctuate according to the sum of the merits that both the newcomersf and 
         their senior souls might earn. The same situation shall be applied for any 
         DOU-SHIN, unless they might train themselves throughout both former life 
         and afterlife. Any souls of virtue would be able to help the Way at any time as 
         soon as they return to Heaven; they might be promoted to upper rank owing 
         to their past meritorious deed and enjoy higher status in Heaven. They shall 
         advance step by step so as to build up a treasure tower of souls to be looked 
         up to. Notwithstanding they shall make it a principle to train themselves 
         disinterestedly, free from avarice without thought of either getting merits or 
         winning fame.


gKETSU-EN lawh

         1.   In the early years since TEN-DOU was handed down in Japan, people used to 
         make use of KETSU-EN system as an enlightening means by some souls 
         ascended to heaven for the sake of their bereaved family that would 
         emphasize the importance of virtues such as comparably easy to train as 
         so-called house-managing and filial deed, so as to fix a deep faith and its 
         motivation in their minds. As time went on, DOU-SHIN came to make 
         themselves familiar with the dogma of the Way nowadays in accordance with 
         the advancement of its development; therefore people should be careful not 
         to thoughtlessly compel a man to do with KETSU-EN, who might happen to go 
         astray as a result, so as to go against Heavenfs will. From now on, if there 
         might happen to be a man found whose application for a KETSU-EN 
         ceremony could be admitted, people should hold it with the utmost care in 
         repeated consideration of his circumstances.

        2.    It must be a serious fact that so many DOU-SHIN have gone astray from the 
         Way after they made use of KETSU-EN system, notwithstanding it could 
         create a sensation among the public to be of benefit to the Way, while the 
         applicant must have been favoured with a privilege in vain. KETSU-EN must 
         never be an amusement something like either possession or oracle by some 
         ghost, but a serious reminiscence given by an initiated soul under the guard 
         of gods in Heaven. 

         Any applicants should give their thanks to RAUM for the great mercy enable 
             them to meet their dead parent(s) intimately, and enter into the feelings of 
             their parent (s) so that they might as well give the Salvation in return. I hope 
             they would practice it under the self-imposed control.

        3.    Anyone should never easily take it for granted that he could substitute 
         KETSU-EN for a means of the enlightenment on account of the applicant. 
         When a man would exhort a DOU-SHIN to KETSU-EN, he should have to 
         inspect first if the applicant might have steady faith in the Way as well as 
         enough knowledge of it. If a man after the inspection might fear the applicant 
         would have thought of suspicion, distrust or nothing but an amusement so 
         as to raise a scandal, the application shall be rejected. The former should do 
         his best to render the latter good services in order to persuade him if 

        4.    If people used to ask Heaven for KETSU-EN recklessly, so many gods, 
         Buddha and any other souls would be very much annoyed. It goes without 
         saying that any souls humble in standing and inexperienced in studying 
         would be extremely embarrassed when it comes to make a show of their past 
         scandals, if any. Anybody should sympathize that it could cause a lot of 
         burden and distress to the gods troubled for the ceremony who would be 
         pressed by business all the time.

             Anybody should never forget that there is no real KETSU-EN like the holy 
             words for the sake of the communication means between Heaven and human 
             beings, which would never fail to give a good lesson to any receiver. Put it to 
             practical use in all directions!

        5.    As a man could be told through KETSU-EN message that how high the post 
         his ancestorsf souls would get now and its rise and fall might suggest the 
         amount of merits he has earned, so that not a few people used to be too 
         nervous about their achievement to restrain their desire for it. Therefore, I am 
         so much afraid that they would be carried away by some devouring 
         competition rather than by some merciful behaviour such as spreading of the 

         The both ranks of souls who were initiated into the Way before death and 
             saved after death through CHOU-BATSU should be provisionally graded by 
             the authorized (three) gods SAN-KAN TAI-TEI each time they want in 
             consideration of the total amount of the achievements that the souls 
             concerned and their successive ancestors would have accomplished which 
             might rise and fall according to the quantity of their temporary contributions 
             to the Way. So that any sols shall have the sense of their neither superiority 
             nor inferiority complex for their status at any time. They shall keep away from 
             anything that would incite them to struggle for power so as to stir up any 
             animosity against another.

         6.   Ifll tell you (the souls) what who are going to send their messages through 
         SA-BAN. You shall devote yourselves neither to talk too much about any 
         amusements in the worldly affairs nor to the personal letters or opinions so 
         that you might implant any false views on TEN-DOU in your descendants. You 
         shall emphasize such as the original objects of TEN-DOU as proofs of the 
         Way, propagation of the Mission of Heaven, the real state of the spirit world, 
         the right perception to the significance of the Salvation, reminder of the 
         training practice and the circumstances after their ascension. Anybody who 
         has ever been initiated into TEN-DOU from a sense of duty, his temporary 
         fever would be easily going to fade away; he could never keep his faith 
         constantly, unless he would be persuaded into believing in the immovable 

        7.    Anyone should regard the holy word given to some other family as that of his 
         own, without making light of any because of other peoplefs affaires, so that 
         he might as well repent of his sins and make a new resolve. Any souls would 
         never return to Home finally without being filled with such deep emotions 
         equally as repentance and expectation, the amount of their achievement 
         might differ from the others more or less notwithstanding.

        8.    Although holy words used to be given to the public for their enlightenment 
         sake at any time and place transcending time and space, but any KETSU-EN 
         words would be sometimes regarded as the holy word on account of a local 
         area or a family so that they might as well fade away. Therefore, a people 
         should make it a rule to arrange the holding date and place of some

             KETSU-EN ceremonies so as to be a large event held in a place at the same 
             time without some special exceptions. The united KETSU-EN ceremonies 
             shall be held at the SOU-TEN-DAN as a rule, which should be open to any 
             DOU-SHIN on the designated time and place. And people should take 
             measures suited to the occasion however closely the local events might be 

        9.    If any epigone, follower or any other bad seconds would never obey under 
         the control of our Teacherfs Mission so as to justify something like KETSU-EN 
         in order to make sure of their authority, they should have to cause some 
         disturbance in the Way. They should never go thus astray but submit to the 
         authorized Mission of Heaven.

      10.    The designated KI-SHU (operator of SHA-BAN) should be strictly limited to a 
         person who has been endowed with an authorized license by Heaven. For, 
         being different from a god with the purest soul, anybody used to be 
         influenced by some ancient negative spirit so that he would be too fatigued 
         both mentally and physically to work well as he likes. A man could perform his 
         duty first when he has well trained his both mind and physical body.

       11.    It would be criminal that a man might dare keep away from the holy word so 
         as to make hardly use of it after he was given. A man should never make little 
         of the holy words because of their importance to his family, but he might as 
         well publish a book of it so as to make use of it for the spreading of the Way.

                                                                                                                            Thatfs all.

             You shall appreciate the letter from me and keep it in your mind, so that you 
         shall behave well in accordance with the filial deed based on the rule, believe 
         in the holy words and do your best to develop the general Salvation.


         By the way, there are countless causalities between a man and the other 
             public contracted since sixty thousand years without fail. If a man might want 
             to earn a merit or ask for a favour based on nothing but the relationship of 
             this life, he might just as well regard a well as an ocean or guess a tail as a 
             big elephant.

             The virtues your ancestors might have left are prevailing among their living 
         descendants and
having something to do with all the SAN-KAI as well. In fact, 
         virtues of the public would favour your spreading of the Way and your 
         training of the soul in these days. That is, the significance of CHOU-BATSU 
         and KETSU-EN would figure as both saving and spreading activities in a 
         friendly cooperation with the public. The very activities could make the 
         affection between parents and their children deepen extremely so that you 
         might get the reason of Heaven.

             TEN-DOU used to make parents bear such a good fruit as spreading the Way 
             for the sake of RAUM through KETSU-EN, so that their children could make 
             good use of this opportunity to spread the Way on account of the public. Any 
             way, after a soul would return to Heaven, he could not afford the time for the 
             pleasure of a happy home, but he should sit in a happy circle with the public; 
             where no more acquired discrimination but the innate virtue should be 
             available in any case.

             Essentially, CHOU-BATSU as well as KETSU-EN must be nothing but an 
             expedient used by RAUM for the sake of lead and enlightenment both the 
             departed souls and their children making use of their relationship. Therefore, 
             anyone should keep away from the narrow-minded thought of filial duties 
             between ancestors and antecedent so as to know and practice thoroughly 
             the great dogma that all the souls must be no less than RAUM, so that one 
             might see through pith and morrow of the Salvation completely and the 
             subject of this regulation could be said almost all told.

             I wish, you should measure up Heavenfs expectation as soon as possible.

             I (KAN the major jurist) am very much obliged for RAUMfs kindness to give 
             such a honourable opportunity to enact a new rule on account of the stability 
             of the Way.      

Thatfs all.








                    Profession of the General Salvation for Select Souls


             {The first part}  
                (Released in Jan. 25, 1986 by NAN-KYOKU SEN-OU, an authorized God to rule KI-TEN)


           1. The mission to save select souls

               Essentially has TEN-DOU the great Mission to make all the souls in SAN-KAI return 
               Home c eternal Kingdom of Heaven (RI-TEN). That is, it has the Mission to save the 
               souls live in both the upper and the lower spirit worldsc from Divinities (KI-TEN 
               SHIN) in so-called Paradise (KI-TEN) to Ghosts in Hell. No matter how peaceful life 
               might souls enjoy in KI-TEN, they could hardly make out the way to return Home, 
               nevertheless they would be endowed with the provisional post of Divinity owing to 
               their virtues in former lives. To say nothing of a low-spirited ghost of any kind, even a 
               high-spirited soul in KI-TEN were destined to fall again into the shackles of 

               As the souls in SAN-KAI have been trembling with fear to feel the emergency 
               atmosphere of coming selection, so merciful TEN-DOU is going to enlarge the gate to 
               escape from it much wider.


           2. The mission of KI-TEN SHIN

               The souls of such as men and women full of virtue could be held an office of 
               KI-TEN-SHIN in accordance with a Heaven regulation, which would oblige them to 
               continue their essential training. Any KI-TEN-SHIN should have the mission to protect 
               the people and favour them merits so as to influence the human world to behave 
               well. If any KI-TEN-SHIN might cause onefs corruption as a result of his favouring 
               deed, he should make responsible for it.

                Almost of all KI-TEN-SHIN have been engaging in their work for the sake of enlarging 
               their own lifetime, so that there are no reliable relationship with RI-TEN found in 
               KI-TEN any more. Therefore, a man should become aware that he might find favour 
               with KI-TEN-SHIN at the sacrifice of his virtue.


           3. The organization of KI-TEN

                KI-TEN world is governed under the control of the president GYOK-KOU TAI-TEI. 
               And any souls came from SHOU-TEN to KI-TEN shall be decided the length of their 
               lifetime, post and the virtues in their next lifetime according to the judgement given 
               by NAN-KYOKU SEN-OU. In addition, a lot of RI-TEN-SHIN (Gods in RI-TEN) shall be 
               enshrined in abbeys of any KI-TEN circles in order to guide KI-TEN-SHIN and manage 
               their posts.

               The souls are lodging in stars, mountains, rivers and any other nature. Any souls will 
               assume their office, share in their shrines and get their divine names at the same 
               time. But these names should be unmovable and unchangeable, notwithstanding the 
               nominated KI-TEN-SHIN would succeed to their predecessors. Itfs quite possible that 
               the mission of a post might be changed in accordance with the characteristics of 
               their chief (RI-TEN-SHIN). For example, some KI-TEN-SHIN belongs to upper class 
               would engage in affairs something to do with RI-TEN, while someone belongs to 
               lower class might be changed into a natural spirit, a A-SHU-RA-SHIN and so forth.

               The nomination would be performed under the leadership of the chief RI-TEN-SHIN 
               and the permission of GYOK-KOU TAI-TEI, which the top lawyer (RI-TEN-SHIN) would 
               be posted and the management should be made according to a law in Heaven.

               As NAN-KYOKU SEN-OU I am sending the papers pertaining to KI-TEN SHIN CHOU-DO 
               to SAN-KAN TAI-TEI in Heaven so as to make them examine the histories of the 

               Thus, there is a close relation between RI-TEN and KI-TEN, so that the latter is in 
               control of the former, just like the Hell is thoroughly ruled by JUU-DAI EN-KUN (RI-TEN 


               As mentioned above, there is a close relation between RI-TEN and KI-TEN, so KI-TEN 
               SHIN might as well visit TEN-DAN in the Way according to the time and 
               circumstances. But any visitor should be available with the permissions both of 
               NAN-KYOKU SEN-OU and GYOK-KOU TAI-TEI, for any TEN-DAN is guarded strictly by 
               HACHI-DAI KON-GOU, NI-JUU-HAS-SHUKU and a lot of other RI-TEN SHIN all the time.

               And, as long as a KI-TEN SHIN would make use of his spiritual power to make 
               TEN-DOU develop, he could sure earn a lot of merits. Once upon a time when ON-SHI 
               was living in the world, GO-ZEN SHI-KEI and KYOU-KA BO-SATSU both RI-TEN SHIN 
               were OROCHI belong to KI-TEN SHIN. But they could have won the great honour not 
               only enable them to return Home but also to get the important post, because they had 
               devoted themselves to support ON-SHI using their powers. 

               Anyone who would make good use of his spiritual power for the sake of TEN-DOU, he 
               might be endowed with the post of SHIN-KUN or Buddha.



               {The latter part}

(Released in Jan. 27, 1986 by CHOU-SEI TAI-TEI, that is NAN-KYOKU SEN-OU)


         1.   The reason why KI-TEN SHIN dare not support TEN-DOU

               Although KI-TEN SHIN live in KI-TEN so-called etemporary paradisef, they could 
               hardly meet with the opportunity to be initiated into TEN-DOU. The initiation is limited 
               to the people who might have something to do with the Way according to the law 

               However faithfully KI-TEN SHIN would devote themselves to the Way, they might not 
               sure meet with the chance to be initiated into it, so that they might feel envy at menfs 
               luck and give up to support it positively. As a result, they would be attached to their 
               lives in KI-TEN, which should cause the prosperities of paganism, heathenism and 
               any other religions. Generally speaking, as any KI-TENSHIN might have such a same 
               spirit as a man has, which must be something like a mind full of desires, passions 
               and other worldly feelings, so they should be easily influenced by their egos.

               Any souls initiated and returned Home, irrespective of whether they had been in Hell 
               or KI-TEN, could train themselves in TEN-BUTSU-IN so as to be educated and led to 
               become Buddha, so that they should awake to the seriousness of being a member in 

               However high their character might be, they could seldom be allowed to do with any 
               divine affairs meanwhile. On the other hand, however poor they might have been in 
               his character, it would be possible that they could send KETSU-EN using SHA-BAN 
               after CHOU-BATSU. Therefore, any KI-TEN SHIN would be compelled to devote 
               themselves to the Way selflessly following the precedent of GO-ZEN SHI-KEI and 
               KYOU-KA BO-SATSU shown before.


           2. Unification of religions and KI-TEN SHIN

               TEN-DOU has a mission to bring every religion back to their source in order to unify 
               them. Now are the big eight KOUN-GOU and other various gods belong to RYUU, RAI 
               and other sections working for the purpose of promoting such Unification with might 
               and main. That is, these gods put down any unenlightened KI-TEN SHIN without 
               mercy, so that thus suppressed souls began to fall into decay and a lot of religions in 
               the world were going to collapse at the same time. Many leading founders of 
               religions come to get mad and the believers will scatter. Therefore, any KI-TEN SHIN 
               should be fear of gods in Heaven more than before so as to make every endeavour 
               to support the Way.


           3. The reason why is it difficult to save KI-TEN SHIN

               Notwithstanding any souls in KI-TEN used to enjoy much more free and open lives 
               than those ghosts in Hell, the former have no more opportunity of Salvation than the 
               latter. That is, they could be hardly saved, unless their initiated antecedent would 
               provide his body with vows for that purpose. However holy spirit a KI-TEN SHIN 
               might have, he could never obtain any privilege of Salvation as he likes. Anybody 
               could be initiated first when he has passed the inspection of SAN-KAN TAI-TEI and 
               the judgment of lawyers in RI-TEN so as to bear good fruit of its connection.

               Thus KI-TEN SHIN has come to know well of how huge spiritual power and authority 
               TEN-DOU should have; as the regulations are extraordinary severe, so any KI-TEN 
               SHIN would nothing but take a chance waiting for the appearance of a man to accept 
               to be his IN-HO SHI.


           4. How to practice a KI-TEN SHIN CHOU-DO

           I shall ask SAN-KAN TAI-TEI as regards CHOU-DO of a KI-TEN SHIN for his official 
               inspection of the merits and demerits recorded in the designated document, 
               provided that he might have rendered distinguished services to be applauded by 
               Heaven and passed the preliminary examination done by hands of TEN-NEN 
               KO-BUTSU and me.

           If a KI-TEN SHIN would be judged worthy of CHOU-DO as the result of the official 
               inspection, he could be nominated for CHOU-DO ceremony should be held in 
               accordance with the rules after he had gained the admission of the chief Lawyer and 
               the final approval of TEN-BAN MI-ROKU KO-BUTSU, whereupon he must have 
               obtained the admission of the ruler of KI-TEN as well, because the chief Lawyer is the 
               same character as GYOK-KOU TAI-TEI.

           After all, SAN-KAN TAI-TEI would transfer the resident registration of a KI-TEN SHIN 
                rom KI-TEN to RI-TEN soon after the CHOU-BATSU ceremony closed.

           Finally, the consequences would be shown in the other special ceremony held later, 
               which should follow the vows made by the antecedents of KI-TEN SHIN to have them 
               initiated into the Way. 


           5. KI-TEN SHIN CHOU-DO opened widely

               As MAK-KYOU draws near, so is the gate of KI-TEN SHIN CHOU-DO opened 

               It is difficult to know where a man could find KI-TEN SHIN looking for CHOU-DO, so 
               that Heaven permitted people to put spiritualist to use as their spokesman.

               People would make a spiritualist offer his body first on account of their taking vows. 
               If the Way would sure be developed in a fixed term, the opportunity for the official 
               inspection by SAN-KAN TAI-TEI should be announced. And thereafter, the prescribed 
               ceremony should be held in accordance with the rules, where the nominated KI-TEN 
               SHIN could be initiated into the Way owing to the body and the money (benevolence) 
               offered by the spiritualist as IN-HO SHI.

               IN-HO SHI of any KI-TEN SHIN could be favoured with a lot of merits caused by his job 
               to work hard for the Way with full of his spiritual power. As gods can penetrate into 
               onefs heart, so anyone should play a roll of IN-HO SHI deliberately.


           6. The reason why gods put spiritualist to use

               Nobody could be allowed to operate a writing pen using SHA-BAN except RI-TEN 
               SHIN as I mentioned before, so that a spiritualist should have to play a roll of 
               spokesman until the inspection shall be held. I shall compel strictly any IN-HO SHI to 
               behave selflessly and act above ego.

               Thatfs all. Any person in charge should observe the rules to the letter written in this 
               document so as to manage things without mistake. Anybody could hardly cheat an 
               authorized god, so that a man should be fear of Heaven.